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Found 9 results

  1. Hi all! About 2 weeks ago I picked up my brand new 1.0 Ecoboost ST Line X Focus. Everything on her runs beautifully, but my pet peeve is i cant get the Ford Pass app to connect. I put the VIN in it, it brings up my car, and then it says i have to wait for a message to pop up on the SYNC 3 system, but nothing comes up. My app currently just says "activation pending" I've set up the wifi hotspot and it works absolutely fine so I know its not that. I've deleted the car off my phone, deleted the app too, tried to set it up again and the same happens. I've even done a master reset of the sync system. Ive rang the ford pass help line and they don't know whats wrong. Wondering if anybody else has had a similar issue and if they have any ideas on how to resolve it!
  2. I'm only 16 (learning to drive next month) and this is my first car so I’ve tried to personalise my car subtly to avoid looking like the 17 year old chavs we all see driving round... Here’s the car when we picked it up: After cleaning and polishing it, the first thing I did was put domed gel private plates on: Then I swapped the standard red mirror caps for black ones: Removing the ‘Ecoboost’ badge was the next change I made, and while I was at it I applied a red pinstripe along the lower edge of the rear diffuser: Not pictured are my black interior mats with red trim and red heater vent ring overlays. Thanks for looking! Let me know what you think, and feel free to suggest any other small aesthetic mods I can do
  3. Crystofol

    More fiesta mk8 photos...

    From the album: Fordy (Ford Fiesta MK8 ST-Line)

    Ford Fiesta MK8 at the mountain.

    © Cristian Murria

  4. Crystofol

    Fordy going to the snow

    From the album: Fordy (Ford Fiesta MK8 ST-Line)

    I took my Fiesta to the snow for the first time.

    © Cristian Murria

  5. Crystofol

    First Photo of my Fiesta

    From the album: Fordy (Ford Fiesta MK8 ST-Line)

    Here you can see my Fiesta without any mod.

    © Cristian Murria

  6. Hi bit of a newbie here, iv been driving a Ford fiesta Zetec 82bhp 16 plate as my first car for a year now and last weekend i ordered the black edition going to 140bhp (excited is a understatement), and would like to do cosmetic mods and some on the inside, would like to think about performance mods but being 18 years old insurance is going to set me back enough as it is. My plans are: -Changing all the lights with CEUK (Car Enhancement UK) Full car kit, if anyone recommend which package as there are two for the MK7.5 Black/Red Edition -TRC Front splitter -Zun Sport Grill, upper and lower -Climair Wind deflectors -Windscreen sunstrip -Gel overlays -Gear Lever knob with illuminated gear shift pattern -Brodit phone holder -(Unsure opinions needed on this one) RimBlades -Red windscreen jet wash -kenwood underseat sub Would like to hear opinions or what you have done to yours Thanks Dan
  7. Can anyone help please regarding the visual display screen on my new STLine? When turned OFFthe screen shows a series of faded blue/grey boxes which look like residual imprints rather than something which is supposed to be there. at night these boxes look even worse as they are brightly lit and the whole visual look because of this is tatty and looks faulty to me but my dealer said that all fiestas stereos look like that? (My last one didnt although it was a more basic model). i expected the screen to just go black when turned off but not to show these faded boxes. Seems odd that such an ugly visual was a design of choice on a car which is supposed to be an upgrade but nobody will help me at the dealers :-( can anyone tell me if their screen also looks like this when turned off? I have attached photos of how it looks when turned off. would really appreciate some help as feel like i am mad for raising it after the way the dealer responded (saying nobody had ever mentioned it before and pretty much laughed at me), but everyone who has seen it has agreed with me that it looks rubbish and faulty? It is also quite distracting when driving at night. I dont want to look at ugly faded boxes even when the stereo is turned off! i am actually regretting getting the car because of it so it has spoiled the excitement of a new car and i am scared to go back to the dealer as they are laughing at me for beling so 'picky' :-(
  8. Hi all, I have a brand new Focus STline 1.5 Ecoboost (147hp/240nm) and I'm debating getting a Stage 1 Bluefin remap through SuperChips. The gains are shown at 47hp and 63nm giving a final result of 193hp and 303nm. I just want to hear some opinions, past experiences and advise from yourselves before I put any money down as the general opinion online is that remapping is safe as long as your engine parts aren't already worn (which at 2600 miles mine shouldn't be!) however the majority of these posts all reference diesel turbos not a petrol turbo like mine. Thanks in advance! (P.S. On the face of it the gains look rather large, however I know that the engine is used by Ford with the exact parts just a different map in the Focus Red & Black Edition to get 180hp so going up to a claimed 193hp isn't such a big leap from there).
  9. WillKinsella

    ST line alloy colour

    Hello there! Could anyone help me out with what colour the fiesta ST line alloys are? Not the 2017fiesta the 2016 model. I'm wanting my alloys sprayed but don't want to go for the common black that folk have nowa days, and think the grey colour from the ST line would look great on mine! Not the best picture but that's what they look like.