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Found 40 results

  1. Hello I bought a 2nd hand Fiesta Ecoboost 1.0 2012 about 6 months ago and the stop/start was working as it should do. Over the past week or so it seems to have suddenly stopped working; there's no warning light on, the a/c isn't on and I can't work out why it would suddenly stop working. One thing is that I only do short trips (6 mile round trip) every day but that has not been a problem before. I'm not bothered about it really but I'm not sure whether it matters if it isn't working (eg is it doing any damage?). Any advice would be very helpful. Thanks
  2. I've bought a car about 3-4 weeks ago, everything was well, stop-start was working all the time. Then all of a sudden it just stops working. The battery is fine, I hardly use the climate controls. Anyone know what can be wrong with it??
  3. Hi all, Our poor little Fiesta is having starting issues and in its current state it is sadly not worth spending a lot of money on, so before I call out the experts at a cost I would like to try to obtain a rough idea of what the problem might be. Wondering if anyone has solved a similar problem or can assist with diagnosis of potential issue from the following symptoms: A week ago the car is starting and running fine Then more recently when started, the engine would choke and stall; pressing the accelerator just after starting would save the engine from stalling Yesterday it took 3 cranking attempts to get it to start and not stall This morning it would not start at all Additional information to aid diagnosis: Car could be instantly restarted after switching off once it was warm Battery is a few months old and showing as fully charged; this has been recharged with a CTEK charger and does not seem to be the issue It sounds like the starter motor is working fine and it is cranking the engine without fail Fuel pump sounds like it primes on activation of the ignition The same fuel has been put in another car and it is running without problem, so unlikely to be fuel contamination Spark plugs have not been checked, but the car was not misfiring once warm, although on a few occassions it was hesitant whilst still cold Air filter has not been checked, but it should be clean and is apparently rarely the problem Other fingers point at ECU issues or Idle Air Control Valve. Any opinions? Thanks in advance!
  4. Hi. Bit of a nightmare going on so please be patient with me lots to explain. Iv been trying to get a 2002 1.4 focus back running for the past week with no luck. Car was sitting up for about 4 weeks but worked fine before. Owner started car up to give it a run but said they heard a gurgling noise then when they went to drive car died. When they then tried to restart there was no crank or noise at all just --------- on the clocks. Iv searched multiple forums about this and there where so many different things people were saying that could cause this. What iv done so far, iv checked all fuses and relays. All good. Iv checked and cleaned all ground cables. Getting 12v on all of them. Iv changed the clocks no difference. Iv checked power to pcm getting 12v there. Iv spent hours pulling the car apart and cant find the issue. Any body have any ideas? Also when the ignition is on the immobiliser light just blinks as normal does not turn off and when i checked the clocks menu I got 2 codes dtc d262 and dtc 9202. Pics of issue attached Thanks
  5. Suicide Mods

    Street KA Won't start?!?

    Quick question with regards to my street ka i've taken the dashboard trim, instrument cluster, heater button pannel, cig lighter pannel etc. off but my car won't start? Am I correct in presuming the car will start once again when all put back together? Presume the car knows somehow? Regards, Gareth
  6. adamdunnet

