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Found 128 results

  1. I have been on ford owners club for a while now but have never got around to sharing my MK2 Focus Titanium 2.0. Had the car for around a year now and am in the process of modifying it. Mods so far are: ST Front Bumper With Zunsport Lower & badgeless upper Grille Zetec S Rear Skirt St / ZS Spoiler Piper Stainless Steel Duplex Exhaust 4" Slash Cut Tips LED rear Tail Lights LED DRL Projector Headlights Recaro Leather Interior ST / RS Carbon interior Ambient LED Footwell lighting Calibre Suzuka 18" Alloys Heko Wind Deflectors Kill All Wipers De-Wiper Kit Various little bits sprayed & Vinyl Wrapped K&N Air Filter With Custom Air Box ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Side Skirts are currently in the spray shop, so will be going on this weekend. Also have a set of 35mm Apex lowering Springs which i have had for around 6 months & still haven't got round to fitting them lol! Anyway, please see below pictures & enjoy.
  2. Hey guys, I've retrofitted a set of the full leather seats into my 2013 Titanium but ideally I'd like to connect up heated seat function. I'm fairly sure this should be possible because: - The seat connectors on the main loom have all the correct plugs - The heated seat fuses are present in the fuse box - It was an optional extra for this model I've got a set of the correct switches but the only problem is I can't find the unused connector under the dash, I was led to believe it might be taped up under the dash somewhere but I'll be damned if I can find anything like that - does anyone know where I should be looking or would anyone be willing to follow theirs back from the switch to find out where it goes? Thanks in advance
  3. So I'm new here, I'm sorry if I offend people with how little I know about cars etc... anyway, tomorrow I collect my Fiesta Titanium with 125bhp 2014 plate. I am looking to spice the car up a little bit but unsure on what to do with it (suggestions greatly appreciated) and how to do some things - hence the forum post. I am not looking to make this car into an ST with 280bhp or anything like that, I just want to make the car look a little bit more visually pleasing and maybe add a stage 1 map. (The car is a 5door due to me needing the space for work as I carry around a lot of gear). Anyway. The things I have considered doing so far: -Halo ring lights from autobeam, any good? Worth the money? Easy to install or hard? -Upgrade the alloys to maybe some ST alloys or third party ones -Rear windows are already tinted however I would like to tint the front ones as well -Sunstrip on the windscreen -Wind deflectors -Paint the calipers, maybe upgrade the brakes after I have had the alloys fitted -Stage 1 map, was thinking of going to AET Motorsport? Any reviews? Advice? -Induction kit? (Don't really know much about it but it looks very good and am slowly researching a bit more -Upgraded bulbs - Looking to fit some osram H7 and H1 bulbs -TRC Front splitter - will this fit my car or will I need added parts to be able to fit it? Anything else you would reccomend that I haven't thought of? As I say these are just ideas for now. Not looking for anything ridiculously mad for performance wise just more visually! Thanks.
  4. I have a 2009 ford fiesta titanium. I was involved in an accident and the car was returned from the panel beaters with Bluetooth, USB and AUX not working. CD and radio work perfectly besides all of the other features. If any of you have experienced this problem before or know how to fix this it would be a great help! Wondering if it's not the bluetooth module that is broken?
  5. patrick1233900

