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Found 82 results

  1. Hi, I'm new here and I have a question, I have a Fiesta SE 2015 with the blue screen stereo and I want to upgrade but I want to keep the oem look, So I found a 2014 Ford Fiesta Sony stereo, so if I want to change it, it's gonna work? Thank you (sorry but my English is so bad)
  2. muncher39

    Ford Focus 2013 Sync Issue

    Hi All, I have just purchased a 2013 ford focus Zetec S, its my first ford and so far i have been happy except a small issue with what i believe to be related to the Sync feature. My DAB radio and navigation audio works well and the sound comes through the car speakers as expected, however when i sync up my Samsung Galaxy S9 or my partners IPhone 5s i am unable to get any audio through the speakers despite the display picking up everything i do e.g. calling people, selecting play when i play audio on my phone etc. The other thing i noticed is that there is no audio (Samantha i believe its called) talking back to me or beeps or clicks when i select things or when my phone pairs for example. I have tried using the master reset option but this has not resolved the issue hence why i have come here to see if anyone can provide me with some advice. I have read online that people suggest disconnecting the battery or removing the SYNC fuse but knowing absolutely nothing about cars i am a little reluctant to start poking around. e.g. if i disconnect the battery will it affect anything else or if i pull the fuse out (67 on my model - i think) will it screw my nav up. What if i pull the wrong fuse out? Any advice would be great, thank you. Paul This image is off the internet but its exactly like mine
  3. Hi, I'm new here, and I have a question My car is a 2015 Ford Fiesta SE, and it have the blue screen sync stereo (the version with the name of the song on bluetooth) But I want to upgrade to the color one like this Is that possible? for example only changing the screen? Thank you.
  4. Hi Together, so i did this upgrade in Nov 2017. There were already few vids on youtube available regarding this upgrade and also Ford has in the meantime released official guide for Forcus MK3 RS SYNC3 upgrade. The videos are great but as they are for US version there is a small difference and also the Ford's guide has tons of unnecessary steps and parts you have to buy. So i have decided like to put everything together and write for you the guide with my experience and tips what to do and how PS1: This guide can be applied to each Ford car with SYNC2 (not just Focus). Of courste the panel removal will be in each car different but the needed parts are always the same. PS2: If you have Focus MK3 preFL, upgraade radio/SYNC1 to SYNC2/3 is also possible and will fully work. You only have to have better knowledge with wires harness and pins as there will be a need to add additional pins into main connector. PARTS NEEDED: 1. SYNC3 (apim + screen) 2. GPS Antena (the one from SYNC2 is not compatible as it is a GPSM module) 3. Media HUB in armrest (optional, will explain below) 4. Power connector reduction (in case you will buy new HUB) 5. ELM327 diagnostic device (Forscan compatible) WHERE TO OBTAIN NEEDED PARTS + ADDITIONAL INFO 1. SYNC3 (apim + screen) Well here you have really plenty of options, depends on your budged. The factory navigation is good but if you want a cheaper option you can go for the nonNAV version and use the navigation apps from ANDROID or APPLE. a.) more expansive option and the best one: is to find a used EU navigation version from ebay, junkyard etc. Even better if you can somehow also obtain the VIN no. of the donor so you can later use it for the map updates. Price are approx. 