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Found 94 results

  1. Johnmcf

    Latest stereo update?

    Hi, does anyone know where to find the latest software update for the standard stereo with Bluetooth? (Not the Sony unit with the small buttons) Every link I can find seems to be dead. Car is a 2012 S1600. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi, I have recently bought a mk3 Zetec Focus and have a few issues with the stereo. There is no jack in the Aux connector location in the glove box, only a USB port. tried connecting my phone and it won't play through here only charge. I do want to upgrade the stereo for the phone connectability to the titanium version but am worried about the phone microphone. has anyone done this and how did you get around the microphone issue? And is there a wiring diagram for the stereo so I can stick an Aux lead on it. Thanks for your help, any time I try to search for a solution all I get is a million videos of how to find the Aux connector, Pfft.
  3. Hello everyone, I recently changed my basic two line monochrome blue display with full color sony display, i only changed the screen, it was plug and play. My car didn't have sync or bluethooth to begin with, only USB and radio/CD, after the screen change USB and radio/CD work as intented. My issue is that with the new screen, I lost the car information messages (for example when a door is open, i no longer get the message on the screen), i lost the MYKEY menu aswell. When i go into setting, i only have audio setting and time setting, not even the option to change the language, I have not replaced the silver box, also i have not replaced the facia, still have the 1-6 numberpad. Is there a way i can get the car information messages back on my new shiny display, i dont car for bluethooth/sync and can live without MYKEY feature but i definetly want the car information messages feature back. Anyone who have done this mod before please advice, thanks :)
  4. Hey everyone! I have just gotten a ford fiesta MK 7 2010 ZETEC. I have been looking into changing the stereo and can't bring myself to add an aftermarket stereo to the car due to the ugly look in this car. I want to add the sony stereo fitted to some of the fiesta's. This is what I have Standard Stereo. I want to add this Sony Stereo.. I was wondering if anyone has upgraded their stereo to this? Where to buy this and would it even work? Does the sony stereo have an built in amplifier? My old Pioneer stereo has mosfet 50Wx4. I cant find the specifications of the sony stereo anywhere? I am not sure if I could add a sony stereo from a 2013-2015? If anyone could help me clear some things up, It would be helpful. Many Thanks, Chris
  5. I'm thinking of changing the factory built in stereo in my Fusion for a more up to date unfactory fitted one. I know I'll need a harness adaptor (Halfords words not mine!) & was wondering can this be done by a complete novice like me?? I have knowledge of household electrics, & not sure if this will be a help or hinderence? LOL The 1 I am thinking of getting doesn't have a CD player or DAB but does have an AUX in & USB port, which is the main reason for wanting to change over, as I've been told that these 2005 fusions have something missing so that you can't add a AUX port to the existing factory fitted stereo. Hopefully someone out there can help! Thanks!!!
  6. Will Harrison

