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Found 37 results

  1. I was wondering if anyone could help me at all. I recently hit my bumper reversing in a car park (silly I know), the impact was very minor. All looked well however I noticed when I shift into 3rd or 4th gear, my car begins making a loud droning noise. It also feels less responsive shifting gears, gets chuggy and doesn't seem as powerful. I haven't seen any leaks and there doesn't seem to be any other issues nothing hanging off, at lower speeds runs okay. Does anyone have an idea as to what may have happened? My car is a 2005 Ford Streeka, 38,000 miles. Thank you!
  2. AshleighKA

    Brake Calipers

    Morning everyone, I am currently planning on changing my brake callipers and have them bright red. Does anyone know of anywhere that sells these pre-painted? I can't say I'd be very good with a spray can and I can't seem to find anywhere that offers them with the red finish. Thanks!
  3. Mike Ramsay-Fraser

    Streetka Paint codes

    Anyone know the paint code for Streetka silver?
  4. MentalParadox

    Streetka Overheating

    I bought my 2004 Streetka almost two years ago. It worked fine for a long time, until a few months ago I noticed it seemed to start overheating. Even a brief 2 kilometer drive would heat up the engine so much, the ventilator can be heard running at maximum speed when you turn off the car. The air coming from the heating system is also so hot, it literally burns your hands. I am genuinely scared my engine is going to explode one day. This problem started all of a sudden, so it's not 'just the way the car is built'. Another problem, but possibly unrelated, is that fuel consumption of the car seems abnormally high all of a sudden. Like, I can only drive 300 miles on a single tank. I checked the coolant liquid, it's fine. The two garages I've been to for this problem detected no issues whatsoever. They say the ventilator kicks in at the correct temperatures, but that doesn't mean the engine isn't overheating... Would it be possible the water cooler is broken (and somehow the oafs at those garages didn't see it)? If not, could one install a second coolant tube to increase the flow of coolant? I really need this car for work, I am close to broke, and this problem needs to go away.
  5. Can anyone upload a pic or explain where the icv is on a 1.6 streetka? i've been looking but cannot easily identify it... (irregular idle - want to clean the valve) Thanks in advance
  6. Good evening, I am the proud new owner of a '55 plate, grey Streetka Winter or Winter Edition ( if there is a difference..?) I'm sure some of you would have seen it recently on Ebay. 56500k miles. I recon i will have some questions quite soon... Kind Regards, Simon
  7. Hi I have I problem with my 2004 streetka. The check engine light is on and the code I have got is P0444. Apparently this means evaprative emissions control system purge control valve circuit open I was wondering if anyone know what part was at falt here and where it is/how to fix it. Many thanks Matt
  8. Hi, wondering if anyone can help - the heated windscreen doesn't appear to be working on my 05 plate streetka. It's the winter edition with the luxury pack so it's defiantly on there. However, cannot seem to find the fuse for it to see if that's blown. Does anyone know where it is? The button doesn't illuminate when pressed on the dash. Also, the electric mirrors aren't working. Checked the fuse and it's brand new almost. Is it a problem with the motor mechanism? Thanks!
  9. New to the forum, just thought id show of my Ford streetka winter edition 😀 What do you think?
  10. Mike Ramsay-Fraser

