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Found 20 results

  1. WitchyBach

    Dash fault

    Hi everyone, I'm new here, and looking for advice. My car has recently started throwing up warning lights (namely a red frost symbol, the break warning light) on the dash, and the temperature on the dash is replaced with "---", this is closely followed by an error for the PAS. This is intermittent, and can appear shortly after starting the engine, or 5 minutes in to the drive. It does disappear after a random amount of time too, sometimes 5 minutes into driving, sometimes 20 miles in to a journey. It doesn't seem to depend on the journey type (city or motorway). I have come to the conclusion that it could be a potential wiring issue, as - on a recent motorway journey - the fault lights appeared and disappeared in correspondence with bumps in the road. The lights coincide with my indicators, reversing lights and sensors stopping working, and are closely followed by the PAS failing. Recently, the battery light is on every time I turn the engine on, and the traction control and ABS lights flash too. Finally, the dash completely turns off, this is remedied by putting the clutch down for some reason, and I can delay the lights coming on straight away by revving the engine a lot. The car had a new battery in the last 6 weeks, I've pushed all of the connectors and fuses inside the car and in the bonnet in, and some of them were slightly lose, but nothing obvious. The car currently also has an engine warning light, this indicates that the DPF needs looking at, however I am holding off on that until I get this issue fixed. The garage I took it to plugged the car into a computer (despite me telling them it doesn't indicate anything(I have an OBD2 sensor, and can see if for myself)), and couldn't find anything conclusive. I really don't want to have to pay for something that doesn't need doing again. Any help would be really appreciated.
  2. Hi im new to this forum so i hope this thread is ok, my sons ford focus mk2 was hit while parked, causing damage to n/s wing, bumper. headlight,bonnet, ive have replaced bonnet, wing,headlight, bumper, front panel,crossmember,battery,only to find dipped beam on ns headlight not working, had to replace internal fusebox (long story ) headlight now working, only problem is since accident there was a warning in the dash display saying warning low brakefluid, low washer fluid, and the red brake warning light just to the right of dash. i have replaced the pads discs are fine and the brakefluid and washer fluid are spot on, What can it be is there a brake sensor or washer fluid sensor, im now loosing the will to live. ive spent a fare bit so need to sort this any help would be great, thanks in advance. kevin.
  3. Hi all I'm hoping someone can help me with an issue I am having with my car alarm. For some reason my car alarm randomly goes off, this can be during the day or night. It always seems to happen when it is warm weather and not cold or during the winter. It did it last summer and has now started again June/July. Occasionally I get a warning light on my dashboard telling me the bonnet is open even when the bonnet is not open. This can happen whilst driving along randomly. I have searched forums and noticed that it seems to be a known fault and it is something to do with either the bonnet catch or humidity. Is there anyone out there who is having the same problem or has had the same problem? Is there a way of getting this issue resolved? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks
  4. Can anyone help and tell me why does my car keep telling me I haven't got my seatbelt on when I have ?? keeps flashing up then stops
  5. Ford_lover38

    Stability control indicator?

    Hey guys, Drove over a hump earlier and the Stability Control ESP indicator light came on for a second and then went off. Now common sense tells me it came on just to show its kicking in but do you know if the light coming on then going back off is a bad thing? Thanks
  6. Hi all, I have owned my 2010 Titanium Mondeo for a couple of years now and think it's a great car. About a year ago I adjusted the drivers seat in the car and the airbag warning light started to come on and on intermittently when starting the car. The situation stayed this way throughout the winter but then seemed to fix itself when the weather warmed up (from Spring etc.). However, the problem has now returned and the airbag light is now permanently on when i start the car up. I've looked as various solutions online but nothing has worked to this point. This seems to be a very common problem yet I have not found a solution. Obviously I will put it into a garage to see if they can diagnose what is going on but is there anyone that can help me in the mean time? Kind regards Sean
  7. Ron Burgundys Moustache

