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Found 24 results

  1. Last night I took a friend to a restaurant, but did not lock the car as the outside table we were sat at was facing the car. No tail lights or other lights were visible. After we had finished, a couple of hours later I got into my 2010 Focus saloon, keyless, automatic, but on depressing the clutch and pressing the start button nothing happened, it appeared the car was dead, and no lights were on the dash or anywhere else. The key fob would not lock the car, so I had to use the detachable key to lock the car. I then got a taxi home. Today, I went back to the car with a friend and a huge set of jump leads, cabled up, started his car, and noticed that the windscreen wipers wiped then parked themselves. l Iet the friend's car run for a few minutes, then tried the button on the Focus to start the car, but nothing. Repositioned the cables, tried again and this time the dash lights came on, but flashing, and the electric side window could be lowered (so we could shout to each other), but still nothing when the start Button was pressed, and the lights on the dash went back out. So I called Roadside Assistance (this is in Spain by the way). The chap came out, brought his power pack with him, hooked it up, took my key and tried to open the doors using the unlock button on the fob. Nothing. Then lock, unlock twice more, and on the third unlock I could hear the door unlock mechanisms kick in and the door unlocked. This time pressing the Start Button worked! After 1 minute he switched off. He tried to start the car, and it started no problem. He suspects the battery, I am not so sure (I have read in other forums strange things about the immobiliser system), but I managed to drive the car home, about 2 miles, and have left the engine running for 30 mins, and have now stopped the car and have left it parked in my garage. All the cables to the battery were solid and the battery was firmly secured. Does anyone have any theories about this problem? Battery? Immobiliser? Fob? Something else?? P.S. I also noticed that when I unlocked the doors with the detachable key they all unlocked OK, and would lock OK. However, when I unlocked the doors the boot door stayed locked. Does anyone know how to unlock a boot (for example if the battery in the fob dies)?
  2. Wonder if anyone can help. Was out driving my Ford Fiesta zetec s 1.6 2006 yesterday parked it up on the curb for a few minutes before trying to start the car up. Realised when turning the ignition their was no power going to the starter motor. Have checked the battery, relay and fuses. Passed the starter motor all turning fine but it just doesn’t wanna start up. Have been told it could be a wiring fault from bumping up the curb or the car could be immobilised. Have had the transmission light come on but checked car today and it’s disapeared. Can any one help with the issue?
  3. help battery died on my sons 2011 focus 1.6 zetec, tried starting using jump leads, no joy and showed 'transmission failure' on dash. so forked out for new battery. fitted that today, still showing same warning and will not crank over? btw, its a manual transmission not an automatic anyone got any ideas???
  4. Can anyone give my any ideas ? My focus tdi (12 reg) stalled then would not start, got rac out and it came up with dc/dc convertor fault low current, I have check all fuses and wires and recharge battery (as it now been stood for 3 weeks) put battery back in and now centre which shows clock and radio has gone off ? Car still won't start, not starter motor as car trying to turn over (could it be fuel not going through? ) anyone had this fault? Or know any soulutions ? Thank in advance , Don't want to take to garage as not working and don't have a small fortune.
  5. Right, it's been quite a while since I was on here last. This is sorted now but thought I would mention it here as I found it hard to get info on this. Mates sons car 2010 fiesta 1.6 d 8v shredded it's cam belt and he drove it to garage. Anyway garage replaced belt and water pump but it would not start. They basically washed there hands of it and delivered it back on trailer. I removed head and one valve per cylinder had contacted pistons so had valves checked and reground as passing and skimmed put back together but no didn't start. Replaced the crank pulley as it was damaged on the magnetised section for the sensor but still no go. Showed no faults with diagnostic tool and in end after reading up on cams I removed his to see if if was a cast unit or a tube one with lobes sweated on. Turned out to be the latter. Took the plunge and bought new cam and fitted and yes it started. I cant believe how soft these cams are. Anyway if it helps someone great tried loading pic of cams side by side as you can see one cam lobe per cylinder rotated out of position compared to new one obviously when valve hit piston, so valves survived cam didn't. See if pics load now. Sent from my SM-G925F using Tapatalk
  6. The Parrot

