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Found 11 results

  1. Hi all, This is my first post here and I hope you can help me with the issues I'm having with hands free and voice control. I have recently purchased a 2013 Connect with the 6000CD complete with red and green phone buttons plus * and #. There is the Voice Control button on the steering column and what I believe is a microphone on the drivers door pillar. I successfully managed to pair my phone to "Ford Audio" and received the pairing code of the radio display. All good and accepted the permissions. That was as far as I got. Pressing red or green phone buttons merely mutes the radio. Pressing voice brings voice up on the display and mutes the radio but nothing else happens when i try the prompts I discovered on the web. I can raise and lower the voice volume with the up and down functions. I have tried going through the menu functions on the radio but it does not mention Bluetooth or phone even though it displayed the pairing code. When making calls the phone says it is using the car Bluetooth as a speaker and mutes its own when connected. Also I tried plugging a 3.5mm audio lead into what I thought was the Aux socket below the power outlet on the dash but that gave no output either. So I guess I have missed a step somewhere or there is a blackhole behind the dash where everything disappears! Thanks in advance to anyone who can help. Martin
  2. As title, can anyone give me a definitive answer as to whether a sync-era display and sony branded radio can be fitted to a non-sync (BT/VC system) car, and bluetooth still work - less bothered about nav voice control, but voice control in general I could also do with keeping functional. Thanks Mark
  3. Hi Everyone, I'm new to the forum, going to be honest I never signed up because I went a bit mad modifying my last car and I thought not being on a forum would stop me from getting ideas about playing with this car! I have a 2012 Ford Focus Titanium, owned it for about 9 months now. Been a great car, done everything I've asked of it (and some things I've not asked like wheel bearings going at 32k!) So I recently tried to unpair a phone from the bluetooth and since then all of the above have stopped working. Seems like my car is having a hissy fit because I was fed up of listening to the other halves music whenever she got in the car! So I took it to my Ford dealership for some advice and they wanted to charge ridiculous amounts of money just to book it in and try and diagnose it. Could be talking £300+ which I was a bit annoyed about paying on the off chance they can fix it. I was wondering if anyone on here has any advice for me to try and get it working for myself. So far I have disconnected the battery for half an hour which in theory should have reset everything but still no luck. I believe the 2012 Focus with the sony headunit has a separate bluetooth module underneath the glovebox, but disconnecting that wouldn't do anything different to disconnecting the battery to rest everything in theory. Any advice would be great. I have 6 weeks off work and am determined to not be conned by Ford for something unnecessary if possible. Thanks Jake
  4. I have a MK4 2008 Mondeo in Spain Although I am English and my bluetooth voice control is in Spanish. Can I change the language or can I change the voice controler for an English one. The one in my Mondeo is a Nokia 7S7T-19G488-DE, I think some where in this number is associated with the language. Photos attached.
  5. This is for all Sony Gen 2 style head units and I believe the blaupunkt sat nav units too. This is for cars with these units that ALREADY have bluetooth with voice control and the head units must be running version 5 software onwards. This is simply a guide showing your how to do it cheaper using a newer bluetooth module hence skipping out on expensive Ford cables from the dealer. This is mainly applicable to early 08/58 plate facelift models that already have the BT/VC fitted (just before the USB option came out). This will give you the ability to plug in an iPod via USB, memory sticks etc and and also Bluetooth streaming. You will also be able to update your head unit to the latest software via USB stick. This increases compatibility with the latest phones and also adds new features like on mine the phone mode now tells me the signal I have and what network I am on. Parts required: New/secondhand bluetooth module with mini USB port I know part numbers 8M5T-19C112-AR and 8M5T-19C112-AT will work ok. I purchased the 8M5T-19C112-AR from a seller on eBay for £80 Some go for more than this but if you are patient you can get one for a bargain. New one's work out over £300 with the VAT from a dealer but if you want to pay out for one it will work fine. You will also need a mini USB to female USB adapter. I got one like this really cheap from eBay: item number 290651563250 £1.89 delivered bargain. I also used a USB extension cable I had already. I guess the other option would be to buy a longer adapter lead but it is up to you. A torx screwdriver. That's all you need. Once you have these items, take out your glove box by removing the following screws: Poke your head underneath and look up behind the passenger airbag unit and you should see your existing bluetooth module: It is held in via 3 torx screws and these are difficult to access. 