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Found 49 results

  1. SukiDukes

    Recommened Tyre's

    Hiya, I would like some advice on best tyres to fit on my Mk3 Ford Focus Titanium X 2.0 Estate . My current set-up is Avon size is 235-45-18-95Y. I have been told its best to fit the manufactured recommended tyres but have no ideal what these are so any advice would be truly welcomed. Thanks in advanced
  2. Joel Bavidge

    Fiesta ST MK8 tyre pressures

    what pressures front and rear are people running on the Michelin pilot sport 4's on the new fiesta ST? mines are at 33 psi on the back and 38 on the front (cold). this is the pressures the dealership put in the tyres when I got the car. the front pressures seem a bit high though.
  3. Yetiman65


    It's looking like 2, maybe 3 (I have previously had to change 1 tyre following a puncture), of my Pirelli Scorpion Verde tyres (255/45 R20) will need changing soon (15000 miles). So do I replace like with like or go for the all weather version of the Pirelli Scorpion Verde (I'd obviously replace all 4) or any other suggestions? PS on Oponeo the standard tyre is £163 & the all weather version is £161.
  4. What are the best tyres for my 67 plate Focus ST MK3.5? The tread on my OEM goodyear eagle F1s (Asymmetric 3s? 235/40/R18) are getting low (only 6500 miles) and I'm wondering if there are any better tyres out there. i have looked on the website and looked at various tyre tests such as this one: . From what I've been reading online, the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 are the best rated tyres around, but I'm also interested in the Kumho ecsta hs5ss, and the falken Azenis FK510's as they have outperformed the F1s in the tests I've seen and seem to be a good price. So the questions are: has anyone had experience with these tyres? and which is the best for me to get?
  5. My Fiesta has produced a howling sound in the last 2000 km I've driven. Now I'm wondering if it's the summer tires or is one of my bearings breaking slowly. I'm pretty sure that I didn't hear the sound when I changed my tires. So for now Im thinking that it is not the tires. What I've tried so far: I jacked the car up from each corner and tried to rotate the tires. The front tires do not rotate very well and the brake pads are touching the brake discs slightly. Both front tires rotate about equally badly though so I thought that the bearings there are not failing. Both rear tires rotate really well and there is one spot in the rotation where it seems that the drum brake pads are touching the drum. I also tried to wiggle all tires but no movement at all so couldn't find the source of howling this way. Also tried to make some turns while driving to see if the sound is affected when cornering with the car. Not much effect. I would like to hear other peoples experiences about their Fiesta? Have you had tires that make a howling noise when driving? Have you had a bearing starting to fail and make a mild howling sound ? Last time in my super old Fiesta I had similar symptoms when my rear bearings were failing, but this time im not sure if that's the case.
  6. Hello, I wonder if anyone has experience this. When coming off my drive and going left or right full lock it feels like my tyres are loosing grip. It feels like i'm on the edge of my tyres or similar sound to when you loose grip on snow (when moving slowly). This also happens on mini roundabouts. Tyres are Primacy 3's and they have a fair bit of tread left. Thanks, - Matt
  7. seamo44

    Tyre size change?

    Hi all. I've got 195,55,16 tyres on ford alloys (Fusion plus 1.6 tdci, 2009). My question is can I change these for 205,55,16's on the same wheels? TIA for any advice. Martin.
  8. sioneon

    Pothole Damage

    Anyone know if you can claim for damages caused by potholes? And if so, how? I lost my front tyre to one yesterday which needed a £101 replacement. The tyres were only 5800 miles old with the tyre immediately deflating after the hit.
  9. Zico

    Which tyres?

    After just under 19,000 miles the original Bridgestone Potenza's front tyres are down to approx. 3mm on my Mk7 ST. In the run up to winter I am looking to swap the rears forward (~6mm) and get two new tyres on the back. The finance PCP for my current ST is up at the end of March 2018 and I am thinking of getting the 2018 ST when they are available. Between now and the end of March, I'm not likely to do more than another ~2500 miles. Here is my dilemma: 1) Go for quality tyres like Continental/Michelin at approx. ~£100inc fitting but not get the long term value for money if I swap the car in the future. 2) Go for mid range tyres (need some recommendations) that should be good enough for winter. If I keep the car then hopefully they will be in good condition for the spring. 3) Go for budge tyres (again recommendations) that will be cheap and hopefully not kill me over winter. Then if I don't get the new ST I can get some better tyres in the spring. 4) Sod it, keep running the Bridgestone's to the legal minimum. If I get the new ST then I'm not wasting good money on tyres for the dealer. If I make it through the winter and don't go for the new ST then I can get better tyres then. 5) <insert your own thoughts>
  10. Hi, I have just bought a 1.0 2013 Ecoboost and it's pretty awful in the snow (I'm used to a big diesel). Where can I get some steel rims, so I can stick some winter tyres on? I was looking on but I have no idea what FLH,STH and Turnier mean, or what the kW or ccm are. Thanks, Mick
  11. Hi, I have a Fiesta ST 150 2,0 with 2008 plate. So far the car has done about 64.000 miles. I am currently on my fourth set of tyres, but have to replace a front tyre again. I am still shocked that the tyres don't last long. I am not an aggressive driver, but with all speed bumps and round a bouts in Milton Keynes it is non-stop acceleration and breaking when driving. Anyhow, I am wondering what the current recommendation of premium tyres is? I am considering Goodyear F1 Asymmetric 3, but I am concerned about fuel consumption and how long hey will last.
  12. axesuso

