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Found 20 results

  1. Hi, I have a 2006 mk2 Ford Focus with 1.6 TDCI engine, and for years it appears to have been running cool in winter, taking a long time to get up to operating temperature. And sometimes even cooling off when in traffic. In spring/summer/autumn no issues, also not overheating. So I figured it was due to a faulty thermostat and replaced it with a new Ford part. And now it's running even cooler! It will barely get off the minimum mark, and if so only a slight bit when doing a hill climb. But then immediately drop back to the minimum again. When draining the coolant 4 litres came out, and I put 4 litres back in. (fresh Ford coolant) Also: heat out of the vents is not as hot as it used to be. At maximum heat, it's really quite modest. Does anyone have an idea what's going on here? Is there air trapped in the system? I thought I added the coolant and water quite slowly. Thanks, Vince
  2. Hi All, was wondering if anyone could help, I have a 2004 ford fiesta finnese 1.25litre petrol. I bought it last year and its been fully serviced and well looked after. But my problem is that after about 5 mins of driving my thermostat shows that the engine is already hot. Just at the normal place in the middle. Any ideas why it's races up so quickly to the middle bar. I feel it should be at least 15 mins of driving before the engine gets hot.
  3. Hello there, I hope not to get stoned for repeating questions as I am sure what I write here has been covered already. I have done my browsing on here and I think I have some of the answers but I would like to get the full picture so please bear with me. After a long period of driving Japanese I ended up having a 2005 Focus Estate with a 1.6 TI-VCT engine. I have had it for a good week now and as far as I can tell after about 500 miles I like it. When I bought it the coolant temperature guage was suspiciously steady at 60 C even after 15-20 miles. I think I should have thought of the obvious why the previous owner parted with it. I suspect my thermostat is stuck open or semi open. The tests I have done so far: Set the on-board computer to show the engine temperature ( I hope I am right saying this shows the cylinder head temperature) started the engine and put my hand on the radiator. Started with the radiator being cool and the temperature in it started to build up very quickly , although the engine temperature was only showing about 86-88 degree C. The coolant temperature gauge was still on 60 degree C. Then I spent another 20 mins sitting on 1500RPM (still on the drive) to get the engine temperature up to 120-125 degree C. At this point the coolant temperature guage had reached around 80 degree C. I carried on warming the engine to test if the fan was working as I had never heard it come on before. About 10 minutes later at around 142-143 degree C I finally could hear the sound so the fan was working. At this point the coolant gauge was just under 90 (ever so slightly before the middle mark) so I guess the gauge is not the most accurate as people here say the fan is set to come on around 100 C. I also took the car out for a drive a day later. I drove 20 miles to see what would happen under life like conditions with the computer set to show the engine temperature. I was doing a mixed drive, revving the cr@p out of it as well as go as slow as possible and the engine temperature just would not get over 80 degree C. I could only push it over when I rolled onto the drive and let the engine run for a few more minutes. The other thing I think my be a give away (I might be wrong) that from Peterborough to Birmingham and back with no traffic issues I could do near enough steady 65-70mph and the coolant guage would not move from 60 C and my mpg when I refilled the car worked out only to be 32-33mpg (around 8.8 l/ 100km). I would have expected more on a long run, given that the temperature was relatively mild at the weekend. The car pulls OK otherwise and does not judder or misfire. One strange thing I think is also worth mentioning that when I checked the engine temperature from home to work this morning upon turning the key to the second position whilst holding the trip computer button and selecting the engine temperature the starting temperature was about 43 degree C. I found it a bit odd as the car had not been driven since the evening before. I would have expected it to be around 10 C , same as the air temperature. Here are my questions: 1. Do you guys think it could be thermostat or is it something else? 2. Is it possible that my temperature sensors are not working or giving false reading? 