2 screws hold the bracket to the car and the third one goes through the middle of the module and holds it to the bracket. I actually found it easier to undo the right hand screw and tilt the bracket down. I could then access the middle screw and remove the module leaving the last screw in place. The module has one large multi pin plug in it which is located on the left hand side as you look at it. You have to push the little tab in and swing the clip across before you can remove it. It is then simply a case of reversing the process and replacing the module with the new one. Don't forget to to plug the mini USB lead into the module at this time too as it can be difficult to plug in when you can't see the plug. You then have the option of where to run the female USB cable to. I chose the the glove box as it was simple to do and reasonably neat but there is nothing stopping you from putting it anywhere you like. I actually found there was enough space by the hinge of the glove box to put the cable through. This does not affect the glove box opening and closing. Once you have the module back in and the lead in the right place then re fit the glove box and pop your stereo on to give it a try. Turn your radio on and if you press the CD/Aux button you should find you now have 2 extra modes for USB and bluetooth audio. If your head unit is not currently on the latest software (it probably won't be) then sound will only play from the iPod if you have both the AUX and the USB leads connected or you use a ford Y lead. However, if you update to the latest software you will be able to use just the iPod USB lead which is much better and less cluttered. Once you have the USB port working you can then update your head unit to the latest software see here: Your iPod USB conversion should now be all up and running and you should have an interface like this with the iPod plugged in: Everything should now be up and running although in some cases (like mine unfortunately) if you have a second hand module the voice control may not work. Don't worry this is nothing you have done wrong. Apparently where the unit still has the VIN number of the donor car in it. For some reason, this can stop the voice control working. The VIN number of your car needs programming into the module via IDS. I have managed to sort the voice control on my car using the latest version of ELM Config available here: On the new version the SRM tab had new options. I plugged into the car and pressed read VIN on the SRM tab. Sure enough, there was another car's VIN number in there. We typed my VIN in and pressed write. My VIN number was then saved to the SRM module but it still didn't work. Turns out you also have to tell the module that it is in a ford focus in the little drop down box. Once this was written to the module everything now works. The voice control even works for the iPod. Needless to say I am very happy to get it all working! I hope this is useful to some of you as I couldn't find all that much information on the later modules with mini USB. I thought it would be a great feature to add for a relatively low cost and without the need to buy loads of bits from the dealer. Total cost of upgrade for me £81.89 Bargain!! :D
  6. Hi all, I have just replaced my Sony DAB single CD unit in my 2014(64) S-Max with the Touch Screen Sat Nav Unit. I know that this came from a 2012 car originally and that it was working without any issues. All functions appear to work fine except for the voice control does not recognise any commands and the parking sensors fail to beep either front or rear. I have checked the connections which are all secure and the functionality of the climate control and radio controls, Ipod, Sat Nav etc all work fine. I am pretty sure that the parking sensors share the speakers with the stereo unit and that the voice control system is slightly different from the Sony unit too. Has anyone else come across this problem at all, or know what it might be? I was thinking it is a firmware or software compatibility issue and if so, what do i need to do to make it all work together? Many thanks guy and girls Regards John
  7. lilleybelle1980