    Tyres for stock alloy

    Hi to all! I have searched quite a bit but still nothing clear for me. First of all, i have never changed the tyres since i bought the car (2014), only one in front because it bursted. Anyways, i think its time to change all 4, already done 65.000KM!! and i feel the car very shaky after 120km/h and also while turning around. Right now, they are stock alloy and tyres; Continental contact sport 5, 205/40 R17 84V XL My question is, can i mount any different tyre? i mean, any R17 tyre? or its better to maintain the same profile, etc... and which one is recommended? by now, i have been offered michelin pilot sport 3, but i find it too expensive. Thanks!
  13. No one from my insurance company has ever seen my car. If I change my steel wheels to genuine ford alloys will I need to declare it or can I say they came with the car?
  14. Hey. Basically my Ford Fiesta 2013 came with 15 inch Steel wheels and I just bought 17 inch alloys to replace them with. However I don't know what size of tyres I will need to meet the same diameter or how changing them will affect my car. Yes I am an idiotic impulse buyer but could anyone help me out? I have an image of my current wheel size on my 15 inch wheels.
  15. Hello all. I bought 17 inch OEM ford alloys and I want to fit them onto my 2013 Ford Fiesta. I currently have 15 inch steel wheels with 195/50/R15 Tyres. I am aware that in order to keep the speedometer accurate I will have to match the same overall diameter of the wheel, although I can't figure out what size of tyre I will need to match the 15 inch wheels, I know it will have to be a lower profile but I can't work it out. Any help would be appreciated.
  16. Nick54320


    Hi there, I have two queries, firstly when driving my 61 reg Ford Fiesta Zetec, when going under 10 mph and especially when turning, I hear a sorts of grinding noise, it doesn't affect the drive just doesn't sound right and I was wondering if anyone had any idea about this or experienced it before? Also, I have a space saver but now have acquired a spare alloy and I was just wondering whether it's possible in anyway to have a full spare in the boot? Whether anyone had done it? And whether if it was to go in, how big it would be? Im going to try it tomorrow but was just wondering if anyone had any experience. Thank you
  17. So i am in a need of help. I must change my tyres immediately. I currently have Goodyear efficient grip 205/50/r17. My options are. Uniroyal rainsport 3 at 205/50/r17 costing 400 euros or another tyre seller said that i can install continental sportcontact 6 but at 225/45/r17 costing 400 euros! He said that 205/50 /r17 is a dimension that don't usually sold that's is more expensive than a wider continental tyre at 225/45. I asked if i will have any problems installing a wider tyre and except a small increase at fuel consumption there nothing else wrong. Anyone with an advice? Anyone that have installed a wide tyre?
  18. I have to change tyres. I have 2 options. The dimensions are 205/50/r17. Either hankook ventus prime 3 or uniroyal rainsport 3. Both are at the same price of 400 euros. On a focus 1.6 petrol with 115hp.
  19. George_A_

    Illegal Tyres?