    Retro Fit Sat Nav to Fiesta MK7.5

    You will need: Sat Nav Screen and plastic surround / holder GPS Fakra Antenna - a cheap one from eBay will do Screen Cover Female Fakra to Female Fakra Sat Nav stereo panel with navigation buttons Forscan extended license If your car does not have DAB, I bought an antenna like this To remove the screen surround, place a trim tool / screwdriver under the edge of the panel and work your way around until all the clips pop off. Remove the screen by unscrewing the 2 T20 screws at either side. To remove the connector, depress the tab and move the lever. Place a trim tool or screwdriver between the stereo and passenger airbag light to pop off the airbag light panel. There is only 1 clip holding this on in the middle. Be carful not to lose the metal clip if it comes out. Unscrew the 2 T20 screws and 2 8mm bolts, and give the radio panel a tug, and unplug the connector. To remove the CD / Radio unit, simply pull, it is on pressure clips. Fit the Sat Nav screen, two wires need to be connected from the Sat Nav unit to the radio, this enables the voice guidance. Screen Pin 6 > Radio pin 4 Screen Pin 12 > Radio pin 5 The black Fakra connector needs to be removed from your radio and connected to the black connector on the Sat Nav. The fakra adapter connects the pink fakra on the screen to the FM fakra on the radio. The blue fakra is for the GPS antenna Screw the Sat Nav unit down and refit the Radio and front panel, give it a quick test to make sure it all works. Your dials may show in KM, this is normal Pop the airbag light panel back into place, and push the screen cover on over the screen, ENSURE THE SD CARD IS REMOVED TO PREVENT POTENTIALLY SNAPPING THE CARD Once the Sat Nav is fully installed and tested, it needs to be activated through Forscan (this changes the dials back from KM to miles) Open Forscan, go to Central Configuration, change to engineering mode, and change the options below: Touchscreen - 06. MFD 5 Navigation System - For EU Apply the settings, this should change the dials back to miles and gallons. Congratulations! You have a fully working Sat Nav!
  7. Hi, i currently have the original non bluetooth stereo in my fiesta. I am looking to change this to either a standard one with bluetooth or the upgraded sony one. How will i do this? What needs to be done? And what do i need? How hard is it? TIA PFA (my stereo now)
  8. I have a 2010 Focus with sat nav, Bluetooth etc. Radio, cd and USB work fine but when switching to maps or sat nav the stereo switches off and back on to radio. Same with phone, screen goes blank and stereo restarts. Have checked fuses, disconnected stereo and checked that there are no loose wires into connection block on the unit. Any ideas or a sign of faulty stereo? It's almost like when you switch to a function requiring more power it resets. Thanks
  9. jakerwalton

    2012 Mk3 Focus Problems

    Hi Everyone, Got a couple of issues with the 2012 Ford Focus Titanium I have owned for 9 months now. Stereo has been working a dream, one of the reasons I opted for the higher spec model was so I could have the reliability of the Sony headunit. A couple of weeks ago I was removing a bluetooth device from the headunit and it went into meltdown. Now the bluetooth. USB, Aux and Voice Control have all stopped working. I disconnected the battery for half an hour in an attempt to reset it but still no luck. Anyone got any other suggestions? Ford say it could cost me hundreds for them to find the issue and resolve it which I don't really want to spend if I can help it. Second thing is I am looking at getting my windows tinted. Rear windows look a bit strange letting so much light in I think. While it is in, I was considering getting the chrome strips under the windows wrapped in black as well because they stand out too much for my liking. Can anyone tell me if there is a way of taking them off? If I can tell the company how to take them off rather than them have to try and figure it out themselves, the price will come down a fair bit. Yes, I'm from Lincolnshire so I'm tight - but I also have a few weeks off work so thought it was worth popping the queries up here and seeing what responses I got. Thanks in advance for any help! Jake
  10. Dannypot

