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Found 17 results

  1. Hi There! I have recently bought a 2006 Ford Fiesta 'Style' with the 'Climate' Pack. It has a 6000CD Head unit with an AUX button, yet no sign of a 3.5mm (or any other sort of) jack anywhere; including glove box and near gear stick. I have seen several posts online of how to add this in but it requires some technical ability/knowledge, neither of which I possess. I wondered if anyone knows roughly how much a Ford dealer or anyone else (Halfords?) would charge to do this for me, and otherwise if there's a simplified way with a tutorial that I can fit this jack/cable to my car. Ideally I don't want to be drilling holes for it... Thanks
  2. Hi, i currently have the original non bluetooth stereo in my fiesta. I am looking to change this to either a standard one with bluetooth or the upgraded sony one. How will i do this? What needs to be done? And what do i need? How hard is it? TIA PFA (my stereo now)
  3. Hi. I just put a fiesta titanium bluetooth sterio in my basic style model. Everytime I try to use the phone, it says audio mute, also I cant enter a lot of the options menues. Do I need a Bluetooth module or ford activation code of some sort. Thank you..
  4. Jackmk6


    Hi, just got my first fiesta and the colour in the seats (blue) has worn away. I'm 17 so I can afford new seats so I'm looking for some seatcovers that are a good fit.
  5. Hi everyone, It is nice being a member of the community. I bought a second hand Ford Fiesta 1.4 CDTI Style (diesel model), registration 07 from a dealer less than two weeks ago with 109K miles on the clock. On the second day I got the car in my hands, I booked a full service from Halfords Autocentre for £235, with the added option of the cleaning liquid for the oil, which got the price to something like £250. That service was done on Friday, Sept 23. Today, Wednesday, Sept 28, when I switched on the engine in the morning to commute to my place of work, the yellow engine light came up and stayed on for the whole route to work, about 2 miles. I feel suspicious about the fact that this happened less than a week after I had the full service from Halfords. Do you think that my suspicions are founded? On a different fact, I paid £1250 buying the car from the dealer (using a VISA credit card, but without finance or anything). Since then, I have also realised that the heated windscreen is not working (the light comes on when I press it with the engine running, but nothing happens). The heated windscreen was mentioned in the car description on AutoTrader and was one of the major reasons I went for this car. There are I think some regulations that say that any car sold by a dealer should be driveable, I don't know if the engine light coming up less than two weeks after a purchase counts as against this condition... However, even though the Autotrader ad for the car described it as "looks and drives great" (I have kept a screenshot of the ad, attached), the dealer wrote on my receipt "no warranties given or implied". Does this mean that my rights as a buyer are limited? The lighter socket and the cabin light were not working as well when I bought it, I had Halfords repairing these two for an added £20, now I have the heated windscreen not working and the engine light on less than 2 weeks after buying the car.... I am truly scared that I have bought an empty barrel in terms of spending money to fix it and everything... Thank you all in advance for your time and your advice, Kind Regards, George
  6. Hi, I' ve just purchased a Ford Focus Style 1.4 2006 plate. The car has 3 keys- 1 being central unlocking system remote. The car didn't unlock using the remote key so i put a new battery in the key fob- and its still not unlocking/locking the car. I have to use the key manually to unlock. Can anyone give me some advice? The engine starts etc and unlocks manually, i just cant unlock/lock car remotely Do i need a code to make this work again? Will the key be faulty? is there anywhere i can take it to be looked at? Thanks
  7. andrewh14

    Ford Focus 1.8 TDCI Style

  8. Hi, I have a 2006/56 plate Ford Fiesta 1.2, style. I've had it a few months, with no major dramas. Today however in, low revs (1st gear) about 1200 -1500 RPM I felt the car shudder, as I was lifting of the clutch and giving it gas. I initially thought it was just some wheel spin, as it was raining quite heavy. Pulled onto the motorway, car accelerated with no issues, seems fine. Arrive at some lights and I get the same problem in first gear again, and all the way home at roundabouts etc. I'm really confused as to what it might be. I also noticed when parked, and left running in neutral, a gentle metal scraping/grinding sound can be heard coming from the back of the engine - could it be a transmission oil problem? But it selects gears just fine. Has anybody encountered this before? Apologies in advance if I left out any details,let me know if I you need more info! :) Thanks
  9. Hi all! So I've recently bought myself a 57 reg ford focus 1.6 (100ps) style. I'm happy with the car apart from this steering wheel vibration issue. The wheel seems to start vibrating from speeds of 30mph onwards, definitely worse at 60~75mph. Haven't gone any faster. At lower speeds the vibration is noticeably worse whilst lightly braking. Had all four wheels balanced & the tracking done which I believe remedied the issue ever so slightly but now I'm out of ideas...I think the car was stationary for a period of like 2 months whilst at the car dealer and I've read tyres can develop "flat spots" but the tyres visually look normal. I'd appreciate any input ☺
  10. Hi all Sat looking at a list of ebay parts and im itching to spend money. want to change all my lights to some led clear cover ones. but im a little wary of buying parts online. anyone know if the parts im looking at getting (list below) are good and safe, also if i could get them cheaper else where? also if any one has any fitting tips would be greatly appreciated! thanks!!!! (im fitting to a 57 plate focus. 1.8)
  11. croy

