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Found 18 results

  1. Ford Owners' Club

    What Tyre Brand Would You Choose?

    Here are the results from the Survey
  2. Just a quick question… does anyone have a Ford Mondeo 2015 or newer (new shape)?? My car listed above has a tyre pressure monitor on it, I have inflated it a few times but every week now it goes off saying the pressure is low (but not flat). I have topped it up according to the manual for the bar/PSI and reset the monitor, give it a week, same thing. Not sure if I have a slow puncture and the tyre monitor doesn’t give individual tyre pressure readings (it’s all or nothing), just wondering if anyone else had the same issue? Don’t really want to go to Kwik Fit for them to tell me there is nothing wrong….
  3. Hi, 2004 2.0 tdci ghia manual Pic attached I have two questions - on the door frame are listed 4 tyre sizes - can I fit any of those 4 or only the size that's already on the car? And what are the benefits of each size ie how do you choose Secondly, when buying winter tyres I read you should buy smaller tyres? Would that be the smallest size written on the door frame or smaller still? Thankyou for any help Geoff
  4. Adamholtbmx


    My car tire has been leaking the front passenger side for a while now, and I've taken it to a garage and they have resealed it 3 times. Been fine each time for around a month at a time. It's happened again, really frustrating. It leaks from where the rim meets the tire on the back of the wheel ( the side facing the under of the car) just wondering if anyone else has had this problem and I need a new tyre or if there is a fix or just general advice. I bought them from an alloy shop around 1 year ago. the tyres are good quality Yokohama slines. thanks.
  5. Hi guys! I own a Ford Fiesta from 2014 with 113.000 Km on board. Unfortunately, my original wheels took so much damage from the romanian roads that I had to buy new rims on which I didn't mount the pressure sensors. Of course, this means that I now constantly get the "tyre malfunction" error. Is there a way to disable TPMS? I was thinking to buy an OBD2 interface ( chip and then "somehow" I would disable this from some application. Is this even possible? Did someone already try this? Any advice is much appreciated.
  6. Hi, This is the first winter I've had since I got my 65plate ST-3 with the 19" 235/35/19 MPS3 tyres on at the moment and they're not very good in the current cold climate. Looking at winter tyres/wheel sets and I want a narrow/higher profile tyre - should I just go for the 235/45/18? or is there smaller/narrower I can go still? I don't think I can reduce the size much more in diameter because of the brake caliper but maybe narrower? Or would it be more beneficial getting just tyres to fit on my 19s? I'd rather change the whole alloy due to corrosion and scratching etc but I don't think my wallet would appreciate it at the moment - flying is an expensive hobby! Is it safe enough to re-use tyres once they've been taken on and off the alloy?
  7. Hello, I drive an '05 MK6 Fiesta Finesse, 1.2 at around 90K mileage. I recently had to drive through a large pot hole (inconsiderate driver hogging the road coming other way), and got a flat tyre (N/S/F). I had the tyre changed - both tyre and rim as it had buckled quite badly - but the car still didn't feel like it was driving quite right. As they'd fitted a cheap tyre, I decided to swap the N/S/F with the N/S/R which had a Michelin on it, matching the O/S/F. After swapping them I noticed the car was pulling to the left, I can't be sure if it was before I swapped them but I know it didn't feel right. I took it to my local garage who adjusted the tracking. They informed me the N/S/F wheel was buckled and there was slight play in the inner track rod - as I'd swapped the wheels over, that would have been the rear (N/S/R) and so I'm guessing that the pothole actually damaged both. The tracking adjustment did nothing, the car still pulled left as before. I checked and adjusted all tyre pressures and got the buckled wheel replaced as I assumed that could be causing it, but still the car pulls left, no change. I'm going to take the car back to the garage for them to have another look now all tyres should be fine, but as they couldn't see any issue before I'm not holding out much hope that they'll see anything obvious. Has anyone else had a similar problem or any advice on what could be causing it? I assumed the track rod having play wouldn't be the cause as it was probably an age issue, but could this in fact be the cause? Would the pothole have affected it? Thanks in advance for any advice. -Niall
  8. jonny_sniper93

    Urgent(ish) help needed

    Just got a 'check tyre pressure' warning on my way to work and found a nail in my rear tyre but tyre still looked inflated. I checked the pressure (was near a petrol station) and it was 24 psi so I filled it to 30 and it got me to work (5 mins away) and, again, still looks inflated. I still had the 'check tyre pressure' warning after I inflated it so what I'm asking is - is this still referring to the punctured tyre (even though I filled it up) i.e. do the sensors know it is still punctured even though it is up to around 30 psi (probably dropping down slightly). Checked the other tyres by eye and they appear fine but I don't want to put the spacer on and there be another punctured tyre.
  9. I bought the car last year and didn't come with spare tyre, just foam and few other bits. Not sure if a full sized tyre can fit into the space provided in the boot, or whether its intended just for a space saver. Has anyone managed to get a full sized in? Rather a full sized tyre than a space saver... if I have the choice. Many thanks. :)
  10. AmiZaKi