    ?less Bluetooth

    Hi everyone I have been looking on this website for a little while now and I am about to buy a titanium Ford Fiesta, but I'm a little confused, and don't worry I will be going back to the sales team to find out these things for sure, but in the meantime I am researching like crazy and coming up empty, Basically what it is is is during our meeting today was informed that the car has Bluetooth and voice activation and reads out text messages etc etc, however when looking at home on the "go to website" Ford Etis that that the guy was using in the sales room and bearing in mind I had looked at so many was confused which car had what, he stated that it has the voice activation etc, but on researching myself, it says less Bluetooth, less voice activation nodules, but has this ICE DAB radio. Not quite sure what I'm looking for to see if it has ford sync on there, as on the ford etis website it doesn't list ford sync at all. Does anyone know if it has the ability to sync music and phone calls etc and whether it does have voice activation etc? Can anyone shed any light, or have I completely confused everyone what I'm asking? Thanks everyone and apologies for confusing paragraph.
  8. Radhadee

    Fiesta Problem Help Please

    Just got fiesta titanium 2011. Have connected my iphone and if I go manually my phone book is showing and it works fine by clicking ok to select and make call. I am trying to use voice control but I think because it's 2011 model it won't sync with my contacts just says directory empty. Take it that means the cars directory?? The only way I can use voice control is to save name then save number. This is a pretty tedious way one letter - confirm etc... Is there any other way or have I got to individually put numbers into cars memory this way? The other thing is, I've never had low profile tyres before and noticed that if drivers side wheels touch the central white line the car feels twitchy through the steering wheel. I had tracking checked and it was way out so that's been sorted but can still kind of feel it occasionally. Is this normal as my friend says she can feel reaction to different surfaces also. Any advice ??? Thanks
  9. Hi All, I'm not entirely sure where to start with this - so I'll start at my problem. I've got a 2010 Mondeo with Voice control, BT and USB module installed (I'm not sure what software version - another issue again). iPod works well enough, as does USB - but A2DP BT Streaming seems glitchy at best. I stream from a phone and the audio seems very choppy, like an async sample converter is out. First question: Could there be a software update available for this or the radio unit? If so, can I be pointed in the place to start looking for them? (All the related software updates I see point to but it seems the software updates are no longer a supported item?) As it happens, I have a number of tools required to reverse engineer CAN busses, and some of the OBD2 lines (I know my Mondeo has at least a 500k CAN Bus over OBD2, and may have another on the proprietary pins). Second question: Does there exist a database which contains the decoded CAN ID's? At the same time, is there a pinout of the VC+BT+USB module? (If it's all the same, I'd like to save some time if possible And I can't find it for the life of me.) I can't see the factory module transmitting audio over CAN, so I'm assuming there's some audio lines, probably at least 4 combinations of +/- audio. All assumptions are that the infotainment system uses CAN to transmit data. This is all intended to be used in a personal project in my down time... And it would seem like a suitable challenge to develop a replacement module to fix the issues I'm currently having with it, and implement my own bonus features. :D
  10. Hi everyone, I've got a MK7 Fiesta Zetec (2009) which needs a new bluetooth module. Just wanted to check what people thought the best way to do this was, as Ford have quoted me £600 on top of the £100 they charged me for 'diagnostics' which seems crazy. If I buy a second hand module, is it going to work if I plug it straight in? Would really appreciate any feedback.
  11. Hi guys, I've just replaced my stock BT / VC moudle on my 08 MK2.5 Focus Titanium - but it didn't go smoothly. After doing a bit of research, I like others discovered that you could replace the version of module in order to add USB and BT audio streaming support. This isn't something that is supported by the original module that came with the car. So.. I sourced a new module (8M5T-19C112-AM) which, as far as I'm aware is the earliest version that was introduced with the USB support and which i did in order to increase the chances of compatability. I removed the glove box and exchanged the old for new (which is an absolute pain!) I managed to pair my phone, cycle through USB/ ipod... BT audio stream etc and confirmed that my Sony DAB worked as it should. However, when I went to use voice control - nothing! I also noted that some interference (static sound) could be heard when phone was selected. It appears that the connector on the loom inside my car is configured differently and I assume has a different pin layout. The new module supports voice and works fine in all other ways. My question is: Does anyone know if there is a adapter for connector or if a new cable to the head unit would allow VC? Alternatively the layout of the pins and what modification needs to be done? I'm aware of other models (Mondeo for example) where the connector has been incorrect (older module) and then modified to support the replacement. I've gone back to the original BT module as I need the phone while I'm driving, but if I can't sort this out I'll have a USB module for sale! Thanks in advance Stu