500-600 Pounds My SYNC 3 is a EU nav version and has this part number: HJ5T-14G370-GNG b.) you can buy also a new one from factory, i have found this guy in Facebook Focus MK3 Owners Club group and he sells the sat nav version for 500 Pounds which is pretty good price: c.) If you have bigger budget you can already buy a whole ALL-IN-ONE upgrade kit, where you will have all needed parts and at least you do not have to bother with buying stuff separately. I know that you can buy those kits from US but they are overpriced also some Russian sites are selling the SYNC 3 kits but i do not know the prices. And i personally know one Polish guy who also sells those kits for Ford vehicles the price from him is i think about 640 Pounds. So if maybe someone will be interested you can PM me and i will forward you the contact info. d.) cheapiest option: to buy one from US and you will later install the EU update there to make it EU version. If you will buy a navigation version it will not work here in EU (US nav version has 32GB internal storage, EU nav version has 64GB storage) but there is a possibility to install there the cropped EU navigation without some unnecessary voices so it will fit the 32GB storage. In US they have a site where the scrape yards are selling car pars and you can find a SYNC 3 just for 100-200 Dollars. Or you can just search ebay. Very hard is just to find it as sellers are describing items like they want. The site is: and the best way is to look for Ford models 2017+ and as a part choose: Radio/CD. From the descriptions it is hard to assume that they are selling SYNC 3 but if you will find something that might look like a SYNC3 8" touch screen just contact them. Just make sure they are selling APIM+screen not just the screen E.g.: 2. GPS Antena You need a new GPS antena for both, nonNAV and NAV version (emergency calls). You do not need the original Ford antenna for SYNC 3, just any cheap that has the blue connector. e.g.: or 3. Media HUB in armrest The Finish no. for the proper Focus media hub is: 2026703 (price about 50 Pounds) New media hub is required only if you will use iPhone or Apple Car Play. On the old hub if you will use Android Auto you will only get an error message each time you start you car but it will work. But if you want do do it the proper way just buy the new HUB anyway This proper HUB has one USB nest and it loops to the front so you have also working the USB slot under climate control. You can buy it at your dealer, or any web store that sells Ford parts or just search e-bay. For my upgrade i did not use the proper Focus USB HUB. I have the one with the 2 USB slots that does not supports the one in the front, badly i did not have better info while buying needed parts, but what ever. This is the pic. of mine media HUB: 4. Power connector reduction (in case you will buy new HUB) The Finish no.: 2209060 (unfortunately the price now is about 209 Pounds) Again, you can buy it at your dealer, or any web store that sells Ford parts or just search e-bay. Luckily for you this original Ford part is not mentioned in any other guide. BENEFIT OF BUYING THIS PART: it comes with a SYNC3 LICENSE. What it means is, that when you will bring it to your dealer, he is able to add the info of SYNC 3 upgrade to your car on Ford ETIS site and you will have the SYNC 3 in your car like officially. But i guess like 99% dealers have no idea that such a thing exists, lol. OR Buying just cheaper aftermarket reduction from US company: OR If you know ho to cut wires, you can use this Ford's pigtail (info from CU2Z-14S411-AA (WPT-1239) - installation of this harness will be described below. 5. ELM327 OBD diagnostic device This one you will need to configure the the SYNC 3 for your car. As an example i will say this: You have a rear parking sensors and you can see them working on SYNC 2 screen. If you will upgrade to SYNC 3, you will have no visual aid on the screen as the SYNC 3 does not know that you have the rear parking sensors so you must configure it, the same goes to parking camera etc. Just buy one from here: INSTALLATION PROCESS: Saving data from SYNC 2 using Forscan and ELM327 cable: Well before the removal process you have to save the as build data configuration from SYNC2 (APIM Module) in order to load them again into your SYNC3. Firstly check this video that show were to download and how to set up the Forscan