    Spare Wheel/tyre

    Hi all, I am a new member of this site. And this is my first post.. I recently bought my first car which is Ford Focus Zetec 06 model. As you understand I am new driver, I have very little knowledge about car maintenance. Anyway, after buying the car I have done a full service from ford dealer for peace of mind. Everything was ok... Just two note...1. Spare wheel & tyre missing and 2. advise for new ht leads. At that time I haven't done those as they asked almost £400 and I checked at halfords those things available at lower price. Today, I went to local halfords for those things but they told me they don't sell these.......😕 So, can you guys tell me should I buy spare wheel ? Spare Tyre ? Universal Spare Tyre ? And fro. Where ??? I am really confused... My tyre size 205/55/R16 91V. And, where can I get exact ht leads and is it possible to change the leads myself ?? I see. Video at youtube.... Looks ok... What you say guys ??? Thanks in advanced for your expert reply...😃
  11. Right, so just been out in my beloved fiesta, and I've managed to stupidly scrape my alloy and put a bit of a tear in my tyre due to a slight lapse in concentration. What do you guys/girls think I should do? Is the tyre ruined? Thanks in advance!
  12. Hi guys, I hit a pot hole maybe 2 months ago or so, and it completely obliterated my late 2008 alloy into many seperate pieces. I immediately installed the space saver and got a new alloy sent to me within a week. Driving on the space saver, I noticed my steering wheel would shake above 50mph and the car would rumble from the left passenger wheel (the point of impact). I took no notice of this and just put it down to driving on a space saver near it's maximum intended speed (50mph) which I rarely if at all exceeded. With the new alloy installed, my car still rumbles and shakes from the left passenger wheel above 50mph and I'm worried something may have been damaged by the impact, since it was large enough to actually shatter an alloy, and now that the wheel and tyre have been replaced I doubt it's anything to do with the wheel itself. Does anybody have any ideas as to what, if anything, could have been damaged by this type of accident, and what could be causing this problem? The steering wheel also shakes mildly but it doesn't affect the actual steering itself and I haven't noticed any extra issues with the tracking etc. Hope to hear from you all soon, and thank you for reading P.S. I had the suspension arm on that wheel replaced about 6 months ago, so I know the noise that used to make and can safely rule that out as a possibility.
  13. Liam McCann

    What Alloy Is This?

    Hey guys! Bought my car second hand and need a another alloy as a tyre was flat and now that alloys got a dent in it. Anyone got a name or product number for this alloy as i can seem to find it? There off a Fiesta Zetec (59) 1.2 I don't think they are standard zetec ones buy who knows? And how much I should pay for a new or a used one? Thanks guys!
  14. Hi All. Can anyone help with Settings for tyre pressure monitoring. Got my S Max 2012. Had tyre pressure monitoring option fitted. I am sure that when I played around with the settings I could set the pressure for low tyre pressure warning to become active!!! I Have recently tried to find this screen (Or menue) but am unable to find it. Can anyone tell me how to find this screen?? Can anyone verify it exists or existed?? Could it be missing because of some software update?? I have a constant warning "Check Rear Left Tyre" Actual tyre pressures match the information on the screen but this warning stays active. But please note recently I had to seperate the sensor from the car as the air valve got damaged during a tyre renewal. A metal dust cap was fitted and became jammed on due to corosion. (Warning do not fit any type of metal dust cap to these tyre valves they are made of Aluminium. Always use plastic ) Managed to get the air valve from Ford snapped on the original electronic module and a tyre fitter put the sensor back into the wheel. Please note the sensor did become seperated from the car. Mabe this has somthing to do with the warning?? But why has it not reset?? It is comunicating with the car as the correct tyre pressure is displayed. Went into ford dealer today but could not speak to anyone technical enougth to give advice. But they were very willing to book the car in (think I will wait till next service is due) Manual supplied with car is not detailed enogth to explain the various pages on the display. (Yes I actualy consulted the manual LOL) Anyway I Hope some one can shine some light on this subject please.
  15. Hi chaps, I have just bought a used Mondeo Titanium X Sport after a reasonable hiatus from car ownership due to living in the big smoke of London and Singapore, so I'm a little out of touch with the car world of today. The car is in decent nick with 10,000 miles on the clock and what looks like a decent set of Potenza 235x40x19 96Ys on it. These appear healthy enough for now, but I know that new rubber in this size will be somewhere between "ouch" and buttock clenchingly expensive, so I would like to do some homework well in advance of actual need. I know there are a few posts on this subject already - I just thought I would put out my perspective and see if any recommendations are different. My views are that I wont buy budget tyres - no way, now how. This is from bias in "the old days" where budget tyres were pretty garbage. There have probably been a lot of advancements, but I would rather put my safety in the "hands" of the premium brands. Looking at names out there I think my choices are : Dunlops Brigestone (Potenza is by Bridgestone - right?) Michelin Continental In the past I have always gone for either Contis or Dunlops as I always thought Michelins were overpriced and rubbish in the wet, but that's based on 7 years back .. So - I live in Scotland which as rumour has it - is always wet (near enough). So - I have a big priority on wet handling. Safety is top priority, so I would like anyone's view on the above brands (and models if you can recommend any), that would give a good reckoning in terms of : - Wet road handling - Dry road handling - Road noise - Fuel economy In order of most to least important. Budget is not a huge concern - I will pay top ££ if a tyre is SOO much safer than another alternative, but I don't want my wallet raided just for a fancy name and "go faster" stripes type thing. Your expert options are greatly awaited.
  16. Bren Wain

    Fiesta Mk7 Tyre Profile?

    I have recently ordered some new alloys for my mk7 fiesta, they are 17"x7j. I am wondering what profile tyres to get?? I am wanting a low profile look but obviously not too low so that every little stone feels like a pothole. Any suggestions. Thanks
  17. I have an 11 plate Fiesta Zetec 1.6 tdci with 16" Ford 7 spoke alloys factory fitted. Both front tyres have excessive tyre wear on the very inside edge. Car has done 36k from new, now on 3rd set of tyres so two previous sets had same wear. Anyone had the same problem (had tracking checked and its spot on) seams like the camber is sll wrong, have owned over 17 cars snd never had anything near this bad before. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Local Ford dealer just said wear is within tollerances!
  18. AliM

    Tyre Sidewall Damage

    Hey all. I noticed some tyre damage on my sisters Fiesta yesterday. She told me when Ford did their 3 month check, they said the tyre was fine. To me it looks like it needs changing. Thoughts?