    Plasma gauges

    One thing annoys me about my Streetka it's the black gauges and lack of clarity at night. Anyone fitted plasma gauges and how easy or difficult is it to do? Please tell me you don't have to strip out the entire dash.
  11. Brand new to the forum and brand new to owning a 2005 Ford Streetka! I have recently taken my car for a service at a dealership. One of the issues raised was that the rocker cover gasket was leaking. I understand that this is relatively easy to change at home. I am after some brief instructions as I am far from being a mechanic! Also I note the "bolts" that hold the rocker cover have badly rusted - where can I purchase replacements and what are they called, size etc.? I do have a torque wrench, so would be interested in how tight they need to be? Thank you all in advance for your help!
  12. Hi folks, My first post on the forum, so hello! I have a 2003 StreetKa Luxury with what I believe to be the stock CD changer fitted. I've not had the car long, but haven't been able to use the CD changer because it gives me an error as soon as I select the CD mode, then flicks back to the radio. I've tried inserting a CD, but it gives the same error, so I wonder if it's something like a CD stuck in the unit or whether it could be a fault which stops the CD mode from activating altogether. I'm totally clueless with stereo units, so any help would be much appreciated. Practical help would be a huge bonus; I live in Coventry and would be willing to pay someone to sort this out for me, so long as it's not a fortune. Failing that, would it be an economical option to change the unit for another one? Cheers.
  13. Hi folks, I've been having a problem with the OS rear indicator. At first, I thought it was a blown bulb, but a new one isn't fixing the problem. I have no other apparent issues with any other lights, just this one which won't illuminate and, as such, has the front and repeater going bonkers. I haven't managed to check anything else, but the wiring seemed fine around the cluster area. I don't have a manual or anything, so if I need to find something to check, I'll probably need pointing towards it, please. Cheers.
  14. Hi folks, Well, we just had an enormous downpour where I am and my poor car... there's a split in the back window, which I was worried about, but there's only a tiny puddle on the 'parcel shelf' area, so it's fine. The driver's door, however... while sitting in it, it was a torrent coming through where the window doesn't meet the seal. I've heard wind noise since I got it but couldn't locate it as it doesn't cause a draft, but now I've found the problem area with the water. I've had the seal off and put it all back on, it is as 'on' as it can be, so it seems to be one of three issues, as far as I can tell: Either the door is misaligned, the window is misaligned or the seal has been flattened, allowing for the gap. I have no other door issues, however, I have noticed that the seal running along the bottom of this window keeps pulling up slightly when the window is wound up. Could these two issues be a sign of a misaligned window? If it's not the door or window, it must be the seal, as the roof seems absolutely fine, so I'm not even considering that as a potential problem. So, if it is the seal, how would I go about finding a remedy for my situation, please? Thanks.
  15. First of all, hello, all! I bought a 2004 streetKA yesterday at a bargain price. I was made aware that the central locking only worked with the key in the door. I took the car anyway and decided to get as far as I could before seeking advice...So, here goes! 1 - The key fob communicates with the car. 2 - Pressing the lock button causes the passenger side to lock, then unlock; drivers door remains silent; no lights flash. 3 - the key in the drivers door locks both doors. 4 - the key in passenger door locks the passenger door, then unlocks again. 5 - if I press the lock button on the key fob, whilst simultaneously, manually locking the drivers door causes the lights to flash, as the manual says, to show that the central locking has worked. 6 - if I disconnect the drives door like/trunk wiring and then press lock on the key fob, the lights flash and the passenger door locks. 7 - at no point has the alarm seemed to arm. It has not sounded or given me any indication that it's on. That's as detailed as I have been with diagnostics. Here are my queries: Would this have an affect on the alarm system not arming or am I looking at separate issues? (I've changed fuse 33, still nothing) How do I get the locking motor out of the door and where is it? I'm no electrician but with your guys' help, I might be able to solve the alarm problem! Thanks in advance! Perry
  16. Hi all First post here so thanks for any help you can provide :-) I have a StreetKa which has trouble starting, not all the time but about 50% and it is rather irritating. There are no engine codes and the garage that checked it over initially changed the sparks and leads, while this cured the occasional misfire it has not helped the fire-ups much. Looking at the data from the T-MAP sensor, when it has problems starting there is a massive dip and then a massive spike followed by a slow gradient down in the absolute air pressure reading. I was hoping to find the T-MAP sensor and see if it needed a bit of a clean with some electrical cleaner, however I have not been able to find it in the engine (oops). Any pointers towards where I need to look would be much appreciated. Chris
  17. Bought an 03 plate, streetka back in September. Had short mot, but flew through. Not long after heating only blew cold air out. Checked the coolant. Was completely empty. Refilled and off it went. Fine for 2-3 months up until last week. Exhaust began randomly blowing. Turns out the rear box has snapped off. Then two days later, the temp warning light comes on.. Pulled up at work. Lifted bonnet. Didn't seem particularly hot, but could hear a sizzling sound. Panicked a little left it to cool and checked the coolant. Was none. So I filled her up. And drove home. Again. Temp light came on. But got it home. Left it to cool. Coolant had gone again. Topped it up. All the while hot air was still coming out. No steam or anything. Drove to work again. And then temp light came on, and I had to pull over this time I had steam gushing from under bonnet and I could her the engine like a cooking sound. Lifted bonnet and left it to cool. As I was only 5 mins from work . I carried on with my journey fine. And then left it to cool in car park. Went and checked on it. No coolant in tank again. And the hose has snapped off the heat valve. So I had green flag tow me home. Ordered the part and awaited to arrive. Fitted the part, think it would solve my answer. Had it go into garage for exhaust. And asked them to check for head gasket failure. (I'd already checked the oil cap and was clear ) they did and had no sign of over heating or hg failure. So assumed the heater valve had answered my issues. Drove it around for 10-15 mins. And again the engine began to over heat. I got it home again. And let it cool. Puzzled as to what it could now be. Took it back to garage next day. Had them do a sniff test on water for the head gasket. And it came back clear. Nothing. But yet when I drive around with the heating on full blast it stays on for a while if I !Removed! off the heating it begins to over heat... Some one please help me. The garage are saying they don't know and can only assume the hg tests a wrong and it need replacing... They over quoted I won't be going with them. I just can't except that it's the head gasket despite countless tests coming back clear. What is wrong with my car!!!
  18. Hi everyone. I wondered if anyone would know where I can get some replacement door seals from for a 2004/05 Streetka passenger side please? I have a leak in my passenger side car door. I have figured out my seals are in two parts and are held together by a plastic pin and was pulled off one day by a garage man after the door was bashed in a crash. My poor car has not been the same since (it has been about two years now). I have tried my hardest to get replacement seals but I have been told by Ford that they stopped making them a long time ago and it seems breakers yards never get any. My seals have been held together for the last two years with a patch from a bycle puncher repair kit which has worked, unfortunately the rubber has perished and this is no longer an option. I can try and get ome more secondhand ones of ebay and hope the pin is not damaged and if so continue with the puncture repair kit method. I would prefer a more permenant solution though and I can't afford a new car at the minute. Would anyone have any ideas please? Thank you x
  19. Hi, Looking for some advice on which replacement water pump I need. The car is a 2003 StreetKa, registered in March of that year. The engine is a 1.6 Duratec (Zetec Rocam). It needs a new water pump. Two part numbers are listed and I'm unsure which I need. First part no 1229571 lists a water pump and gasket, and second part no 1798955 lists a water pump kit with no gasket ... sold separately. Has anyone fitted one? Do I need the additional part shown in the pump kit? Or can I buy the pump and gasket? Cheers, Ed
  20. Hi, I have joined a I have bought a 2004 Streetka. Hi to all other Streetka owners
  21. Hi, I've bought a 2004 streetka for my daughter and separately bought a Hard top but neither the car or the hard top came with the rear mounting brackets and wiring harness. I've tried a number of car breakers sites to try and locate but without success. Does anyone have or know where I can buy the hardware from to mount the hard top? Many thanks in advance. Alan
  22. Hi All, Need some help! My StreetKA is squeaking (definitely the fan belt). I've been looking around to find the best price fan belt. I have found a couple of belts at reasonable prices but for some reason they state that they fit StreetKA's between 12/2002 - 12/2005. Firstly, I wasn't aware they were made in 2002. Secondly mine is a 2006 model. Can't find any for 2006 models. Is there a difference between a 2005 model engine and 2006 model? I know some StreetKA's didn't have air con, but the belts state suitable for StreetKA's 1.6 12/2002-12/2005 with Air Con and P/Steering. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance! :)
  23. J0hnnyT