    Radiator fan

    Hello all! I've just bought a 64 plate fiesta (titanium ecoboost) and today I noticed that the fan is kicking in as soon as I start the engine. I was under the impression that the fan shouldn't start until the engine gets a bit warmer. Is this unusual or is it a ford/fiesta thing? It's still under the 3 month warranty so if there's something wrong I should be able to get it seen to.
  7. I have a Ford FiestaLX 2003 petrol. It's getting pretty cold now and the last 2 days my car has not been starting properly. When I start the engine the revs go up and then normally they drop down to about 1, but at the moment they go all the way to 0 and the car doesn't start. the only way I can get the car moving is by using the accelerator to force more revs so it will move. however, when I stop the car at the junction right by my house, it doesn't stall, it just stops. I have no idea what the problem could be, a friend of mine suggested it could be the choke, but I don't know where the choke is on my car. any help would be much appreciated. Cheers, Louie
  8. Hello all, I recently purchased a 2012 Ford Focus Titanium X (manual transmission) and recently have noticed a couple of changes (potentially problems?) that I was hoping to get some advice on before being potentially charged an arm and a leg by a garage to take a look! I previously started my car with the clutch down and pressing the 'START' button. A few nights ago, the lights all started up but the car did not. A message informing me to "press brake and clutch" appeared. Now I assume that this isn't a problem as clearly the car is programmed to expect it, but would anybody have any insight as to why? My main problem now is that I have to press 'START', wait a few seconds, then press the brake/clutch down and hit 'START' to get the car started. I have also noticed that my 'Start/Stop' is now permanently turned off. I noticed on Saturday that my "lane departure assist" is not displaying now (again, was previously working fine). See attached image which of icon which appears now. My car knowledge is very limited and I am not sure if these are common, easy to fix faults or something more serious. Any help would be appreciated! Many thanks, Andy.
  9. ;Dear fellow Fiesta owners,I have been driving a Ford Fiesta Mark VI which I purchased in 2010.I have been facing trouble to start the engine lately. After turning the key to start the engine, there is no kick in the engine whatsoever. This is a video of the many attempts at starting the engine: However, after the 5th attempt or so, I would hear this clicking and grinding noise (Noise begins at 0:05 mark and ends at 0:19 in video below) which continues even after I remove the key from the ignition.After the noises stop and when I attempt to start the engine again, the engine would be able to start as usual. But the 'check engine' light would remain lighted (have a listen at the noise before I was able to start the engine up). After being able to start the engine once, I am able to start it again. However the problem would come back again after a drive and when I park it and try to start it again. It is unlikely that this problem is cause by a weak battery since I recently changed the battery to a new one about 3 months ago.This problem would come and go but it has been going on everyday for the past week. Not sure what seems to be causing it.As of to date, I have only encountered one other problem which is with the gearbox computer. Swapped it out and it has been working well.Has any of you faced this problem before? Do let me know!Thanks!
  10. Hi, My diesel fiesta has just started stalling on start up. It now does it every time when the car has been left a while i.e., when the engine is cold. It will fire on the first attempt but immediately run down and konk out, with immediate repeated attempts seeing the engine turn over vigorously but not firing. At this stage there is an engine malfunction warning. If I return after 30 minutes and warily keep the engine turning over with a little pressure on the accelerator the engine usually fires. When it fires I maintain high revs until it warms up. Once warmed up the car, engine, idle speed, etc., are excellent in every way, and should I stop when warm it will restart without any difficulty. When warm the engine malfunction warning disappears.. It seems to me that as the car works perfectly when warm it must be a heat as opposed to lack of fuel, computer or pressure issue, leading me to suspect the glow plugs. The car and its glow plugs have done 80k miles. I see online that many Ford diesel car owners have suffered a similar start up issue to this but alas I cannot find a posted solution to the problem. Can anyone help with a diagnosis? The car is regularly serviced, has a brand new battery and wants for nothing. Thanks in advance.
  11. Hi all, I have just recently bought my first car, 2007 fiesta, it had been running completely faultless for the first few weeks and after that there has been an issue where the car wont start. It will crank and will try start but it doesn't idle, if i accelerate as soon as i start and hold it for a few seconds it will idle. I have attached a video in the link below, does anyone know what to do? Cheers