program: For some deeper explanation how the configuration works in FOrscan you can check the official forum: Secondly the saving and loading function from the APIM module. I do not have the screenshots for you guys but you can check this youtube video. The guy shows it already on the SYNC3 installed but you have to save the data first from your SYNC2 actually. And then after the HW change, load it again into your newly installed SYNC3. TOOLS NEEDED for removal: T25 Torx Flathead screwdriver Plastic removal tools are very helpful (you can get them cheap on Aliexpress/ebay) Installation time: approx 1h As a base guide (when you have all parts gathered) use this video, it is a must to watch as my steps and info below will be just an addition and tips to it. Also note that the removal process of the dash parts on this video looks very simple and almost each part can be easily removed. THE REALITY is different, it will be maybe 3x harder to remove everything in your car and you will constantly have a feeling that you gonna brake something, lol. Installation TIPS: Video position: 0:50. Removal of the trim around the shifter. I had a serious problem to remove it exactly like on the video so i did it by removing it from the other side. Video position: 1:35. Removal of the plastic cover below the radio. Well this was the hardest part for me. I really could not pull it like on the video and i almost broke it. Luckily i had also few pictures of the Ford's official manual that saved me. So i really recommend here to use Ford's step with the screwdriver. Pic below: Video position: 3:45. Removal of the trim panel of the shifter. This step is almost like on the video but i want to just show you the difference with the stick for the manual transmission. Because i firstly tried to remove also the silver frame. Video position: 4:20. What to do with the climate panel. Well i did not want to bother later to connect everything together so i just disconnected the switch for the "start/stop,parking,heated steering wheel" and left the panel aside with other wires connected. Video position: 6:30. Removal of the dash bezel around the display. Well this part holds like it is glued but you just need to do a quick strong pull. It will be 10x harder then on the video, lol. And again i just left it hanging. Video position: 8:35. Removing the brackets from SYNC2. This part you can skip. Not needed for the EU specs. Video position: 12:00. Placing GPS antenna into the dash board. he i just want to give you a detail where exatcly it is placed as it is not seen very well in the video. Video position: 18:00. Removing the old USB hub. Do not do it like on the video. I used the video instruction then struggled with pulling it out causing a small damage to the plastic parts with the screwdriver. Also the wires in my Focus were lot shorter so the manipulation was very complicated even for a small hands. Instead i recommend you again to use official Ford's instruction. You will add a few minutes to it but you will have a nice space for manipulation. Installation of the pigtail for the new USB hub: - this is only in case you decided to connect the USB hub with the pigtail and not with the p&p adapters described above. Installation of WPT1239 Harness (Utilizing Pins 1 and 4): Pin 1 is going to Pin 1 on Existing Media Hub Harness - Yellow/Blue Wire Pin 4 is going to Pin 10 on Existing Media Hub Harness - White/Blue Wire Pins 2 and 3 are NOT used and should be taped off, Pin 4 is the one closest to connector release tab Power wires spliced into existing connector wires, soldered, and ready to be taped up: Using FORSCAN and ELM327/UCDS to configure your freshly installed SYNC 3 for your car. Again at the end you have to load the configuration from SYNC2 into SYNC3. The process is mentioned already above. Well that's it. With that video and my tips you should be able to do it much faster then me i know that this guide will maybe need some adjustments but in case you will face any problems feel free to write here and ask anything.
  5. skipzoid

