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Found 10 results

  1. Hi, I've just purchased a 2011 Galaxy 2.0 diesel with 200k miles used. Didn't notice on the test drive, but when the car has been left over night, when you drive the next morning the steering is extremely stiff to turn, when you move the wheel can feel resistance. This lasts for about 3 mins, to which this goes away. Also noticed that in normal driving, the steering can at a time feel twitchy on occasion. Any guidance or experience on this please. The wife is starting to lose confidence in the car already and only had it a week ...
  2. Hi, have a 2006 Smax petrol 2.0 5-speed manual. Gears 1 and 2 are sometimes stiff to engage. Seems not to be temperature related. Compared to an identical smax (and a focus MK2) tried this wasn't like it on that. Seems better if changed in a slow 2-step process (i.e. returning to centre position first). Have oiled the mechanisms under the stick. Anything else to obvious to check/anyone have similar experiences? Thanks.
  3. April this year i purchased a 2011 Focus Titanium 1.6TI-VCT MK3 with 63090m, its now on 68500+m, absolutely wonderful thing to drive, now a couple weeks back on the way home from work at 6:30am it was fairly chilly but not cold. Coming to a red light ive pulling out in 3rd in to N, its gone amber and i couldn't get into the 1st, i repeatedly tried to get it in gear and with some serious force 3rd attempt it went in but it required really heavy force to do so. going down a hill i decided to test this again, ive pulled it out of 4th and tried to get into 1st (clutch is still depressed, break was in use) and it wouldn't go in smoothly unless i selected gears like a sequential gearbox, so i went down into 3rd, it was stiff, then 2nd about the same and then 1st seemed way smoother then going from 3rd or 4th to 1st when this happens which actually yesterday (27-08-17) on the way to work at 5am it happened again 1st is the worst, then 2nd is stiff and 3rd is worse than 2nd and not as bad as 1st , 4th not so much and then 5th slides in lovely, sliding out of gears to N seems to be normal, its going from N to 1st or passing through N as changing gears seems to be the issue when the car is off the gears slide as they should do when i first Purchased the car its only when the car is running now here is another annoying bit, i thought id need a transmission fluid change or could be the master or slave cylinders (which i know im covered under the warranty for) i ring them up and they recommend i take it to a garage that they deal with frequently, a Halfords Autocentre, right okay i get it booked in for 25th, drop car off around 1:30 (and at this time im only 25, i passed my test in january my knowledge of cars isnt that great and this is my 2nd car) i explain my issues to lad at desk as above in great detail as i can and he says ''yeah sounds to me like transmission, when oil is cold it contracts and when the engine is warming it up it expands so it could just need a top up, (i figured he might be right as when the car gets going and warms up the problem seems to dissapear) says what happens is i pay for diagnosis and they check for problems (i aint ***** stupid, surely if i explain my problem, for example i have a flat Tyre, they will repair or replace it and not pay for a diagnosis???) so i kinda felt like i had no choice, so i ask will it be done by 5pm? lad says we only need a couple of hours, so i drop keys and disappear, 5pm comes no phone call and i ring them and ask whats going on and get told the mechanic has been on the car for a while and hasn't been able to find a cause to my problem, but hopefully he be able to in the next 30 mins and id get a call, it was 5:55pm i noticed i hadn't gotten anything back and ring again, and i get told the mechanic cant find the cause, they are trying to get hold of the warranty to authorise work on the car which is alot of time and money (money i dont have, time im not fussed about) he says they think is something to do with H selector? have no idea what that is, i request to pick up the car but cant pick it up until the morning the next day, my suspicions is they had that planned as i didn't even get a phone call back to get updated about the ''diagnosis'' so morning comes and i pick up the car, the mechanics says they've had another look that morning and cant find the cause, he confirms its stiff in the gears i have mentioned, he has confirm Clutch good for 100,000m at least, then he said as they aint equipped, i would have to take it to a specialist to open it up and see what the cause is, on the plus side i didn't get charged this at all im wondering has anyone experienced the same problem with the Focus and if so what was the cause? and is there anything i can do do check myself without voiding my warranty if not ill leave it to the professionals
  4. My parents drive a 2005 Ford Focus, Mk 2 (pre-facelift). Three years ago, they had a new clutch fitted, and ever since it has been extremely stiff to press down. Now, in their usual manner, they just put up with it, believing there's nothing they can do about it. But I was in the car with my dad the other day, and he was having a hard time keeping it down. They're in their early 60s, and both quite fit for their ages, so it's not that they don't have the strength or anything. Further still though, I had a little go in it on a car park, and boy it is very stiff. It's certainly not right. I've never driven a car with a clutch that hard to press. Of course, this could simply be the fact that the car is getting old, and that the clutch is becoming worn, but both of them tell me that it has been exactly this hard to press ever since the day the clutch was replaced. So if even after a new clutch was fitted it was as stiff as it is now, it makes me wonder if it wasn't adjusted correctly or something when the new one was fitted. I know nothing about clutches - but could it be that there's some form of adjustment that could be made to soften it up a bit? If so, and if it's inexpensive, I'll have it done right away. Thanks
  5. Affix