    InPhase IPX-FD1 Stereo

    Hi all, I recently got given an Inphase IPX-FD1 car stereo system but it was missing the power connector lead and wiring loom to connect to ISO/Ford Stereo wiring. Has anyone out there either got this stereo or got a CORRECT wiring diagram for the 20 pin connector that goes into the back of the stereo please? I have the plug itself but the wiring is obviously not right as the only ground pin that matches up correctly to a ground connector pin in the stereo (as tested by continuity from wire to stereo chassis) is the one on the far side on its own. The plug is laid out in 2 rows of 9 pins with a wider outer pin at either end. Like this: _____________________________________________ | 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. | | 1 --- ---11 | | 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. | _____________________________________________ For the sake or argument, I have labelled the pins accordingly Pin 11 is a ground Pin 6 is a ground Pin 18 is a ground The rest I have no idea but the plug I bought only has 1 ground wire that matches up with the relevant pin - pin 11. I would either like to find a photo of an original power connector or a wiring diagram that shows which wire fits where into the plug so I can get the stereo connected up (note, the stereo was given to me by an old friend who has his car scrapped and he didn't take the power wire out of the car).
  11. Hi, First time in this forum So here's the issue: Ever since updating to IOS11 on my iPhone, the bluetooth between the phone and my fiesta's stereo is absolutely horrendous! It pops and crackles like a vinyl record, its like having a ***** bowl of Rice Crispies in the back! Both with music and phonecalls. It's driving me up the wall, so I called Apple (who blame Ford,), called Ford (who blames Apple). It's the same for my friend who owns a similar year Fiesta and a new iPhone. So my advice is do not update your phone, or do not buy a '10 model fiesta.
  12. Hi all, I am thinking about swapping out the head unit to something with a bit more punch and clarity (if this is possible). With the stock audio system, the audio gets very distorted on higher volumes when using the aux (i don't listen to the radio). Also the built in aux port has alot of wear and can cut out depending on how i position the 3.5mm jack. My insurer (co-op young drivers) said swapping out the head unit doesn't count as a modification, only if i add an amp or change the speakers is it then considered a vehicle mod. So i want to swap out the existing Ford 6000 CD to something a bit better, which includes Bluetooth and a USB port for charging. Will changing the head unit to something more premium improve the audio clarity and volume? Any suggestions? I found that the 6000 cd outputs 20w per channel after some googling. Do you think it is worth my time upgrading the head unit? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated, Thanks (My car: Ford Fiesta Zetec Climate 1.25 2008)
  13. Hi all, First of all i have already posted this in Audio and Electronics but have had no responses yet, so sorry for the repost. I am thinking about swapping out the head unit to something with a bit more punch and clarity (if this is possible). With the stock audio system, the audio gets very distorted on higher volumes when using the aux (i don't listen to the radio). Also the built in aux port has alot of wear and can cut out depending on how i position the 3.5mm jack. My insurer (co-op young drivers) said swapping out the head unit doesn't count as a modification, only if i add an amp or change the speakers is it then considered a vehicle mod. So i want to swap out the existing Ford 6000 CD to something a bit better, which includes Bluetooth and a USB port for charging. Will changing the head unit to something more premium improve the audio clarity and volume? Any suggestions? I found that the 6000 cd outputs 20w per channel after some googling. Do you think it is worth my time upgrading the head unit? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated, Thanks (My car: Ford Fiesta Zetec Climate 1.25 2008)
  14. Hi, I have a 2009 MK7 Fiesta Titanium fitted with the stereo shown in the attached image, but it does not have any Bluetooth function and wondered if anyone could advise if there are any options for adding an in-dash Bluetooth handsfree stereo rather than fitting something like a dash-mounted Parrot system? I have found a second hand FORD RADIO CD PLAYER STEREO (AM5T-18C815-PE) WITH BLUETOOTH on eBay. Is this an easy plug an play option? Are there any double din aftermarket in-dash Bluetooth units that I can install? Thanks
  15. So I have a fiesta black edition 2015, and it has the big standard stereo fitted with the blue screen. I want to change it from that to the ford unit with the screen which is coloured and has a sat nav installed. Is this possible? Has any one else done this? I will add pictures of what I mean. i want the standard ford sat nav system just to specify again. Does anyone know if this will work?
  16. flesta

    AUX in Fiesta 2010

    I just bought a used 2010 Fiesta, but it didn't have an AUX connection. It did have an AUX button in the center console, though, so I thought I could just hook this up to the back of the stereo unit: Unfortunately it didn't work, as the display doesn't go into AUX mode when I press the AUX button. There is some kind of connection, as when I'm navigating some of the sub menus, and press the AUX button, it returns to the main radio screen. But it doesn't switch to AUX. I also have no USB or Bluetooth in the car as far as I can see. This must be a very low specced version. Any ideas what to try next, or if there is a secret feature to enable AUX?
  17. Hi guys So I bought this used Sony stereo with DAB to replace the standard boring Ford stereo. But of course I have run into a couple problems. Which I hoped you guys might help me with. The car is an Fiesta 1.0 Ecoboost from April 2014. The car is born without DAB and SYNC functionality. On the pictures I have attached you can see that the standard Ford unit has some sort of advanced USB input. The new Sony unit has a larger "multi-input" of some sort. I tried to connect the unit without the weird USB thing and of course the USB in the car didn't work anymore and the Ford Ecomode is also "grayed" out when browsing through the Sony units menu. How do I get back the USB functionality and Ford Ecomode in the menu? Do I need some kind of adapter to solve this? Second problem can be seen on the third picture. The new and bigger screen is pretty exposed and needs some kind of frame I guess. How do I solve this? Thanks in advance guys.
  18. conorcook

    Stereo upgrade?