    Electrical/Starting Problem

    This is both a problem and a Fix. My 2013 ST3 Estate developed an intermittent fault displaying various error messages on start up which then cleared themselves. Progressed to won't start, cycling through various errors messages and random electrical faults, which then cleared, included Key Not Found despite engine having started. If battery disconnected would restart after about 45 minutes. Checked a lot of web sites which identified the negative earth ground on battery terminal being earthed out on a painted part of the front wing. Cleaned this up so metal to metal and car ran faultlessly for 2 weeks. Suddenly packed up and wouldn't start multiple errors on OBD2, and internal system errors. Internal light shad also packed up.Car recovered by AA. Ford dealer took 2 days to get it started with no idea why it suddenly woke up. Given my input they checked all the "grounds" on the electrics, there are many and found one in the passenger foot well which was virtually disconnected and sparking! All properly re-connected and all is now perfect (touch wood). If you do get electrical faults with no obvious relationship check connections first, they were on the verge of doing "Module Swaps at great cost"!
  7. Budgiestongue

    Fiesta 1.4 tdci code p01910

    Hi all, ive just put a new engine in my fiesta 1.4 tdci and things i replaced from my old onto new engine where fuel pressure sensor as other one had broken connector, throttle thing ontop of engine, water pump, everything else came with engine. Once engine was in and i was happy with everything i pumped hand pump to bleed fuel, turned key and it started 1st time, so next day i started it and got orange cog flashing but started 1st time again, the problem is once i start it on the morning it will run as long as i want but once turned off it wont start again until next day? Ive attached photo of live data and code p0191 fuel rail pressure. Any ideas what could be the problem? Do i need a new sensir or does it need bleeding? Cheers.
  8. Jill


    Mondeo Clipper probably 2001 (some papers says 2003). My partner went to turn the car around (cold), stalled it and cant start it since. The engine turns well, but it won't fire. Cabled it to a large van to make sure battery has the juice, it turns well but just wont start. Has a half tank of diesel, is on a slight slope. Never had any problems before.
  9. Hey, I've got a (new to me) '62 plate focus estate titanium X, 1.6TDCI (115) stop-start engine with keyless entry and keyless start button. it has around 120k on the clock. Timing belt/chain has just been done. I've had it arpund 2 weeks. I have a problem where the car will not start using the button (have not tried the emergency key yet) it takes many attempts for the car to start. A faint, but dull click can be heard after pressing the button - sounds a bit like the starter motor solanoid -but don't read too deep into that. it cut out at the weekend when I was on holiday - it was either stop-start kicking in, or me fumbling about and made it cut-out, or it just cut-out its self - I'm not sure. either way it wouldn't start, all signs pointed towards having a flat battery, that's what it felt like. THe AA came out and couldn't start it either, eventually it just started by fluke.140miles later after getting going again it did the same thing when I turned the car off to pick the dog up, got in the car and it would not start until about 8 tries of pressing the button, each time there was a faint, dull clicking noise from the engine bay. there's no warnings that I can see, but I did see *something* about hill-start assist on the display as I got into the car for the first time on the day it first broke down. here's a video (car was warm - I'd just stpped it to nip into doctors) The AA ran diagnostics but their system didn't read the ford codes and he said there were 5 electrical faults in the memory but he could not tell me what the errors meant. (p.s I'm not talking about the ~4 sec delay between pressing the button and waiting for the coils to warm up where the engine fires its self after the short pause. This happens with a warm car too)
  10. miff


    hi have a 04 streetka been doing some work on it for mot I think after battery removed and jump start my problem started. I get nothing when I try to start now when I turn ignition on abs & oil lights come on but I don't get ignition or battery light. thanks for any help
  11. Hi, please can someone help. i was spraying some egr valve cleaner(link at top of page) through the air intake as instructed on the can. i accidently sprayed too much the car over rev and a big black ball of soot shot of the exhaust pipe. then the car stalked and now it wouldn't start. It's cranking but not turning over. please can someone help
  12. Hi all...... please help if you can today whilst driving my ford fiesta cut out for no reason and wouldn't start back up..... there where no warning signs car has been driving like a dream and starts first time only bought the car not even a week ago full service history so can't think of what it could be. The fuel pump is working as you can hear at first turn on the ignition.... it's trying to start but won't do the last cough to start engine management light on dash and oil light too but thus happened today when it conked out has anyone had this problem before because it has completely baffled me Mechanic has it now but won't be plugging it in till tomorrow but even he his baffled too Please help ford fiesta LX 1.3 duratec engine ohc it's just had a service before purchase 73000 on the clock and chain driven All help appreciated and welcomed
  13. Hi all I have a 53 plate fiesta 1.25 zetec been great till the other day there I was stuck on m25 for 2 hrs as normal car was running fine until I parked up outside my house were the coolant decided to empty itself all over the drive I refilled it and it happened again and wouldn't start. now it wont start and every so often I hear a sqeak/farty noise and it seems to take an endless amount of water. I have a induction kit fitted and when taking it off there seemed to be water on top of carb. Has anyone got any ideas I was thinking it could be headgasket but didn't want to rip it to pieces on a off chance thanks for any ideas please
  14. farrenrob

