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Found 22 results

  1. Morning all, Has anyone got the instructions on how to fit the aluminium pedal to a mk4 mondeo? or a video showing how to do it? Cheers, GM
  2. This is the build log of my current build. As this is my first car my insurance is rather high (£2500 Per Year With a Black Box) so I won't be doing any heavy modifications to it. So far I have only changed the Aircon knobs as a way to tell myself to get a move on. I'm currently part way through changing out the boot bulb for a LED strip on each side so I can get some cool white light into my boot at night. I'll upload some photos as It gets dark tonight. I have some big plans for this car and it's going to do some great things including these that I created on a word document that I'll try to keep updated.
  3. Hi All, I am hoping to provide some help to others following some recent events. I recently bought a used Mondeo titanium X sport 2.2 TDCI and loved it. However I always had a slight niggle in the back of mind that something wasn't quite right... To begin with MPG values were very low, followed by an intermittent loss of fuel level on the dash display. On a couple of occasions the fuel level would not come back & an engine malfunction error would display. This occasionly caused the car to go into limp mode. This normally always reset itself after restarting the car. On another day the car started and idled very low, it would stall whenever trying to pull away and white smoke bellowed from the exhaust. This again cleared after restarting the car. After some diagnosis it was found that the fuel level sensor & low pressure fuel pump was faulty causing multiple symptoms. This has been replaced today and already the car feels brand new ! MPG was up to 45+ on the drive home & I'm very happy to have warranty on the vehicle as it would have cost me in excess of £700 ! A new lease of life for my car. Hopefully this can help others with similar symptoms. I still need to monitor this and will provide updates if symptoms continue.
  4. How do all? Been a while since I had a Ford, but always had the need for one in my life. Needed something a little cheaper than my previous motor(Honda S2000), so got me a 2004 Ka Sport SE last week from West London. It survived my drive home to Chichester area, and also two daily commutes up to Crawley area. It's got issues...but of course, this is an introduction thread Anyways, happy Wednesday y'all!
  5. Allan37


    From the album: Allan Jackson

    Ford Edge Sport in Electric Spice
  6. Hello, everyone. I have a very quick question about the Sport mode in the PowerShift transmission on my new Ford Mondeo (11/2012 Titatium Ecoboost 2.0 203cv Powershift), which I just picked up today: Does the car need to be stopped, in order to switch between "Drive" and "Sport"? And if not, if there any speed limit to do this? Incredibly, the Ford seller couldn't answer me this question and the owner's manual isn't clear as well: while it says that "When you select position S, a gear change may occur depending on the accelerator pedal position in relation to actual vehicle speed" - thus implying that it can, indeed, be changed while moving - it also clearly says to "Apply the brakes before moving the selector lever and keep them applied until you are ready to move off". This can be seen in the Mondeo Owner's Manual: (, page 151 and 152) I'd appreciate some help. Thank you in advance.
  7. Peter Teago

    Broken drivers seat.

    Hello everyone, Just a wee question for everyone with a mk4 titanium x sport. Driving through to town on Sunday, all was fine until there was a ping from under my seat ( the drivers ), and I realised that something had broken underneath as I can now move half the base and half the back as well backwards and forwards. Oddest sensation having part of the seat come with you when you brake! Luckily I had the local garage have a look and they found the frame had snapped under the base. Now i am a big chap 6'2" and about 100kg, but I am sure the seats were suppsed to be made of more robust stuff. The garage welded it back together and all is good. Ford said they would have had to replace the whole seat at about £1200!! In the end only cost me £150. Thank god. Anyone else have this or similar problem? maybe if we get enough we can bring this to the attention of Ford themselves?
  8. SivNation

    Blue Tint LED Lights

    Model - Ford Fiesta MK6 Zetec S 1.6 (07) I am looking for some new LED front and side lights for my car (like the ones in the attachment below). Preferably something that is bright and with a blue tint. If anyone has any recommendations please let us know!! As a bonus please link a page to where I can purchase them from as I don't want to order the wrong ones! Thanks guys
  9. Hi all My wifes 1.8 petrol (2006 Mk2) is drinking oil like there is no tomorrow. She doesn't do too many miles, but the oil level is dropping quite a lot. I am going to top the oil up tonight to find out how low it is, but it is off the stick. I will also monitor mileage and check weekly to help diagnose. Does anyone have any tips on what I should check as a matter of course? I have read the PCV valve may need changing - where is this located? For reference, there are no leaks and no blue smoke either on startup or running. But the CAT would hide a lot of that too I assume. TIA
  10. Hi, New to the fiesta hype. started with a few little mods, deflectors,spoiler,miltek exhaust etc etc. purchased a 's' badge for the front radiator badge grille. i can see its held on by 3 clips at the top which are easy to remove. but the bottom 2 I'm struggling with. can anyone help. they are attached to the bumper. Thanks sam.
  11. So my first car is. 03 Finesse, it needs a facelift! Where can I buy sporty parts for it, please leave links If you know of any :) Thanks!
  12. THE QUESTIONS: I need to "downgrade" the factory sport suspension on my '06 C-Max. Will I be done with replacing the springs and the shocks, or are there any rods, arms and other parts that must be replaced also as the ride gets higher? I read that different brands of springs of the same height also have big differences in comfort. Which normal height springs should I look for when aiming for the softest riding C-Max in the world? Perhaps used originals? ----------- THE REASON: I need to do this because my permanently busted back is handling the "sport" pretty badly, especially on the speed bumps our town is riddled with. I'm currently running the 205/55R16 tires with only 2.0 bars (30psi) front and 1.8 bars (26psi) rear, and while smaller bumps are now mostly manageable, I'm forced to go quite a bit further. A higher ride will also help getting out of the car. (Yes, my back is really that bad.) I am aware that tires and especially the rim diameter makes a world of difference, but I really need to extend the suspension travel. If I could choose, I would take the delightfully floaty and feather light suspension from a Honda FR-V... But the driver position in that car was horrific. Most aftermarket spring manufacturers exist only for lowering and stiffening the suspension, so I'm having a hard time finding comparisons or even discussion in softening the ride. I want to go as far as possible with the softening, since the car is otherwise so great.
  13. kiloeightone