    SYNC2 to SYNC3 upgrade

    Having spent nearly four months researching and talking to dealers (which give conflicting info) and messaging people in forums etc we've taken the plunge to rip out the terrible SYNC2 and replace it with a SYNC3 I've got a brand new Blackberry version of the APIM, new touch screen, USB interface, new GPS and all the interconnecting cables. I've spoken to a lot of people about this and most say it should be simple. Download the as built data before we start from the SYNC2 APIM, swap all the hardware over and upload the as build data and all should be well. two months ago we ordered all the bits and its taken this amount of time to get it all in. This week a new piece of info has been thrown into the mix. We've been told several times from several people that the SYNC2 APIM needs to have its Windows software installed via fords IDS software whereas the SYNC3 Blackberry APIM comes pre-loaded and ready to go waiting for the as built data to be uploaded. The new info is that the SYNC3 APIM actually needs its software installed like the SYNC2 APIM does. This has come from someone who works at the local halfords of all places so I'm naturally skeptical but now it needs checking. I spoke again with our local dealer and they say they've not swapped one but don't think its the case. I've checked again with some of the sources that say its a straight swap and they've not heard of it either. Now we nervous, have we spent all this money on kit we cannot use with it going into a dealer to make work? The question is, has anyone actually installed a brand new SYNC3 APIM and had to do anything more than upload the as built data to it? thanks for reading...
  6. Good morning, I have just got my mondeo 2015.5 mk5 and it has not got reversing sensors or a reversing camera fitted. It comes as standard with the SYNC 2 system. Does anyone know of a way to retrofit a reversing camera input to the sync2 unit like it can come from factory? I have found this > however I am unsure of the reliability of this supplier and am sort of hoping for some instruction. Otherwise, does anyone know how much Ford charge to have this system retrofitted to a mondeo? Many thanks, Kr1stoph
  7. Before this starts, I take no responsibility for this going wrong for you or if it in anyway breaks your car. This is done at your risk and your risk only. It is also your responsibility to check your car's compatibility. For this upgrade, I had a Fiesta, early 2013, with the Blue LED text screen but NO track info on Bluetooth. I have taken photos and illustrated as much as possible, any questions drop below. When playing music, this is what it should look like BEFORE the upgrade This is for UK Cars I replaced an AM5T module with a D1BT module to make this work. (Pictured) First thing I did, was to double lock the car with me inside it and make sure that the radio and SYNC system were off (completely black screen). Some people disconnect the battery however I decided not to simply for the convenience of it. I kept the doors shut to prevent anything turning on, and I lay on my back with my feet on the passenger seats in the rear, and bent underneath the footwell. (Bring a flashlight) As the photo shows, you want to remove the two little black screw things, I recommend using a small key or perhaps a knife. Once you have pulled it out about half an inch, you can do the rest with finger work, however the first little bit requires a bit of effort. You want to do this for both sides, so you have 4 little bits in total (pictured) Once you have these out, the panel should fall away. You'll then be able to see the black box module, this is what you are replacing. Remove the two cables. The larger and wider cable, there is a small notch which you need to push in, this will then allow it to slide from right to left, allowing you to pull it out and remove it. Do not pull it until the grey/white band is out of the way As pictured, push that notch down, then slide the band/plastic to the left hand side. Don't force it, it should feel easy. Doing this will raise the cable/eject it slightly, allowing you to remove it with ease. For the other cable, there is a small notch to push in, once pushed in, wiggle it out and it should come just fine. Now you have the cables free, flip the little tray/shelf over and remove the two larger black screw items, they're fairly easy to get out so just use finger nails and you'll be fine. This then releases the black box, so don't drop it as they're fragile inside! Remove those two black large circles to release the box. Once released, I recommend TESTING your new box simply by plugging it in (read the end of this post for my experience, you won't regret it) and seeing if it works. Once you've checked all is good, or you're just going all out, then you want to reattach everything. Follow this guide in reverse, however one little bit of advice is, the wider you make the gap between the two little grommets (pictured below) the easier it is to slot it in before pushing upwards and sealing it. You'll know what I mean when you do it yourself. With everything back together, and all in place, my car display now looked like this. This, to me, is a much needed improvement! You will need to re-add your phone to the bluetooth settings and all that stuff. And there we have it, SYNC is fully upgraded. Read if you have issues / These were my issues: So I plugged the new module in and turned on the ignition, and it wouldn't recognise the module at all, it refused to go onto AUX mode and just wasn't working. I unplugged it, plugged in the old one to test I hadn't broken a cable. This worked fine so I plugged the new one back in, first time I had no joy. Turned engine off, waited for it to turn off and then turned it back on and it showed minor signs of life with blank screen on AUX instead of refusing to go onto it at all. I can't guarantee this will work for everyone HOWEVER, what worked for me was going onto MENU --> And clicking SYNC Settings. This brought up a 'SYNC initialising' and after hitting AUX a number of times to cycle through USB, Line in etc, it finally woke up and worked. I simply added my Phone and the Bluetooth was fine. Hope that your install goes to plan and if not, drop a question and I'll do my best to help.
  8. jm231293