    Fiesta 1.25 Zetec 2001

    I have a Fiesta that has been standing in the garage for about 12 months, i went to start it recently after charging the battery as it was flat but the car would not fire.There is no priming sound from the fuel pump when the ignition is switched on so i swopped the fuel pump relay and checked the fuse.The inertia switch was also ok but still no noise from the pump.Can anyone tell me how to check if there is any supply to the pump.Any help would be much appreciated.Thank you.
  15. liamthecoder

    Focus Tdci Jumpstarted

    I just bought a focus 1.6 tdci and serviced it, started it up and it fired up 1st turn of the key and ran for 2 - 3 minutes then died i then attempted to start the car and it just turned over , i checked the fault codes and u1900 (Can Bus Fault) was stored, as well as another one for the instrument cluster which pretty much said that the car was immobilised and another code relating to insufficient security data i reset the codes and attempted the start the car to no avail, i then attempted to jump start it and it just turned over, i checked the battery and the positive terminal has been arcing so i fixed it the speedo then started displaying ------ and now it wont even turn over i then charged the battery overnight and checked all the fuses (3 amp in engine bay etc) tried again today and the immobilizer flashes 16 times (Can Bus Fault) Before the car died autocom could connect to all the ecu's/systems on this car but now the main ecu wont respond, anyone had this issue? anyone got any ideas how to start this car?
  16. hi iv recently bought a 2001 focus 1.8 tddi it was running fine till the other day when driving home the battery light come on I tried to start it the day after but the battery was flat I called the AA and they said it was the alternator, so I went and got a recon and fitted it. All good but when I charged the battery up and put it on it wouldn't start it just turns over. I recalled the AA out and they tried bleeding the fuel system didn't work he tested the glow plug they worked fine also the immobiliser light goes out so its not that. he said he couldn't repair it and didn't know what was wrong I know the pump is ok because before the alternator was fitted it would start fine with jump leads so please if any one has any idea please please help
  17. hi iv recently bought a 2001 focus 1.8 tddi it was running fine till the other day when driving home the battery light come on I tried to start it the day after but the battery was flat I called the AA and they said it was the alternator, so I went and got a recon and fitted it. All good but when I charged the battery up and put it on it wouldn't start it just turns over. I recalled the AA out and they tried bleeding the fuel system didn't work he tested the glow plug they worked fine also the immobiliser light goes out so its not that. he said he couldn't repair it and didn't know what was wrong I know the pump is ok because before the alternator was fitted it would start fine with jump leads so please if any one has any idea please please help
  18. hey all, im new to the forum, but need some me advice. i bought a 2006 fiesta 1.4 tdci about 3 weeks ago, i test drove it and it was perfect start to finish. once i paid for it and started driving home it was fine until i stopped to fill it up with fuel. the car wouldnt start, it would turn over and you can hear it trying but nothing. i rung evans halshaw up and they sent a recovery truck, in the mean time the car finally started. they told me once it got back to the garage that it wont start when its warm but will when it is cold, something to do with fuel not getting to the engine when its warm. they have replaced the fuel rail and sent the injectors away for inspection (they passed) but still i have the same problem. is there any advice here which i can tell the garage?
  19. Hi guys, I have an 05 zetec 1.6 Focus which this morning decided it didn't want to start... I turned the key and just got a single click...I tried the windows and lights etc and all seem to have enough power to work but the engine wont turn over... I have checked all fuses and they all seem to be ok but after checking them I turned the key again this time i'm getting a low whine from the engine bay and a slight electrical burning smell, this is currently where i'm at? I have read another forum post on here where the guy seemed to have pretty much the exact same issue and he replaced the battery and all is now good however he did not mention about power to electric windows or headlights etc he just said the dash lit up...just want some advice before I give Halfords any money. Many thanks in advance.
  20. Hi to you all. This pertains to a 2002 Focus 1.7 LX TD DI diesel estate. Every so often the car will not start, all lights show on dash but when you turn the ignition there is not even a click, absolutely zilch. Dash lights don’t dim, radio works, electric windows go up and down. I then charge the battery and every thing is good to go. Now this is what has me banging my head against the wall… I replaced the battery then drove 30 miles, parked the car up and when I came back it wouldn’t start, again not a click, nothing apart from all the lights showing on the dash so had to bump start it. Came back home turned ignition off then tried it again immediately and it started. I left it for an hour and it still started. Prior to changing the battery the car would start every day for a couple of weeks before doing nothing, hence recharging the battery and then finally changing it, but after today I suspect it is not the battery. I’m sure this is a common problem and most probably there are lots of possibilities as to rectifying the fault but I’d like to know please what you think is the most likely ones bear in mind that I am not a mechanic or auto electrician? I thank you in advance for your suggestions.
  21. Hi, ok my car Focus TDDi 52 would run fine, the odd morning it would start, then 10 seconds later revs drop then cut out - this happened about 3 times - weeks apart. The car would pretty much start fine straight after and no probs. Then this happened again but would not start up and hasn't since. I got a F - Super 2 and these are the results. I admit I'am very amateur at mechanics but can and have fixed cars before. I'm fairly skint so if you guys could share any of your knowledge that could fix this, I would really appreciate it. Cheers in advance. B2141 NVM configuration failure P1246 Alternator load input failure P1632 Smart alternator faults sensor / circuits B1359 Ignition run / acc circuit failure B1318 Bat low (I've charged and tried)
  22. Hey guys, My 2007 1.8 TDCI Edge Ford mondeo (96,000miles) cut out on me while taking off from some traffic lights the other day. The car had been running fine and then as I accelerated from the lights the car revs seemed to go way up and then I heard a whining noise, the car lost power and then died on me. I have been unable to start it since. When I turn the key the radio and windows etc still come on but the ignition just makes a clicking sound. Previously there have been a couple of times when the car would not start but as these were random incidents split by months I put it down to the frosty weather and a low battery. I also noticed a few times where I have went to change gear and it seemed like it was sticking but on second attempt worked fine. Not sure if these are be related. Does anyone have any ideas what could be the problem? I have been told that it could be the flywheel but I've also been told by others that it could be the starter / drive belt Thanks
  23. nuttyamy