    Weird RPM while flooring

    Hi. I have a 2007 Mondeo 2.0 Tdci with manual 6-speed. I'm having an issue with the RPM. It's not causing any troubles, but i have been speculating about it for a while now. If i'm driving casually and e.g wants to overtake, it takes a while for the turbo to take effect (pretty normal i guess). When it finally kicks in, my RPM rises to about 3500 and kinda stays there. This mostly happens in 3rd gear, but can happen occasionally in 4th as well. The power is there, but i'm concerned the clutch may be slipping. Previews owner told me the car was chipped, and i'm concerned it has been chipped too high for the clutch to handle it. It kinda acts like if the car had a CVT (which it obviously doesn't). Can anyone tell me the reason for this. I included a video i recorded of it happening: Thank you in advance. 🙂
  6. Hi guys. I am having a problem with my 14 plate fiesta mk 7.5, I have keyless entry and today i went to use the button on the handle on the passenger side which has stopped working. My driver side is still functional. So I am slightly baffled. Could anyone please share some advice on what to look for. I havr checked the fused for keyless entry they are both fine. thanks in advance
  7. my aux lead was connected to my phone then the other end fell into my cigarette lighter which caused loads of sparks and blew my phone, now my cigarette lighter, aux and usb aint working could it just be the fuses or a more serious problem? if it is the fuses anyone know where they are located? its a 1.4 titanium 2010 fiesta
  8. Hi everyone. I have a 2009 Ford Mondeo Titanium. A few days ago I was driving on a dual carriageway at around 60mph. I was accelerating to 70 and all of a sudden the pull from the engine changed. When I was putting my foot down on the accelerator further the car seemed to make noise but not produce much more power. My car has not had the same pull since this day. When I am driving around town at speeds of around 30mph the pull is good and it sounds like the turbo is boosting, however that changes when driving at higher speeds when the engine revs go above about 2500. The power loss is between 2500 and 3000 revs. There is no smoke coming from the car. What do you guys think this issue could be? Could this be as simple as a fuel filter? Thanks in advance, Carl
  9. can anyone give me some advise, my 1.4 fiesta 08 plate has randomly stopped blowing out any hot air i just seem to be gettin ice cold air, i have ran the car and checked all pipes and they are all hot and coolant levels are fine but it is just refusing to blow hot air and in these cold morning i would much rather have warm air than ice cold blasting through my heaters. could any give me advise or even let me know what the problem is if they have had this on their fiesta.
  10. Hi. I just put a fiesta titanium bluetooth sterio in my basic style model. Everytime I try to use the phone, it says audio mute, also I cant enter a lot of the options menues. Do I need a Bluetooth module or ford activation code of some sort. Thank you..
  11. Looking for some advice here... currently have my standard 16" Titanium alloys that are now showing a little bit of scuffing given they're just over three years old. looking to freshen them up by powder coating in either satin or gloss black, and also looking to lower the car by around 30mm, so question is do I get the existing wheels powder coated...or dig deep and shell out for larger rims in black? I can get the existing wheels done by a friend for just over £100 so this is also a factor. I keep hearing black cars shouldn't really have black wheels but I "think" I like that look but certainly open to opinion, once they're done, they're done! Lol Any photographs others may wish to share to get an idea of how the car might look would be great...look forward to hearing from you all soon
  12. Hello all, Basically I loved my 2010 FORD FOCUS DIESEL HATCHBACK 1.6 TDCI STYLE 5DR [110] [DPF] MANUAL and had it up to 119500 miles. It regularly got up to 54-56 mpg when commuting 5mins on country roads, 20mins motorway driving. It was sitting at 53.6mpg when I sold her privately last night :( After a year of looking and waiting for the right car/deal I decided the time was right to upgrade and bought a private 2012 FORD FOCUS DIESEL HATCHBACK 1.6 TDCI 115 TITANIUM 5DR MANUAL (ECOnetic) version. It has 69000 miles, full service history and last weeks MOT shows 0 advisories. I am only getting 48mpg :( I am gutted about this. When asking fellow focus mk3 1.6 diesel users they are also getting 48/49mpg. I regularly use the cruise control at 70/74mph on motorway driving and think I drive efficently. The last service was 6months ago by a small garage in lancaster where i bought it. Is there a good chance the MPG on my new titanium focus will improve if I put the car through an arnold clark full service? I also miss the 2010 style's steering options of comfort, standard and speed :( I am wondering if I can do anything to improve the MPG? without doing silly stuff like driving down hills with no accelarator etc. Let me know if you need more information. Thanks very much Shaun
  13. Hi there, A few months ago I bought a Ford Fiesta 1L Ecoboost (125bhp), Titanium, 63 reg. I have been having no trouble with connecting my phone and others via bluetooth to Sync media, however when playing music via bluetooth my car does not display track names/artists, but it does when playing music via the USB wired connection. A friend of mine has a lower spec fiesta (zetec), but a newer model (14 reg) and can get their bluetooth mode to display track names... I have been warned that these systems wok better with android phones rather than iPhones (which is what I have) and it is an android phone that my friend uses. Has anyone found similar issues? Or knows whether a 63 reg car is simply not new enough to support the track name information when in bluetooth mode, despite being high spec? Both my Sync and iPhone software are on the most recent updates... Any ideas? Thanks! drward1
  14. SmithyScoot

    Incoming Newbie

    Hi everyone. I'm picking up my 2014 Ford Fiesta this weekend. Its a Titanium X so full of gadgets :). Have any of you modified yours in anyway? I was also told when I paid for this that it has Sat Nav capabilities I just need an SD card with the software on, is that true? I've also attached a couple of photos :-).
  15. Hi guys, I live on the Costa del Sol and have just bought a 2010 Ford Focus Titanium. It is fitted with a Sony CD (Generation 2) audio unit, and pressing the CD/AUX button brings up USB as a menu option. I have also found in the unit behind the handbrake (under the armrest) a 12V power socket, an Aux jack socket, and a USB connector. When I connect a USB stick with mp3 songs on it the stick illuminates, indicating that it is powered, but then selecting USB from the CD/Aux menu it says USB not fitted! Am I doing something wrong, or is this USB connector just for charging?
  16. Hi everyone, This seems to be an issue posted couple of years ago but didn't find a solution. Apologies for my restricted car knowledge but keen to learn. Basically, I used to press the MAX button on my heating control unit and hot air used to blow within 10 seconds. Now, no matter what temp the car is set to, even at 30 degrees the car still blows cold air even after the car has been driving for hours. I've been told by Halfords that it's the "flap" which sounds right as when I used to turn the heating on there was a clear recognisable sound like a flap closing after 2 seconds and then the car would blow hot air in seconds. Now there is no such noise when I turn the heating on. He said along the lines the flap should close and blow hot air and open for cold air. At the moment its not closing? I've been told by one mechanic that I should just change the entire heating unit or something along those lines. If it is this "flap", which parts would I require to order? Thanks for looking! Rik
  17. So yesterday i had a 17 plate Audi S3 rear end me in the focus :( How i out-breaked him i don't, know but credit to Ford brakes ensuring i did not hit the child chasing his football into the road! My question is now, is an RS rear bumper a straight fit to my titanium or will the rear arches be wider and cause the bumpers to not sit flush? I also presume that the boot lids (mine has a nice dent now) are all the same throughout the mk2 facelift focus range? Meaning i can in theory get a replacement boot from any mk2 focus thats being broken for parts?
  18. tank121