3. Where is the coolant temperature sensor situated in my focus? 4.What temperature does the engine temperature sensor actually measures? Is it the cylinder head? 5. What is the usual operating temperature measured by the engine temperature sensor ? 6. At what temperature folks would you expect the thermostat to open and let coolant go to the radiator? 7. What is the temperature set point for the radiator fan? Is it 140 +/- 5 degree C of the engine temperature or is it the coolant at 90 -/+ 5 degree C? 8. Which temperature sensor feeds the ECU (PCM)? And would the ECU give the signal to the gauge on the dash or would it be a separare unit? Sorry for the lenghty post, I am new to cars although have been driving for 15 years but only just recently started to show interest in how they actually work. Thanks in advance! Pete
  4. Hi All, Quick question that I've failed to find the information on a search of the forums or on the internet: What temperature does the official Ford thermostat rated to open on a 2.0l Petrol Duratec HE engine 145ps. Other third-party versions seems to be anything from 80C to 92C - confusing! Part number 1476110 Focus MK2 1.8/2.0 Petrol Thermostat & HousingFits 1.8 Duratec (125PS) Petrol EngineFits 2.0 Duratec (145PS) Petrol EngineFits From: 29-03-2004 To: 15-01-2008 Thanks.
  5. Hi All, Quick question that I've failed to find the information on a search of the forums or on the internet - got an issue with my S-Max's thermostat: What temperature does the official Ford thermostat rated to open on a 2.0l Petrol Duratec HE engine 145ps. Other third-party versions seems to be anything from 80C to 92C - confusing! Part number 1476110 Focus MK2 1.8/2.0 Petrol Thermostat & HousingFits 1.8 Duratec (125PS) Petrol EngineFits 2.0 Duratec (145PS) Petrol EngineFits From: 29-03-2004 To: 15-01-2008 Thanks.
  6. Please help. I've had the car 2 months. When I bought the car the weather was warm and had no problems. When the weather is colder (the problem seems to start at 5degC and below), the car is taking ages to warm up, the vents blow ice cold air, the temperature gauge in the car is off the scale. After about 10-15 minutes there is slightly warm air coming out of the vents but still no reading on the gauge or sometimes one bar. Also if I park the car, after about 30-40 minutes when I restart the car the Thermometer that gives the outside temperature, will read several degrees higher than it is, and when I start to drive the car the temperature goes down rapidly (about 1 degree per second) eventually getting to the correct temperature. I've taken my car to the local ford dealer who said they've never heard of a fault like this. They also claim to have put their computer on it, which also says there is no fault. Please can anybody help?
  7. Morning all, I started my 2.0 1.5 focus this morning engine management light came on whilst driving, i hadnt travelled far but noticed the temp gauge was down at the bottom but was blowing warm air, let it warm up and it moved very slightly not to its normal temp position. Basically i suspect the thermostat has stopped working but would the EML come on for that?? Thanks mick
  8. Hi, I have a ford focus 1.4 ( 75K miles, 13 yr old) , few days back the engine management light came on and car was not picking up speed. Called up the rescue who saw that there was no coolant and there was a leak noticed near thermostat. Took it to garage, who changed the thermostat and fixed the leak. They said they did the gasket pressure test and it looked ok. It is now fine on short runs, however take it on motorway and after about 10 miles with 70 mph, the temperature gauge goes to red. If I drop the speed to about 40-50 it come back to middle again. I stopped the car and took a look at coolant expansion tank and the coolant was squiriting into the tank for a good 10 mins after engine switch off. The car works fine overall, but as such now limited to city driving and not for longer periods. I have to also keep topping up the coolant, mostly doing it with water for now. I will send it back to garage next week but anything I can do beforehand. Thanks
