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Found 39 results

  1. So I am ordering a front upper strut brace, do I need to buy mounts? Or will it just bolt straight on? Thank you in advance.
  2. What are the best tyres for my 67 plate Focus ST MK3.5? The tread on my OEM goodyear eagle F1s (Asymmetric 3s? 235/40/R18) are getting low (only 6500 miles) and I'm wondering if there are any better tyres out there. i have looked on the website and looked at various tyre tests such as this one: . From what I've been reading online, the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 are the best rated tyres around, but I'm also interested in the Kumho ecsta hs5ss, and the falken Azenis FK510's as they have outperformed the F1s in the tests I've seen and seem to be a good price. So the questions are: has anyone had experience with these tyres? and which is the best for me to get?
  3. Estatelife

    Remap overwriting advice

    Hello, does anyone know if it is possible to run a crackle map as well as a Revo stage 2 map? (Been told it will just overwrite it) Thank you
  4. Hello, I have a Focus ST3 '16, Revo Stage 2 with all the required hardware. I am currently running a Milltek exhaust system with a decat, I thought I would get a fair bit of popping and banging but I literally have 0, just the odd gargle when revving. I have seen others with Revo maps popping like mad, I assume they must be running a different exhaust system. If anyone could let me know if they have any tips for making my car pop and bang a little bit more would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  5. Recently traded in my ecoboost to get an ST3 and still have the cone filter that was used on it as the car had to be standard when I traded it in, will I be able to use the cone filter on the ST?
  6. Evening people, My names Ben and here’s a little bit about what bought me here. Bought my white st180 on a 17 plate with 5900 miles on the clock on Saturday and picking her up on Wednesday, I can’t wait.. Having come from a BMW 3 series Msport I’m looking forward to a reliable nippy daily. Am seriously considering some light modifications but want to make sure she won’t go walkies first, so security upgrades are my no.1 priority. Looking forward to becoming part of the community!
  7. hey guys can anyone find somewhere to get a set of 4 of these in yellow? Size 235/35 19 thanks for the help
  8. Someone please make my mind up for me! ive got a holding deposit on a 16 plate ST2, with 14k on the clock. It’s got the nav pack and the style pack and all is grand. then I started thinking I might want the extra gizmos of the ST3 - for the same price as the ST2 I can get a 16 plate, but that’s on 30k miles.. are the extra gadgets worth it? I can get an ST3 with lower mileage but it’s £2000 more than the ST2 and a little more than I’d like to spend unless the extras are mind blowing? cheers!
  9. Brownking31 (Norfolk)

    Hi! Ford Focus ST3 2012

    Hi All!, Im picking up my new 2012 Mk3 focus ST3 on friday (red) and am really excited! But ive been looking at more expensive modifications and items i wanna add to it in the future (such as a cobb tuning accessport, and potentially airlift performance suspension) anybody have these?
  10. james_60

    Newer map than F5 sync 2 ??

    Helloooo :-) Is there a newer map than F5 for the sync 2 premium nav in my st. Jamie
  11. Barrycraig

    Focus 2015 st3 bulbs

    Hi guys, Hope you can help, I am looking at buying new bulbs for the headlights as one of the, seems yellow and the other white. Anyways I have searched and come up with different bulbs and different headlight units but still not 100% which are suitable for my car. I have the headlights with the led strips also the extra light comes on when you drive around corners. Do I have the hid units or are they just normal units. And thus require std bulbs? Thanks craig.
  12. The Parrot