    Fiesta Audio Update

    Hey there I am having difficulty installing the november 2012 ford audio update in my fiesta style and my mums fiesta zetec. I have the usb formatted to FAT32 and have put the files on the root on the stick but when I try to install nothing happens. We both got our cars in september 2012 so it should need updated. I do not have bluetooth but do have a usb could this be a problem. The zetec however does have both bluetooth and usb but still no luck. Any help would be very much appreciated :)
  12. Bwgan

    Iphone 5 Connection

    Hello all, new fiesta owner here with not a clue on how to get my iPhone 5 to work properly with the radio. I've got a 2011 Fiesta Style 1.25, I believe without a bluetooth radio. I connect with a normal usb cable and it detects the phone as an mp3 player, but it will only play from my "All Songs", so to play a song I want I have to skip through all the songs alphabetically. Is this right? Or is there a way to get access to my albums and playlists? I've tried having a got with all the buttons and the menus but I can't seem to get anywhere - am I just being really thick? I've read about an update to the radio but I think this is only with the bluetooth one, right?
  13. Hey all, im a new member on here and really hope people can help me. :) in the next month ill be picking up a 2012 plate 1.6 tdci titanium focus and im looking for the best websites to get accesories from that will fit my car (so links would be very usefull) im uk based things im after are better bulbs (ive heard xenon are good?) headlights, indicator and number plate K&N Filter also im pretty sure ill have footwell LED Lights so im looking for the best place to get them as well. scuff plates/sill protectors many thanks people ! ;)
  14. Yay or nay guys? Heres the link. I reckon this looks pretty good, would of rather had a curve in the middle to accommodate the ford badge but a simple mod at a decent price.
  15. iMitchellHD

    Ford Fiesta Mk7 Modifications

    okay so this is my first post on here but basically i have a 2009 Ford Fiesta Mk7 Style + 1.2L, its black and currently unmodified. I want to seriously boost the performance of it to as close to Ken Blocks Mk7 which done 0-60 in 1.9seconds, but i dont really know where to start, so i was hoping you guys (&girls) might have some ideas? and help would be appreciated, i would like as fast 0-60 as possible but i dont want it to be able to get to 100/110mph without strain. Also i think im going to get a pumaspeed body kit too.
  16. CCullenLaw

    Upgrade Media System??

    Hello everyone, very new to this so bare with me! I just bought a brand new Fiesta Style; as a student and only costing me £155 pm (only £20 pm more than the insurance on my previous car was!) I decided the base model was the best option... My friend saw my car, heard of my deal and decided to trade in for a ford too! :) Good times... But he decided on the Zetec! :-/ So now he has a couple of models up and shows off with his bluetooth functionality, trip computer, alloys etc... This doesn't really bother me, but I must admit when I was in the dealership buying my car, I really liked another one they were displaying - I think it was a titanium in black - and the whole media system bit was gloss black, and it looked really nice! I was wondering if it is possible to change the facia from the silver to this gloss black - and maybe a few little upgrades like bluetooth will have to come with it (for the buttons to fit in <_< ) Thanks :D Chris
  17. Hi, first post so very much a newbie. Am looking for some help on this one. Took my 1.6 2008 facelift Style into the dealership to look at part-ex for upgrade and they said there was a fault with the central locking. On the second press of the keyfob to lock the car, there is a high pitched squealing/whirring sound. I thought it was normal as it was there when I bought it but apparently not. Have tested it out at home and pinned it down to the rear driver-side passenger door. Does anyone know how this can be fixed and what the costs are likely to be? Is this a known fault? I had the car serviced twice by the same dealer (Nov 2010 and Nov 2011) and it was never mentioned. How long does it take for the fault to develop the sound as a symptom? Should the dealer have picked it up?