  9. I bought KA off a housemate. Its done just over 140k. He said it had over heating problems I let the engine run for 20 mins and noticed that the fan did not kick in I replaced the temperature/coolant sensor and now the fan works Then, I drove the car for a 13 miles on local, A roads and motorway. The temperature warning light came on I borrowed an ODBII diagnositics module (ELM 327) which plugs into the inside of the car on the passenger side Then installed a free OBDII compatible app (Torque Lite) on my android phone to monitor the temperature I made the following observations: 1. Fan kicks in at 100 c 2. Temperature warning light comes on at 120 c Once the temperature reached 120 c, I switched on blower/fan heater inside the car on maximum 3. The fan stopped at around 96 c At this point, I switched the engine off to see how quick it would cool down 4. After 30 mins, the temperature went down to 81 c I noticed that the blower blows out hot air even on cold setting. I have not noticed any leaks The coolant level has remained the same Possible fixes ? Flushing the coolant ? Replacing the heater control valve ? Replacing the thermostat / housing ? Any advice on what else I could check before spending any more money or in what order I should do things. Thanking you in advance, Kam
  10. I took a chance and bought a 1999 1.25 Ghia Fiesta with the Zetec engine. The car has a genuine 22k miles - hardly used. I knew the engine coolant temperature didn't reach full temperature prior to my buying it. The engine felt cool and the temp gauge stayed low. Today I fitted a new thermostat - not the nicest job. I was disappointed to see there was no thermostat fitted even though the car had had a new water pump, timing belt and thermostat housing fitted 2k miles before I bought it. Alarm bells went off in my head! Anyway, I fitted the new thermostat, refilled the system, let it idle until the radiator fan kicked in. Left it cool down, topped up the bottle and went for a spin. Within 4 miles at motorway speeds the temp gauge went to max, dropped to midway, went to max and cycled like this. I think the rad fan was kicking in and dropping the temp. The most noticeable thing was the bottom rad hose that connects to the thermostat housing was always cold. Any ideas on what the problem is? I've removed the thermostat again to make the car drivable and the temp gauge just stays at the home position. If i leave it idle for long enough it will hit normal but drop immediately when I 'hit the road' - to be expected I guess without a thermostat. I have absolutely no experience of these engines. What do you think the issue is? Is it an air lock? I called to a ford dealer and asked on of the mechanics about it. He said they were difficult to bleed. His method is rev the engine to 5000 rpm, keep it there until the rad fan kicks in, let the fan stop, keep the revs to 5k until the fan kicks in again and this should clear the air lock! What do you think? Other than that the car drives great and there is heat from the cabin heater even though I have to turn the temp control knob to the max to get what I can out of it! The main point is - the bottom hose stays stone cold as though the thermostat is not opening. It's a new one and I've tested it in hot water on the cooker and am happy it works normally.
  11. hi everybody, i know this has been brought up 100's of times. I Drive a 2002 1.8 tddi focus and my heater doesnt work. in more detail, i first noticed it a few weeks ago when driving through france, it was 34 degrees and when i pullled into a services the fan was rad running for 3 or 4 minutes when i pulled up. i was thinking with the heat that is out there it must be getting hot, so when i left the services i dropped my windows and put on the hot air, which stopped working after a minute, and only came back at a services. Thermostat so i assumed it was a thermostat stuck open, so i changed it, problem seemed to go away but after a long drive it came back, fan running again when i came into a services, and no hot air..... this time it was 2 degrees outside, Airlock, Im thinking an airlock is in the system but i cant seem to find it, also my thermostat seems to be allowing hot water through it the whole time so maybe the new stat is screwed again. all help appreciated guys
  12. ChrisGrahamUK