    Electrical/Starting Problem

    This is both a problem and a Fix. My 2013 ST3 Estate developed an intermittent fault displaying various error messages on start up which then cleared themselves. Progressed to won't start, cycling through various errors messages and random electrical faults, which then cleared, included Key Not Found despite engine having started. If battery disconnected would restart after about 45 minutes. Checked a lot of web sites which identified the negative earth ground on battery terminal being earthed out on a painted part of the front wing. Cleaned this up so metal to metal and car ran faultlessly for 2 weeks. Suddenly packed up and wouldn't start multiple errors on OBD2, and internal system errors. Internal light shad also packed up.Car recovered by AA. Ford dealer took 2 days to get it started with no idea why it suddenly woke up. Given my input they checked all the "grounds" on the electrics, there are many and found one in the passenger foot well which was virtually disconnected and sparking! All properly re-connected and all is now perfect (touch wood). If you do get electrical faults with no obvious relationship check connections first, they were on the verge of doing "Module Swaps at great cost"!
  13. Hi All, I apologise if this has been asked before. I recently bought a Fiesta ST3 and have quite bad anxiety when it comes to locking the car and can be quite forgetful sometimes. My question to you is does the car automatically lock if the fob is out of the car and I walk away from it or after a certain amount of time without the fob being in the car and the car being off? Thankyou for any responses :)
  14. Got an 07 Ford focus st3 with a 6 disc changer factory fitted. I tried to change the discs and it won't spit them out and says CD error. Is it possible to get them out? If necessary how do you remove the CD unit?
  15. Hi Have owned a Fiesta ST3 for the last month, best car I've driven in 18 years of motoring. Got the Mountune Performance Pack fitted (MP215); makes an awesome car just that little bit more awesome...You'd be mad to not have it;) Now I'm starting to think, hmm, what next? I do like the look/sound of the Mountune Cat Back Exhaust, that's definitely on my list (sadly not in stock at the moment). If you have this exhaust fitted, would you recommend it? I am aware that the stock exhaust has to essentially be 'cut-off', which has me a little nervous, I'll be leaving that to a garage methinks... I'm also thinking of getting the Mountune High-Flow Induction Hose (a nice red one). Looks very easy to fit and, if the claims are to be believed, makes first to second gear & general power delivery that little bit smoother. Being somewhat of a newbie to modifying cars, I am wondering if I will be able to fit this hose easily. I know my way around some basics, but an online video makes it look like I could cope quite easily. Sadly, at the moment, they don't have the hose clips in stock, but I'm sure they will soon. Again, anyone got this hose fitted & would they recommend it? Thanks for any advice. Chris
  16. Pleased to say that in the coming months I should officially be able to join Stoney's so called jammy beggars club! :P I have ordered a new 2015 Mk3.5 Focus ST-3 2.0 EcoBoost in Deep Impact Blue, with: Rear Privacy Glass Heated Steering Wheel Premium Nav with Sony speakers & Sub. Rear View Camera Driver Assistance Pack It is a factory order, so I do have a bit of a wait, the car is currently scheduled for an unspecified September build, but reading about the delays with the ST (particularly ST-3), hopefully I will get it before my car is 1 yr old and needs taxing and servicing, at least before Christmas! As some of you will know, I was incredibly frustrated with the apparent "design-intent" of the 1.5 EcoBoost I bought last year, so much so I have dubbed it the EcoRattle. After months of trying to get the issue resolved, I have managed to come to an agreeable resolution for changing the car, as I just cannot live with the turbo rattle. I'm still going to loose out a bit financially, but at least I am getting an upgrade out of it. Test drove one a few weeks ago, and now I can't wait to get my own :D Should look like this: Updates Arrived at dealers: Collection day:
  17. FiestaGirl89

    IMG 7103

    From the album: My new BeaST

  18. FiestaGirl89

    IMG 5077

    From the album: My new BeaST

  19. FiestaGirl89

    IMG 5803

    From the album: My new BeaST

  20. FiestaGirl89


    From the album: My new BeaST

  21. FiestaGirl89

    IMG 5101

    From the album: My new BeaST

  22. FiestaGirl89

    IMG 5105

    From the album: My new BeaST

  23. Cookey09


    From the album: My First Fiesta

    Just a couple of pictures of mine and my brothers car outside work the other day😏
  24. Cookey09


    From the album: My First Fiesta

    Just a couple of pictures of mine and my brothers car outside work the other day😏
  25. Cagey

    Road To Mountune

    I have recently set the ball rolling to get my ST3 upgraded to the MP215 kit. I have also ordered the Cat back exhaust to be fitted at the same time. Once this is complete I will post some videos of the new exhaust note and how I feel about the decision. I am planning quite a few more upgrades over time some from Mountune and some not. But so far this little start button modification is all I have until then. The kit should be ready to go within the next 2 weeks according to the local dealer. I am really excited and also would like to know how others who already have these upgrades feel about them and if any others are recommended? :) I will also be posting updates and things on my Instagram if anyone is interested. Plenty of other content on there as well.