    Fiesta 2017 CarPlay issues

    Hello, Apologies if this has been discussed before, but I couldn’t find any posts with this issue. I recently bought a new Fiesta with SYNC 3, but I’ve been having some real problems with CarPlay. Sometimes it refuses to launch when I plug my phone in, and other times it freezes in the middle of a journey. The strange thing is that it seems to be location based - on some journeys it freezes every time and on others it’s always fine. I’ve tried resetting and updating both my phone and SYNC, but nothing seems to work. Has anyone else had the same problems?
  9. Hello Eweryone, This is my first post. Is there any way to use Google Maps via AppLink? I have SYNC3 version 3. I love Google Maps because of its detailed traffic information. But I don't like to use it via Android Auto, I just hate that it takes over the entire SYNC system, no exception. I still want to use SYNC, only with Google Maps. (Trying Sygic Car Navigation via AppLink, not bad, but surprisingly buggy for a payed product and it has less detailed traffic information.) So, is there a way to use Google Maps via AppLink? Thank you in advance! Laszlo
  10. Hi guys! So I've been trying for a solid week now trying to get this garbage Sync update to go onto my car, but for the life of me I can't get it to find the update files! I've downloaded the files from using my VIN using both my Mac and my Windows based computers with an 8Gb memory stick formatted to FAT32. Each time I try to run the install it always comes back with "the installation file cannot be found blah blah" so I'm at a loss as for what to do to get this thing updated. I've heard the latest update will enable Siri eyes free which would be an absolute life saver since Sync 1.1 offers absolutely ZERO phone navigation using the tiny screen. To be honest I'd be happy with the simple system performance improvements and reliability updates since my phone is constantly disconnecting or crashing with the system. Thanks in advance!!
  11. Spent most the morning reading through old topics on here to get to this point, so hopefully I have the following right and some knowledgeable heads can help me confirm some stuff. I just picked up a new to me 2013 Fiesta EcoBoost Titanium X, and have found out, like I many before me I guess, that I am locked to Sync 1.0. Which means no track info via bluetooth streaming....something I would quite like. Am I right in thinking to rectify this I need to swap my current APIM (AM5T-14D212-ED) for a newer Sync 1.1 + Applink compatible APIM (D1BT-14D212-CC) and then get the latter programmed to my car and it's bluetooth track data party time? If I went to a Ford dealer and asked for the above, would they charge me a small fortune, or even not agree to do it? Would they program a APIM I supplied? Is programming always needed? I guess the APIMs are not plug and play....or are they? The temptation to order a used one off eBay and just plonk it in and see what happens is relatively high. Sorry about all the questions for a first post, but this has been doing my nut in working out exactly what's what...Ford don't make it easy sometimes do they?
  12. 0Dry

    How to turn off TA

    Hey Ive been through every menu in my car and I still can’t figure out how to turn off traffic announcements
  13. Hi, y hace a little question my Ford fiesta st 2015 came with the basic headunit, but I saw another FF ST 2015 with the color screen, so, if I get a color screen it is complatible with my car? I mean changing the non color screen with the colors creen
  14. Hi folks, Im a noob so please be gentle Ive got aa 2013 focus st with sync 1.1. I need a copy of the sync update file if anyones got it??? Has anyone successfully updated? Can dl from ford update site as it tells me no updates available, but im only running v3.0.6 Thanks in advance
  15. Hi, I just bought a Ford Focus Titanium 2015 and did a bit of research online and found a few videos showing phones being mirrored to the sync 2 screen. On some they even control the phone through the sync2 touch screen. I couldn’t find out though how to get that system. I’d love to at least have google maps on the screen.
  16. TarenCapel

    Sync 3 confusion - please help

    Hi folks I'm looking at buying a nearly new Edge. I want one with Sync 3. Many online dealers (including Trusted and are stating that their Edge cars have Sync 3 installed, but if I look up their number plates on Ford Etis they state that they have Sync II. What's going on? Are they all clueless, lying or have I misunderstood what Sync II means?? Ta in advance TC
  17. Phil21185

    Sync and bluetooth

    Probably been asked before but I'd like an answer directed at me personally if possible :) I'm trying to use Google Assistant on my phone when connected to the car. Don't get me wrong, syncs voice dialing is ok but I can't search for, say the doctors surgery opening hours etc and I'd like to be able to. First step for me was to find a way to turn GA on only in the car as I don't want it listening all the time for me to say 'ok google' and draining the battery. Managed that with Tasker so that's fine. But then I realised that while the phone is connected to the cars Bluetooth, it switches off its internal mic and can't hear me saying "ok Google"... And of course the cars mic only works when I press the voice button and sync doesnt pass the audio through the the phone unless a phonecall is being made. I don't really want to use an app to force the phone to use its mic all the time on Bluetooth as this would make calls less audible for the other person to hear me. What I have read is that Sync (or a version of it) is able to pass-thru a command to the phone after you press the voice button by saying something like "device command", or so I read somewhere. Question time. Is this true and if so, what version of sync does it apply to? I have a 2014 focus with navigation, non touch colour display and the button on the wheel that looks like a person talking, I think I'm right in saying this is Sync 1.1? Finally, if I don't have the right version of sync for what I want to do, is it possible to update, or is it the hardware that would need updating (to the touchscreen jobby)? Many thanks
  18. adamdunnet123