  12. Hi, bit of an interesting one here. I activated the 'test' mode on my Mk7.5 fiesta the other day and noticed that there is an 'auto stop start' light built in to the dashboard display. Is it possible, or has anyone tried to retrofit and activate start stop onto a Fiesta when it isn't built in. My car in particular is an early 2013 Zetec Fiesta MK7.5. Thanks in advance :)
  13. Hello, recently my mk7 ecoboost hasn't been starting, it is very inconsistent as after a few tries it will start. Sometimes it has taken up to 45 mins to start but then it ran fine for about 2/3 hours and when I went to start it again it wasn't having any of it. Today I tried to start the car after the stop start wouldn't start the car back up again. Any help and advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance
  14. Looking for a bit of guidance on starting issues im having with my 2.0 tdci mk focus estate. A few days ago it was difficult to start the car and i had to leave the key turned and the engine turning over for around ten seconds before the car spluttered into life - followed by a big white cloud of smoke out the rear. after a minute or so the car settled down, the smoke cleared and the car was running fine. I then had the same issue a few days later, again, after a minute or so the car settled down and was running fine. I then had an issue the very same day where the car kangaroo'd a little whilst driving steady at 30MPH, this was followed by the engine dying completely and an engine management warning coming up on the dash. I coasted to the side of the road and turned the ignition off, I tried to start the car and it started absolutely fine no issues at all. At this point I realise that there is an issue and mentally tell myself to get the car checked out as soon as I can - The car continues to drive fine for the rest of the day however and I intended to go to a local garage the following day and get it checked out. Anyways, were now on the next day, I go out to the car and cannot get it started at all, the engine turns over however it will not fire. nothing. I had a look at the fuel line and noted that there were air bubbles in the clear line from the filter running to the fuel pump. I also noted that the fuel line was not securely clipped onto the fuel pump, I securley reconnected this and turned the engine over, Fuel was seen pulling through from the filter however a huge bubble of air was also in the line. I cracked open the bolts on the fuel lines going into the injectors one at a time and could see they were all pushing fuel past OK - I nipped these back up and thats as far as I have got. The problem I now have is I cannot get to a garage as the car wont drive, and I am not sure what to do or what may be the issue. Does anyone have any advise or had similar happen? I only got the car two months ago and i'll be honest its my first Ford, and also my first diesel so im a little outside my comfort zone on the mechanical side of things!
  15. Hello everyone, i'm after some advice. I have an 05 plate Zetec S in grey, recently i started to discover some little issues with the car. First of all, The car would start, and sometimes stall. If i started her and give her a rev she would be fine and let me drive on. I changed my plugs etc to noticed they was full of Oil. (rocker cover gasket failure) So i recently changed the gasket, removing the excess oil and replacing with fresh spark plugs. Hoping the excessive oil was the issue with her starting/stalling Nope, nothing. She is stalling just as much now. She doesnt stall under load, its simply start up.. try to put my foot down, no response and cuts out will do this 3/4 times and then will start. Am i right in thinking it's do to with fuel pump or throttle body? throttle related? She doesn't seem to pull away like she used to? but am i looking for other symptoms? any advice is appreciated, I plan on getting the throttle body off this week and giving it a good old clean. Josh
  16. Hello, I have installed a milltek sports cat downpipe with a milltek exhaust system. Since installation, it rattles tremendously loudly inside the car but only when it is a cold start. I cannot replicate the issue unless i wait for the engine to cool down then start again. the rattling when inside sounds awful, but when is step outside the car the rattling is there but very faintly. Anyone else had this issue, or a similar one?
  17. This is a bit of an ongoing problem with my 2007 Mk6 Ford Fiesta (semi-automatic transmission, if that makes any difference...). It's extremely intermittent; the last time I had an issue with it was probably about six months ago, and it's started fine every time between then and now, but every now and again, when I turn the ignition key, instead of turning over the engine just makes this long, pronounced "wheezing"/grinding sound for as long as I turn the key… A mechanic I took it to one side he simply cleaned some of the battery terminals with a wire brush and that seemed to alleviate the issue, but I'm wondering if that was actually a fix or just a temporary thing/coincidence. Lights/wipers/everything works fine and it's a -1yr old battery so I'm assuming it's not that? This short video will hopefully explain what happens better than my text could: Anybody know what that sound is?? Could it be the starter or something?
  18. HENRYW