    Engine Bay Detailing.

    From the album: My Street Ka

    I used brush on ceramic paint(calliper paint) and painted all caos and dipstick, manifold and bonnet Stand.
  24. Hi all, it has been an age since I last posted mostly due to a massive move from London to Cornwall. It was stressful but things are now settling down and, as suspected, my health is improving daily. So funnily enough is that of my car, nicknamed Noddi by my company's security team (and it has stuck LOL). The mysterious rattle which Ford couldn't find turned out to be the aftermarket 'manicat' that had been fitted hitting the sub-frame as the new/old design is a fraction longer in the flexipipe - sorted by my new local garage and no big drama. The ABS light not going out meant removing the ECU and sending it away. Unfortunately the fault was caused by a burnt out wire, which in turn wipe the ECU clean. It was tested, the wire replace and the ECU reprogrammed. A big cost at £250 but better than paying for a completely new ECU. Everything working fine. Engine Management Light intermittently coming on, was caused by the coils being corroded. Probably caused when the heater matrix let go and sprayed the lot with water/coolant. New coils and leads fitted and all great. I am amazed that a local garage and my brother-in-law were able to sort out these problems when a main Ford garage couldn't. I am so glad I went through the pain to find the issues as Noddi is running brilliantly and with a new strut-brace fitted is handling like a dream. I am in love again with my StreetKa. One careful-ish owner namely me. However, now I wish to give her a bit of a tart up and one thing I would like to do is change my front badge. Any ideas before I go and bother my poor belighted brother-in-law again? It looks like the entire front of the car has to be removed and I'm pretty sure that can't be right. Just for a badge? Madness if correct. So in any event, I am hoping you are all well and had a happy Xmas, New Year and Easter. With love Sian-Marie AKA Tiggi (the cat)
  25. Turner130811

    Another Handle Issue!!

    Hi Guys, I've had my new Street KA about a month now, and since owning it I have replaced the steering wheel, wheels, radio and rear window (cracked). Today my drivers side outside handle just all of a sudden stopped working. After working the door card off I have seen the plastic clip on the back of the handle has snapped off. I've ordered a nice new handle of eBay for it, I just want to know that once I fit the handle should that fix the issue or could there be something else in the mechanism broken? I only ask because when the problem first started I swear the clip wasn't broken originally, or it may just be me. Thanks for any help! Emma :)