    Sync connection issues

    Hi all, Last week my friend tried to pair his phone to my SYNC while I was driving and couldn't get it to work. Ever since then my phone has been playing up. It connects okay and plays (the time bar on spotify/podcasts etc. ticks along normally) and says it is connected to SYNC but there's nothing coming through the speakers. I've disconnected and deleted SYNC from my phone and performed a master reset on the car audio twice now, but nothing seems to be solving it. Any siggestions?
  19. hello. im a new ford owner this is my first ford ive bought on a recommendation. ive got 1 issue which ive been back to the garage i bought it from. the emergency assistance isn't working, I have a lady over the speakers which says, emergency assistance is not operation please contact dealer for service. ive taken my car back to the garage (under warranty) and ford say they have updated the sync and it should work. had car back today and still the same women comes on. ive managed to go into the sub menu (while car is off) with my phone connected through Bluetooth, and the ive turned on the system, but soon as I turn car on women comes on again. can anyone please help me with this. ive got an iPhone 7 (as ford say my phone is too new for the system) and my focus is a 62 plate titanium eco tdi. thank you
  20. bearded_bandido

    syync upgrade

    hello, I have recently purchased a 2013 fiesta, and it has the sony sound system in it, and was wnddering are you able to upgrade it from that sync version to the newer sync 3. and also are their original ford touch screen units available. as have seen bits online but have been completely unable to find any in uk all where American, was that an option in uk. and if so can you fairly easily get them upgraded. from non touch system to touch screen ?
  21. Pete_Sears

    Ford Sync question

    I've just bought a '66 plate Fiesta 1.5 TDCI Zetec and am trying to get my head around Ford Sync. Not that I can find it now but I came across a link earlier on today where you could input your VIN (possibly into the US site) and it told me which version of Sync I was running. I think it's Ford Sync 1.1 with AppLink (2014) and the software version seems to 5.10. Does anyone have a link to an updated version of the software? I can see from historical posts that Ford haven't made this particularly easy for their UK customers so if anyone can make any suggestions I would be very grateful. Thanks Pete
  22. Hi there, A few months ago I bought a Ford Fiesta 1L Ecoboost (125bhp), Titanium, 63 reg. I have been having no trouble with connecting my phone and others via bluetooth to Sync media, however when playing music via bluetooth my car does not display track names/artists, but it does when playing music via the USB wired connection. A friend of mine has a lower spec fiesta (zetec), but a newer model (14 reg) and can get their bluetooth mode to display track names... I have been warned that these systems wok better with android phones rather than iPhones (which is what I have) and it is an android phone that my friend uses. Has anyone found similar issues? Or knows whether a 63 reg car is simply not new enough to support the track name information when in bluetooth mode, despite being high spec? Both my Sync and iPhone software are on the most recent updates... Any ideas? Thanks! drward1
  23. Another problem I had today I was listening to the radio when the sound cut out, now I have no sound from radio, CD, USB or anything else !!! I don't want to do a master reset as I dont want to lose my preset stations & general setup, is this a common issue with sounds & has else experienced it ??? Thanks deanie
  24. TheScoobyCollector

    Problems with 'SYNC media'

    Hi all, I'm currently having issues using the SYNC media function in my fiesta ecoboost. My android phone connects to SYNC via Bluetooth as usual but when I go to listen to music the message 'play music from device' appears. It does not say connect a bt device so I'm unable to play any music through my phone. This did happen to me a few months back where I ended up using the AUX instead and then it magically started working again. If anyone know what this is please advise as it's getting a bit annoying now. Kind regards, TheScoobyCollector.
  25. JamesBarraclough

    Spotify Integration ford SYNC

    When I get in my car and start it the SYNC application page opens and says starting the application but then always says failed to start and I have to scan for new applications every time without fail. Anyone else had this issue? or knows how to fix it? I tried a master reset on SYNC and reinstalled SYNC.