    Parasitic Draw?

    I have a 2012 Ford Focus Sedan MK3. About a week ago I started noticing problems starting my car. It would take a couple key turns before the engine would turnover, and the battery was very weak. As the week went on it got worse and worse until the car wouldn't start and the battery would go dead the more I tried. I got jumped it and took it to the shop to test out the battery. Battery tested fine, and it was charging in idle. After charging the battery I stopped at the gym for 1-2 hours, and the car started up fine, but after parking overnight the battery was completely dead once again in the morning. We concluded that there must be some sort of parasitic draw, but after doing a draw test and pulling fuses we couldn't locate the source of the draw. Anyone have a similar issue or any advice on where to start in locating the draw from here?
  19. Tony Sutherland

    Struggle to start and loss of power

    Hi I purchased a Ford Focus titanium X 2011 nearly 6 months ago and have had a few problems with it. The car was sent back to the garage a few weeks ago to replace the clutch and flywheel due to the previous owner, but the garage knew about that just after I bought the car so it wasn't my doing. However I'm getting more problems yet again. The car now really struggles to start, sometimes it takes two attempts to start. The starter keeps turning over and over around, sometimes 8 -10 seconds then eventually starts extremely roughly, but occasionally the car will just start straight away. After starting, there has been a squealing noise for the first 5 seconds or so once the engine has started, which has only happened around 4 times in the last week or two. When driving off the car jolts back and forth very forcefully and I have the sensation of losing power in lower gears when I try and get up to speed (only up to 30mph). I also heard a spluttering noise this week when maintaining a constant speed and when accelerating. On that same day, the car took around 15 minutes to get from cold then suddenly went up to a normal temperature. Help! Is this the one issue or am I dealing with a few mishaps? Have I bought a dud car??
  20. My 2013 ford fiesta 1L ecoboost's start stop isnt working, the button to turn it on and off just stays illuminated when pressed, you can turn the light off when the ignition is on but as soon as you start the car the light comes on and you cannot turn the light off, and therefor the start stop isnt working. any advice thanks
  21. jimmyhale0915

    Starting Problems

    So now and again very rare I will go up to my escort mk6 1.8 ghia. And turn the key. There are lights on the dash and u get all power. However u don't hear the fuel pump cut in. Then you turn the key and there is no starter motor kicking in. U only hear a small click. Then more often not very. You are driving along and it just dies. Try turning it back on same happens as I I said up above no fuel pump no starter. Help Also inside the engine by the firewall the only way I can describe it is as a piston. It's a cylinder shape and a metal rod that gets pushed inside when the key is turned on to the ignition. However when the problem happens and you turn the key u get dash lights but that pistion dosnt push in. What is this piston
  22. Lsgroves

    Start/stop Malfunction

    Hi, I've recently bought a 13 plate focus 1.0 ecoboost with stop/start but for some reason I can't seem to activate it. I have tried doing it with the engine at full temp, sufficient ambient temp, AC off, only the ignition on and a couple of other things. When I press the button on my control panel the light to say that it's deactivated stays on, I can't seem to get the light to go out at all. When the ignition is on and is doing its test cycle the stop/start light on my dash comes on so I know the button isn't just there as a gimmick. I was just wondering if there was anything else that I could try before I take my car back to ford? Any help would be massively appreciated! Cheers
  23. Hi, Looking for some help. I have inherited my late fathers Ford Fiesta 1.25 zebec 1998 s Reg (Mk4 I think). It has been stood for about 2 yeas however I have decided to give it the attention it deserves. It has 42k on the clock and is in mint condition. I had a non start issue however found it to be a blown 10 amp fuel pump fuse located under the bonnet. I replaced it and it started first turn of the key. I drove it home from where it was being stored and it didn't run well, a bit chugging. I removed the battery and charged it. Again non start and a blown fuse. I located a grommet under the rear seat and gave the top of the fuel pump a gentle tap and it started up. I left it running to get it warmed up properly as it felt damp inside. I stopped after about 1 hour of idle and it refused to start again literally straight again. I left it for a couple of days and retried it, it started with a little persuasion, however it doesn't idle brilliant, more so when the A/C compressor kicks in. I left it running for ages today and it now won't re start. has anyone had issues with fuel pumps failing. I am thinking it may just be a pressure issue. thanks in advance. Paul
  24. michaelshrimpton

    Fiesta 1.4 16V Hissing Sound

    Sorry if this is posted in the wrong section (first post) My car is idling rough, and seems to have a lack of power - struggles with hills etc & intermittently won't start (more so cold start). I have nothing to compare the car to as its my first car. I had the bonnet open yesterday and took the air box off and could hear a loud hissing from the right side of engine (as you look at it). I finally manged to track where the hissing was coming from and it seems to be coming from the fuel line -or the fuel pressure regulator valve. I'm not 100% sure if it was from the valve or the hose connecting has a split in it. Question is, is it normal for there to be hissing from this area on this type of engine - and also could this hissing be causing the rough idle and lack of power? Any help or advice would extremely appreciated! :) Thanks.
  25. Hi, please can someone help. i was spraying some egr valve cleaner(link at top of page) through the air intake as instructed on the can. i accidently sprayed too much the car over rev and a big black ball of soot shot of the exhaust pipe. then the car stalked and now it wouldn't start. It's cranking but not turning over. please can someone help