    Power train warning light

    Hi there, My 55 Plate 2005 1.8 TDCi Focus (mk2?) had a new turbo hose fitted a month ago. It's the one the comes from the bottom of the inter cooler. It had a massive split in it. I have also had the top one replaced that goes into the the turbo at the rear of the engine. That had a split too. It's been running fine mostly (power train light flickers on and off rapidly sometimes at 75-80mph but it has done this since I got the car 3 years ago) lately it's been idling rough after it gets warm, but now it starts rough too. I know it needs a service, 150k one so I think that's a big one I have done 164k in it naughty naughty all was well up until today, I went out in the car last night, no issues. But turning it on today the power train light comes on and stays on. It's in limp mode, it still idles rough. There is no whooshing sound or anything. Many local garage is busy for the next few weeks and I am loathe to take it to a dealer so they can point out all the problems. I just want to keep the car on the road until it's next MOT in September. I know now I have given you no information really, but would anyone like to put there finger in the air and throw a few ideas my way? Quite happy to change filters and stuff, but I don't want to spend too much now because of its high mileage.... thank you for reading!
  8. Hi there, I'm new to this site, has anyone got a answer to my problem. 2008 1.8 tdci s max, when I turn corners with a tight steering lock my Abs/traction control warning light come on and don't go off until I switch the ignition off. There was a bracket under the o/s/f wheel arch fitted the wrong way round and was pulling the abs sensor wire when on full lock, but this has been turned round the correct way and the abs sensors changed in case it caused any damage. The abs and traction control are both working fine, it's just this !Removed! warning light that I have run out of ideas with. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Ken
  9. Heya! About a month ago my girlfriend bought a Ford fiesta freedom (2006 plate) which has been working great apart from one thing! The indicator for the front passenger door keeps saying it is open. The sensor knows when the door is open but doesn't always realise it closes. We had a quick look to see if we could find the sensor but it seems hidden in the bodywork?! Also does anyone know where the earth points for the sensor are? Anything else we could check? Thanks!! :)
  10. I bought a ford Focus 1.6 GHIA petrol today, the drive home was fine about 20 miles. However took it out again about an hour later and the engine warning light has come on and feels very sluggish. There engine sounds very ticky as per the video? The car has done 58k it is a 2005 model and had full service history (however the last service was 14 months ago) Below is a link to the video, any ideas? Feeling very frustrated as you can imagine!! I have the below codes from the DTC 9318 E200 D147 A103 D9681 E510 D900 A286 E197 9600
  11. Hey all, I would just like to ask if anyone knows what the warning light I am attaching to this thread is trying to tell me. Sometimes the light is orange, and sometimes it's red. At times, it's simply not there at all. I cannot find the warning light anywhere online or even in my manual. The only thing I'm experiencing is difficulty shifting into 2nd gear at times, and I don't think the warning light is referencing this issue. I believe it's just telling me the temperature of the road or something, judging by the symbol. But why would I even need to know that? My vehicle: Ford Mondeo 2012 Zetec 1.6 TD (Black) Thanks, Damien
  12. Hi All, Just bought myself a 56 plate Fiesta Zetec 1.25 petrol. Picked it up today and found that the red snowflake light is constantly on and the outside temperature is showing up as -36 degrees. I know that the dealer I bought it from steam cleaned the engine before I purchased it so I'm guessing this is whats caused the light to come on. Can anyone advise on the best course of action to take to rectify this and how much it may cost? Thanks!! Al
  13. Ews

    Battery Warning

    Good morning guys, I've noticed a couple times now my 'Low Battery' warning indicator has come on. It's a bit worrying. Does this mean I need a new battery? I have a Ford Focus Edge 2011. As far as I know the previous owner never changed the battery. I'm considering going to Halfords and getting the battery checked. I got caught out with a flat battery with my last car, had to ring the RAC and ended up forking out £70 for a new one! I don't particularly want to go through that again, I'd rather catch it before it happens this time. I've been told the life of a battery is about 3 years, not sure if this is correct? Thanks in advance, any help would be appreciated. Ewan
  14. andrewpickford81