    Stiff Gear Changes

    Hey Guys, Noticed on my 2006 Fiesta after about 15 miles my gears become very difficult to change. Has anyone else experienced this issue? Is there an easy / cheap way to fix it? Cheers
  6. Hi, after reading these forums I decided to go for a ford focus as my first car, covering the most common faults I was glad that mine didn't have any of them :) but now owning the car for 3 months... I have a problem which is driving me nuts, its hard to get into 1st gear. When it doesn't go in first I have to press the clutch down again and it goes in/or when i fully stop then it just goes in (without even the need to repress the clutch down). Note, that was a bit of clunking noise when releasing the clutch (past the biting point) when I just bought the car which doesn't happen anymore, so i'm thinking it was just because I was a new driver and was getting to the biting point. Recently Its either in my head or its just getting more annoying to shift through gears, their a bit stiff and not as smooth as they should be. Car: 2006 mk2 ford focus, petrol, 1.6 and close to 100k. Problem: Hard to get in 1st (without depressing clutch again, when downshifting obviously) Other notes: clutch isn't slipping, but I do have to press it fully down (right to the floor) to disengage the clutch There is crunch when switching to reverse Has anyone experienced this before? Thanks :)
  7. Henners

    Steering Feels Really Odd

    Hi I've recently bought a 53 plate 1.8 C-max zetec with 60k. Drove it to work this morning for the first time and the steering feels really odd! There's quite alot of resistance/stiffness as I begin to turn the wheel, but when I turn the wheel more (say going around a roundabout), it suddenly loosens off….then as the wheel returns to the middle it feels stiff again. The stiffness only seems to affect the fist 20° of steering wheel range. I don't have any warning lights and it's just had Ford service. Any ideas? Thanks
  8. Hello all, I am new to this forum and a complete car newb (recently passed my test and bought a bit of a nightmare car from a friend under impulse).. One day when driving back from a partner's house I couldn't get the car into any gear at all. Pushing the clutch pedal to the floor she wouldn't go into first, a 2 hour AA wait and miraculously as the gentlemen sat in my car it worked again. From that point there has been a significant difference in stiffness when changing gears. I have tried to research all possible issues (master or slave cylinder in need of changing, clutch wear, clutch fork etc etc) but would like some opinions from others. The car is a Ford Fiesta Finesse 2004 with 61K on the clock. I have no service history so no idea really how well the car has been maintained under the bonnet. She was driving fine when I purchased the car, gear changes were smooth also. P.S I have put a cable tie around the clutch pedal to make sure the rod is going into the master cylinder properly (known fault with these cars from my research). Any help would be much appreciated.. M
  9. jack_routledge

    Fiesta Mk7 Clutch Problem?

    Hello! I've got a 59 plate Zetec S (Mk7) which has now done 36,000 miles, and recently I have noticed the gears are sometimes a bit stiff/notchy, especially in third where is sometimes decides to make a small grinding noise. Anyway last night I pulled away and went to put it into second and it wouldn't engage so I stopped and couldn't get it into any gear. I kept pressing on the clutch and finally got into 2nd and manged to pull away in 2nd, then it was all back to being just a bit stiff. It did go into Ford the other day and they said I could need a new clutch :(! Any help/ideas would be much appreciated! Thanks, Jack!
  10. No idea what has just happened, I was just shopping, located my spot, pulled up ready to reverse in and my steering was almost un moveable, paused for a minute, selected reverse and backed in ,with the steering locked then it was fine..Any ideas folks? Only just got my car back after the recent turbo blowing