    Ka 2003 Loosing Coolant

    My daughters KA is loosing coolant. . There is water on top of the thermostat housing so it is either a leaking hose or a failed O ring. How can I tell? If I need to replace the housing I've seen them on Ebay for about £15 but I can't find any instructions anywhere? I can't even get the air filter housing off so is there anything on the internet or do I need a Haynes manual and if so which one? Thanks Chris...
  13. AutomatedAnimal

    1.6 Petrol Focus Under Heating

    Hi all I got a 2006 55 focus 1.6 petrol it's having a problem that it doesn't get upto temperature unless stationary. As soon as you drive the water and engine temp both drop the same happens if the blowers in side are on hot. Had the thermostat replaced and seemed to work for about a week. Took it back and he replaced a temp sensor but that hasn't done anything. Anyone had any problem like this?
  14. AutomatedAnimal

    Focus Owner In Bristol

    Hi all I got a 2006 55 focus 1.6 petrol it's having a problem that it doesn't get upto temperature unless stationary. As soon as you drive the water and engine temp both drop the same happens if the blowers in side are on hot. Had the thermostat replaced and seemed to work for about a week. Took it back and he replaced a temp sensor but that hasn't done anything. Anyone had any pro like this?
  15. Hi, I'm a new member here, and fairly unaccustomed to forum sites, so apologies if I've posted this in the wrong place etc, but I am at my wits end trying to figure out what's wrong with my car and figured I'd seek out help from the experts :) I've got a streetka 1.6 duratec and recently its been giving me a lot of trouble. About 6 weeks ago, as I was driving to work, I noticed steam coming from the bonnet and a familiar coolant smell and so I stopped the car and noticed the thermostat housing had broken and was leaking all the coolant out. As it was a small leak, I let the car cool and limped it to a garage 2 miles away after topping it up with water (I had no breakdown cover) and the garage replaced the faulty thermostat housing, but advised that the cooling system was pressurising, which could mean other problems. From this point, I noticed that the heaters in the car were intermittent in supplying hot air, when the temp dial was set to hot. Now, just over a month later, driving along, I notice steam again, and the coolant smell and this time the leak was bigger than before - the pipes that lead into and out of the heater control valve had somehow become brittle and snapped off. I stopped immediately and called the AA who did a temp repair to get me to the garage - they bypassed the control valve and topped me up with water. Upon the AA patrol leaving, and me heading toward a garage, I noticed it struggled to reach 40mph on the dual carriageway and was essentially misfiring badly. Again, I limped it to the garage who replaced the heater control valve with a euro car parts item and replaced the coil pack, which has for now cured the misfire. Why the misfire/coilpack issue happened just as the coolant issue happened, I don't know, maybe this is related? Again, the cooling system was pressurising for ages before my mechanic said he managed to get it to settle and he said drive it a few days with just water in to see how it gets on and if its okay, we'll drain and refill with antifreeze. The past few days, I've done just that and it seems fine - except the heaters now would only blow cold air regardless of heat setting! I thought it was maybe the heater switch control panel, so I borrowed an old switch from a 1.3 ka and plugged it in to check if this was the case - and still cold air. I replaced my old heater control panel in the car and the next day, somehow all I get now is hot air! What is going on with this car? I'm worried about the next time something blows on this thing now and don't feel assured of taking it on a long journey. On a side note, since I've owned the car, the fan always seems to kick in early and then stays constantly on, even in cold weather. The temp light never comes on, which leads me to think that the car isn't overheating. It has only come on once, which is the first incident when the thermostat housing went. Sorry for the long essay, I thought it best to comprehensive about the problem. Any help is appreciated guys! Aman
  16. Hoping someone can help I have a 55 plate focus. 2.0 recently my temp gauge has starting dancing. I have no issue when I first set of but once the needle sits at half way (80/100) it starts to fall down to cold, the shoot back up half way then down to cold etc. I have encloced a video on youtube of it doing so.... Is this my thermostat sticking or a broking casing maybe? I am not losing any coolant and the needle never goes into over heating. I'm lost?
  17. Hello, I'm new to this forum so please, be nice lol. I've recently bought a Fiesta MK5 Finesse with the 1.3 engine and I was just wondering as to when to start getting worried about the engine temperature. When I have the heater on full the temp stays only just above the black bar on the gauge, but when it's on cool it goes straight to the middle, sometimes a little higher. Is this something to be worried about as a lot of people I know with this model Fiesta, their temp gauge stays quite low. Sorry if this seems like a daft question, oh and when the heaters on full, it's hot, and I mean, HOT. Thanks in advance. :)
  18. Bakers Fiesta

    Mk6 Fiesta Thermostat!!?!?!

    Hi guys!! I recently had a mot on my fiesta and passed :D!! However it was advised that I change my thermostat housing, as stains of coolant were found, so leaky housing! got a stupid price from ford dealer whereMOT'd of £200 + As I am not much of a mechanic, is it a easy fix and where is it located under the bonnet. if it helps I have a Ford Fiesta mk6 Zetec s! Cheers
  19. tomo38

    Thermostat Leak

    Hi all,ive got a coolant leak,ive put in a new thermostat housing and o ring and thermostat,ive also put in a new cover too but there still seems to be a problem anyone got any ideas. The leak is coming from the thermostat cover.It seems to only bubble out when the motor is running.Having to top coolant tank up every day.Please help.
  20. Hi, I'm a new member. I have a 1999 Focus 1.8 TDdi which has done 99'000 miles. I have had a lot of work done on it and it runs like a new car but recently I've noticed the temperature gauge isn't going up as far. The heater is luke warm. Under harsh acceleration the gauge seems to go up to halfway but when I take my foot off or slow down it drops to about 1/4 of the way up. Could this be the thermostat stuck open?? Thanks for any advice or help anyone can offer..... Robert