    Mondeo Mk4 Dpf Problem

    Hello all, First post so go easy if failing to see etiquette please. Just got a 2009 Mondeo 2.0 from my old man, he just retired, company sold it to him for a £1k, previously fleet so full service history from the company (but minimal I'll guess). 90,000 on the clock but impeccable and all motorway miles Anyway, been off the road in the olds garage for a month as I got the cash to pay him, drove it first time today and after about 45 minutes the engine warning light comes on. Take it to local Kwik Fit who tell me its the particle filter and to drive it on the nearest A road for a bit in high revs. They turned the light out. Did this, but only for about 15 minutes; they didn't give me a time nor speed to drive at. Got it home, only for the light to come back on again. A fair bit of frantic googling later and I understand its the DPF and that it needs to be run at a constant speed (70?) at high revs (presumably 4th?) for 20 minutes for it to regenerate??? A couple of questions: 1. Is this likely to work with the Engine Warning light on? Or do I need to get this reset again before the car will regenerate? 2. Is this likely to fix the problem? I.e. is it likely to be a problem caused by the fact that its not been driven for a month or so?? Any early advice appreciated as I'd like to take to garage to sort out tomorrow. Cheers Andrew
  15. I recently had my thermostat & housing replaced and since then I've been paranoid about my car. I've noticed a few warning lights on the dash come on when i turn the ingnition key part way, to turning number II if i recall correctly. They all light up when i turn the ignition and then they most of them come off again, except the oil warning, battery check, and engine warning light as well as obviously the handbrake light. When i turn the ignition key all the way they all come off. is it normal to have the engine warning, battery and oil check lights stay on when turning the key part-way?
  16. I have a 2005 Mk 1 focus hatchback with just 58k on the clock. It's been an absolute dream... until today. The Engine light and a light with an exclamation mark (warning light?) came on, and the temperature gauge went straight into the red. The car then acted as if it was about to stall, jerking and making weird noises. I had to leave it in a local car park as it's completely unmovable and I don't have breakdown cover :'( What do you guys reckon is wrong with it? There is plenty of water in the tank and there doesn't seem to be any leaks. (I check the car quite regularly) To my knowledge, the oil in the car is still black. I heard that these focus' need the water pump changed at the same time as the cambelt, is this true? Is it the water pump that's gone? Thanks in advance guys and gals.
  17. hi ive got a fiesta zetec 1.6 and the warning light has come on for the engine management.... was told it could be a earthing problem have cleaned up the earth mounts and the is are still on was also told it could be the indicator stalk has fused and is causing problems that way but personaly dont think theres any truth in it..... has anybody els had this problem ? please help ive got the car booked for a mot on friday the 10th of may many thanks to any body that can help or has taken the time to read this :)
  18. I have an 06 diesel focus, 1.6 tdci. Recently the Powertrain warming light has appeared but has not affected performance until today when it went into limp home mode and lost power. Any ideas of the possible problem? Also tried to use the dash to get the fault code up but once it said no DTC's and the next time there was no codes, is this normal for a problem like this? Thanks
  19. DavidOrde

    Dash Warning Light

    Hi Guys I have a 2005 Mk 2 Focus, it's a 1.6 TDCI LX. Recently while driving home the engine fault light came on. I decided to pull over and check the engine. Nothing seemed out of place on it. So I set off again. When I started the car again the light went off. The same happened again this morning. I get the car serviced every six thousand miles. This includes changing air, oil and fuel filter. The car has just done over 104k miles and is due to have the timing belt changed at around 125k miles. Is this serious or can I let it slide to the end of the month? Thanks in advance!
  20. Hi all, 1st (half decent) ford iv owned, got to say its a great car :) i usually go for audi/bmw/vw but fancied a change! anyway got hold of this little guy, tdci 1.8 (think its a sport) had a full ST replica done, seats bodykit rims dash trims pretty much everything, and a matt black finish looks pretty good! anyway been running alright for about 2k, then 3 days ago stalled on me (i was giving enough revs) and a light came on, on the left in a cog shape with a ! inside. didnt think nothing of it as it went away thought maybe it was like another version of ESP or sumin i dno. anyway 2 days later same thing, stall light on, this time i had to turn off and on to reset. now today it happend, im noticing its usually when i pull of quickly, today was reversing, going into 1st gear and pulling off. this time the light will not go, and iv noticed since its been on i have next to no power, i struggle to get to 30 in 3rd gear without having to do 4000+ rev. and definetly will not go above 40 without sounding like its 100! my mechanics more german car orientated so hes not sure, havent had a chance to get him round to run faults yet probably wont for few days. my mate who is a focus owner also thinks either camshaft sensors or the EGR valve going a bit mad, but does anyone know the exact problem or had this before? any help would be ideal :( thanks tayn