    From the album: Ford Focus Sport TDCi

  14. Hi guys, I'm buying my first car soon and need some advice ! I am 99.9 % certain that i'm getting a fiesta sport but a 2009 or newer. I only have £6500 for the car due to the price of the insurance, does anyone know anyone that is selling one or have any reviews so that i can get a better picture of the car im buying. Thanks Adam
  15. Kenneth_Lockwood


    From the album: My Car :)

    I wish she was always this clean!

    © Kenneth_Lockwood

  16. Kenneth_Lockwood


    From the album: My Car :)

    Still in delivery mode with no plates on.

    © Kenneth_Lockwood

  17. greysquirrel

    Belated Hello

    Hi, I have been driving my Focus for about 12 months now, and love it. It's a 2008 Zetec 1.6 in Sea Grey with Comms pack and Sport pack, and was a local Ford Demonstrator. I live in Torbay in South Devon, and spend a lot of time on Dartmoor, where these photos were taken. I spend a fair bit of time polishing it too. There are a few more photos in the gallery.
  18. Hi chaps, I have just bought a used Mondeo Titanium X Sport after a reasonable hiatus from car ownership due to living in the big smoke of London and Singapore, so I'm a little out of touch with the car world of today. The car is in decent nick with 10,000 miles on the clock and what looks like a decent set of Potenza 235x40x19 96Ys on it. These appear healthy enough for now, but I know that new rubber in this size will be somewhere between "ouch" and buttock clenchingly expensive, so I would like to do some homework well in advance of actual need. I know there are a few posts on this subject already - I just thought I would put out my perspective and see if any recommendations are different. My views are that I wont buy budget tyres - no way, now how. This is from bias in "the old days" where budget tyres were pretty garbage. There have probably been a lot of advancements, but I would rather put my safety in the "hands" of the premium brands. Looking at names out there I think my choices are : Dunlops Brigestone (Potenza is by Bridgestone - right?) Michelin Continental In the past I have always gone for either Contis or Dunlops as I always thought Michelins were overpriced and rubbish in the wet, but that's based on 7 years back .. So - I live in Scotland which as rumour has it - is always wet (near enough). So - I have a big priority on wet handling. Safety is top priority, so I would like anyone's view on the above brands (and models if you can recommend any), that would give a good reckoning in terms of : - Wet road handling - Dry road handling - Road noise - Fuel economy In order of most to least important. Budget is not a huge concern - I will pay top ££ if a tyre is SOO much safer than another alternative, but I don't want my wallet raided just for a fancy name and "go faster" stripes type thing. Your expert options are greatly awaited.
  19. Hi i have 2 problems with my sport ka. Just had clutch, master slave replaced and when he put it back together the speedo and odomoteter is no longer working. I would send it back to be sorted but took days to get round to replacing clutch and was generally inconvenient. If anyone could shed any light on what the fault could be/ how to sort it would be greatly appreciated. The second problem is driving home yesterday the engine warning light came on down the dual carriageway. Done the self diagnostic and code dt 412 came up. Searched through google and didn't really help much. Is there anything i should be looking out for to see cause of the light coming on/ solve it? Don't really want to be taking it to a garage again if i can help it after just sorting the clutch out and being without a car for several days! Thanks in advance
  20. Hi, hoping someone out there might be able to shed some light on the multitude of problems we're having with my focus. First and foremost, probs worth mentioning that I'm lucky enough that my better half is a mechanic, but alas he is losing patience and I'm nervous he's gonna take a can and a lighter to my car any day now!!!! It started with the very common slow starting issues, to which we changed the battery and the glow plugs. Whilst it was trying to start, I'd also get some smoke. Neither battery or glow plugs made any difference and on some winter mornings it would eventually give up as if the battery was dead....although I knew it was fine! A friend with datalogger came and plugged in and confirmed fuel pressure was too low, so we purchased a replacement (2nd hand) fuel pump. Fitted this and problem got worse whereby it only started with brake cleaner sprayed in air intake and then it would cut out again. Checked on datalogger again, fuel pressure still way too low so removed pump and returned as faulty. Supplier sent another pump and fitted that last weekend and still won't start with out brake cleaner and once it does, when rev'd billows a TON of white smoke, which I'm aware is unburnt fuel. Timing has been checked and double checked so 100% sure that isn't out and not convinced injectors can be the problem as issue has gotten worse without having touched them, but we're getting short on ideas......and patience/interest to be honest!! ANY info anyone has that you think might help would be very gratefully received....even if its not the best news, anything will help I'm sure! Thanks in advance!!! Nicola
  21. jmr93

    New Motor.

    Hi guys, thought i would share some pics of my new motor. I picked this up last Sunday.