    Hi guys, I'm new here! :) recently bought a 2014 fiesta! not a big fan of the stereo (pictured) can anyone advise on which aftermarket stereo is best and will work with the steering controls? I've already found a fitting kit (pictured) just wondering about the actual stereo itself! Cheers!
  19. Hi folks, My first post on the forum, so hello! I have a 2003 StreetKa Luxury with what I believe to be the stock CD changer fitted. I've not had the car long, but haven't been able to use the CD changer because it gives me an error as soon as I select the CD mode, then flicks back to the radio. I've tried inserting a CD, but it gives the same error, so I wonder if it's something like a CD stuck in the unit or whether it could be a fault which stops the CD mode from activating altogether. I'm totally clueless with stereo units, so any help would be much appreciated. Practical help would be a huge bonus; I live in Coventry and would be willing to pay someone to sort this out for me, so long as it's not a fortune. Failing that, would it be an economical option to change the unit for another one? Cheers.
  20. k_j_jacobs

    Multimedia Units for Focus

    Has anyone had any fun with these units before? Kinda perfects and a lot cheaper just in Hong Kong. all android run. even reads your OBD ports on the go
  21. chappers96

    Fiesta Mk7 Firmware Update

    Evening all, Apologies if this has already been covered, can't seem to find the answer I'm looking for. Does anyone know where the firmware updates for the Mk7 head units can be found? All the links online seem to be dead. Is it still possible to find the updates to update the firmware via USB? The bluetooth audio in my ZS is a bit patchy when streaming music from an iPhone running the latest iOS. Cheers.
  22. Hey guys. I got my first car today, a 2010 Ford Fiesta Zetec 1.4. It has bluetooth and everything seems to be working perfectly except the AUX port, although I haven't tried the USB yet either. <That's what it looks like in my car, but that pic isn't mine. When I plug my phone in there is a bit of a noise that makes me think that it is connected, like you can hear a little bit of electrical noise come through the speakers as it's plugged into the phone, but other than that I can't get it to play through the speakers at all. Bluetooth music works fine. Any idea what the issue might be? I read somewhere it might be a software update? Thanks.
  23. Baz C1

    Hiding wires!

    Hi all, just looking for some advice, I'm fitting a new stereo next weekend, and I think I'm going to need to run some wires from the back of the unit to the A pillar (driver or passenger side), what's the easiest way to feed the wires behind the dash? I've got a 2011 Focus mk3, thanks in advance x
  24. Hi, just recently upgraded from my 04 Focus to a 61 Focus and so far am impressed. I have one question about the stereo though. It works fine however if I'm on my own and turn the engine off the stereo stays on, even if I get out and lock the car. If I have a passenger and we park up and turn the ignition off and they open the passenger side door, the stereo goes off... Is this right? Should the stereo go off if either door is opened with ignition off? I've looked in the settings and consulted the manual, to no avail... Anyone know where its going wrong? Cheers Neil
  25. Hi All, Just over a week ago, I purchased a 2013 Grand C-Max Titanium X, having upgraded from a 2003 Ford Focus. It's a pleasure to drive, and all the mod cons, are a welcome addition too. The only niggling frustration I have, is the fact that my Sony stereo (the factory-fitted one), seems to be randomly pausing for a period of approx. a second, every 30 seconds or so (sometimes even more frequently than that). The music then picks up from 1 second further into the track, and plays again. Regardless of whether I have the DAB radio on, or music playing from another source (such as the USB port), it's happening all the time. I've tried switching the Traffic Announcements off, to see if it was periodically checking for an announcement, but the issue persists. At first, I paid a blind eye to it, but spending over two hours in the car each day, commuting to and from work, it's now becoming an annoyance. Having had a good look at various articles on the Internet, I can't find any other individuals reporting similar occurrences, like this. As such, I'd be most grateful, if anybody can share any insight into what may be the root cause of this issue, and better-still, how to fix it. Thanks in advance for your help with this. Joe