    Hi everyone, I have an important question... My Ford Fiesta Style 1.4 TDCi, was fitted with two types of tyres, the front ones were 195/6015, the rear ones were 185/65X15. After suffering a flat rear tyre, I took the car to a local "tyre specialist", who told me not only that the tyres of my car were incorrect, but they were illegal to drive, as my speedometer would show incorrect values, because it works on calculating revolutions per minute on the axle, so, a smaller or larger tyre would give different and incorrect values on the speedometer. He also said that the car should have not passed an MOT with these tyres. He offered to change all 4 tyres and he fitted on both the front and rear axle some 195/510X15 tyres, which I asked him to do. I believed what he said, as he offered to write on my invoice that the tyres previously fitted on the car were incorrect, which he has actually done. As I had bought the car only recently with a full year's MOT, I contacted the car dealer who had sold me the car. But he replied to me saying that the "tyre specialist" gave me false information and charged me for two extra tyres which were not really needed. Who is right here? Thank you in advance everyone, Kind Regards, George
  20. Ok, first musing/question. I need to replace my front tyres at some point in the next month or so. Currently they have Michelin Primacy HP on all round. I don't really like this tyre at all to be honest, I feel them prone loosing traction and they are just generally noisy and feel weird at times. This could be the fact they are probably the original tyres that came with the car 4 and a half years ago however... I am slightly confused as these tyres are marked as 215 55 R16 93V. But when I put my registration into any tyre shopping website, they come back as should be 215 55 R16 97W. Anyone know what should actually be on the car? The V's are cheaper in most cases... I'm thinking of sticking Avon ZV7's or Goodyear Efficient Grip Performance on (both come in 93V and 97W). Anyone any opinions on these? Or recommend something around the same price point? Ideally less that £100 per tyre, but depending on reviews could stretch it. Preference is for good grip in the wet and low noise. On the back of needing new tyres, I've been thinking about my alloys. And how a complain pain in the ***** they are to clean! Now ford does loads of nice alloys, in many sizes. If I find a set of 16" Ford alloys is it as simple as just switching them? Or do different models/years need different spacers? on a related note, how much does ride comfort suffer moving from 16" to 17" on the MK3 Focus? Anyone know the sames of alloys that look nice but are easy to clean? I have these annoying ones just now - I like these ones but Have no idea what they are called to search for them...[/img] and these ones look super easy to clean! The ST alloys are nice too, and look reasonably easy to clean. But I'm not sure I could find a set in my budget (Which I haven't really set yet...)
  21. I've had a bit of a rumble from one of the back wheels for a while and my local garage told me it was uneven tyre wear, not bearings or anything nasty, and that it was fine to carry on for a while before changing tyres. That was a while ago and I have checked them regularly since. Other than a bit less tread in one area than another it didn't seem anything to worry about. I just did a 300 mile return motorway drive and was thinking about putting new tyres on before that but didn't get around to it. Anyway, early in the trip that same tyre started making more noise and vibrating, especially noticeable at around 60mph. At 50mph and at 70mph it was a lot less pronounced so I just made sure I didn't hold it at 60, but generally stayed above that, say 70-75. Got home and saw this: About 3 quarters of the tyre is fine with legal tread: One patch looks like the second photo - SCARY! Now, the Ford Focus has quite heavy camber on the back wheels so it is not surprising that the wear is on the inside. I can't believe that it wore through that much in just 300 miles though! I am convinced that this wheel was not properly balanced when the tyre was fitted, and when I jacked up the wheel off the ground, it spun on its own until the worn part was on the top. It has never sounded right but I just couldn't put my finger on it and maybe took too much comfort from the mechanic telling me it was ok. This is a real lesson to me to make sure I get tyres looked at as soon as there is anything not normal happening before it ever gets this bad again. Needless to say, it'll be a trip straight down to get a new set fitted before I go any further.
  22. Hi all, My focus mk3 (2011, 1.6 petrol, 125 bhp) came new with 215 / 50 R 17, 95 W extra load spec tyres (has the appearance pack) and I've continued to use these. However, just had the fronts changed at the garage and they've put on same size tyre, but 91 V rated instead. I get that the speed rating between V and W isn't going to be an issue for me, but worried about the load rating being lower and not "extra load" reinforced (I don't tow anything though)....should I get them changed? If not an issue any ideas why Ford put the XL on as standard in the first place? Views appreciated... Cheers, Mike
  23. dan8612

    Abnormal inner tyre wear

    Hi all, just wondering if anyone could help, I bought my focus 1.6tdci sport 2011 model in November, I've done approx 11k miles, anyway I get to work this morning and notice I've got a flat tyre, so I think this is just a simple puncture. How wrong I was I get the trusty space saver change the tyre over and looks for the nail or other pesky thing, I don't spot anything except on the inner tyre there is a hole with exposed wire, so I start getting worried lol, so I check the other side, and as I'm checking I can feel more exposed wire. Well I'm furious at this point as I only had a service done a couple of months ago at ford, surely they should have noticed the irregular wear surely, anyway I should point out when I bought the car from a reputable car dealer they put a fresh mot on for me, and as I'm driving home i reach about 50-60mph the steering wheel shakes, me thinking it must be a characteristic of the car as there can't be anything wrong they have checked it, so my question is what could cause such irregular wearing on the inner tyre on both front tyres? Sorry for the long post but I thought I would mention everything I know, thanks in advance if you can help
  24. Hi, I'm currently running the OEM Hankook 195/50 R16 tyres on the OEM 16x6" rims on my Mk7.5 Ecoboost 125PS with Bluefin tune. I'm thinking of upgrading once they wear out (next few months on the dodgy roads here). Would like to go slightly wider to 205 but not sure if I should stick with the 50 profile or drop to 45. The other option is to plus one up to a 17x7 or 17x7.5 rim with 205 or 215 tyres. Recommendations from anyone who has done similar would be appreciated. Thanks
  25. Has anyone tried goodyesr eagle asymetric 3 tyres on a mondeo? Heard tyre walls soft and have a heavy deisel car but also seen some very good reviews. Running Michelin primacy 3..great but bit noisy and tried Dunlop sport max...really good but fronts under 3mm after 9k!