    Cant get into Focus

    Following on from my earlier thread about the mobile phone battery icon and mobile signal not showing on the left hand screen. I successfully updated the software last night using a usb stick and the icons were present and locked the car using the fob. Came out to go to work this morning and my car would not open using the fob or the manual key underneath the top cover any ideas? Does the manual key not work if the battery is completely dead etc? 2nd fob is the same.
  19. Does a car of this year and model show mobile phone signal strength on the left hand screen? Cant seem to find it and my Wife's horrible orange display does! Driving me mad!
  20. Hi All, I’m a newbie from Norfolk. Just picked up my new Mk 8 Fiesta today and so far, really enjoying it!
  21. Brucy Bonus


    Recently bought a well specced 2013 titanium fiesta, low milage with zetec s exterior but only has a 80ps econetic engine, wondering if there are any upgrades I can make to the car to improve its performance. Cheers.
  22. Okay, so looking for your opinions on the pros and cons of each option, what's good, bad and ultimately...what's best. I've owned my mk7.5 fiesta 5 door Titanium since three years old and I'm NOT about to spend another winter driving around with the crap bulbs that Ford seem to enjoy fitting as standard equipment! I'm looking to change all the bulbs out, front and rear, (and interior lights) in time for the winter months that will no doubt he here before we know what should I go for? I'm really disappointed with the factory fitted bulbs on the headlights, but would quite like a more modern look so am considering HID's for main beam and Osram Nghtbreaker Laser or Unlimited for high beam. also thinking of using LED's for indicators, etc, but no idea how to tell a good LED from a lesser made product. only bulbs I'm thinking of leaving standard are front and rear fogs as I think I've used them probably twice since new and so really can't recall how effective they were, but given they're so rarely used I don't see the point in changing them out, unless they blow of course! Lastly I'm also trying to pluck the courage up to remove the headlamp units, bake them, open them up and go for the "black" look...any advice/suggestions on this would also be most welcome. 👍🏻 be interesting to read your thoughts...
  23. I'm looking to sell my Panther Black 2012 Ford Fiesta 1.4 Titanium with ST rear spoiler and sport front grille. If anybody is interested or knows anybody that is please contact me on this or by mobile (07727983864) and I can give more details. Thanks a lot, Johnny.
  24. Commencal24

    My mk 2.5 Titanium

    Hey everyone, I've just realised I've never posted pics of my car, so here she is. 1.8 Sea grey Titanium I came close to purchasing a black titanium, but then this one came in the market and colour swung it for me, plus the added bonus of it running 18's too. I had to replace the rear boot handle as the clips had broken and a new 1.8 badge as the one had fallen off 🙈 and a new reversing light as the numpty who owned it before me couldn't wire one in to save his life. Im not gonna go crazy on mods, I've done that on my last two cars, do this one is gonna have more subtle ones. So far Scuff plates and genuine mats all the interior lights apart from the glove box lights have been changed to led. Additional boot light too but I'll get a pic of that once it's dark, and the side, main and full beam lights have been changed too. Next will be a set of Eibachs and maybe change the washer jets Ill post more pics as soon as I can.
  25. Just bought a 2014 Titanium, dark metallic blue, with rear camera and satnav. about 30,000 on clock. It's a really nice car. Compared to my 2007 Fiesta Zetec, it's quicker acceleration wise, faster topspeed-wise, quieter(ish), more comfortable, more economical, more nimble, looks better, auto climate control. And five gears is easily enough - on the motorway, 4th was perfectly fine at 70 (2500 - 3000rpm) - 5th is a bonus. Disadvantages - the odd tiny rattle, resonance, vibration from various points in the cabin (hard to locate). ( The old Zetec was a little tank, absolutely solid, not a pipsqueak or rattle anywhere heard inside cabin). And also, road noise - does depend on the road surface type ( seems to be two types of surface on motorway). Overall, really pleased with the buy, so very happy. I would like to change the wheels. It has the titanium standard alloys , 15 spoke. I don't really like them. I was thinking of ... 8 spoke fiesta/Ka, ie ... or and finally Being dark blue car, probably go for silver or grey. I prefer the first one, the fiesta/ka. Is there anything I need to consider in terms of tyre size, wheel size etc ,,, is it exact size as my standard titanium 15 spokes? Cheers