    Car Gone Wrong Again :-(

    So after weeks of problems with my car it appears all problems were sorted: new battery, new cat, new spark plugs, new lambda sensor, new expansion tank, new thermostat and most recently new temp sensor. We have had ALOT of snow over the last day or so as I imagine a few people have. My Dad went to start my car today (it has sat there since Thursday afternoon it is now Saturday afternoon) and it wouldn't start. He said it seems like there is no spark although it is turning over. He took te plugs out and they were all clean and there was no water or moisture on or around them. Last week what I thought was the final issue was the temp sensor which was fitted by the AA when the car kept cutting out. I don't want to have to call them out for this problem as well if I don't have to. Anyone have any suggestions or is literally just the cold? it's been one thing after another lately and now i just feel :(
  24. FiestaFiasco

    Mk5 Unusual Electrics Problem

    2004, Fiesta Zetec, 1.4L, petrol, manual Car recently developed some odd symptoms which I think are a problem with the electrics. Any advice gratefully received. Just in case it is relevant - Car lives on a fairly steep drive, nose pointed up hill, and has been parked unused in fairly heavy rain for 2-5 days between uses recently. Wednesday 6th (last week) First use in a couple of days. 3 very short drives (5 mins each) with car parked and engine off for 5 mins in between each drive. Started fine and ran fine but I had the ABS and handbrake lights turning on and off as I drove. I assumed the brakes might have rusted and got stuck (as has happened before) so I did a bit of sharp braking and releasing to unstick them. No obvious change. The lights may have sometimes been triggered by me braking but not obviously. Monday 11th (today) First use in 5 days. 3 very short drives (5 mins each) with car parked and engine off for 5 mins in between each drive. Started fine, battery really seemed to have no trouble turning the engine over, sounded normal etc. Also ran fine. This time I had just the battery light on. Was a little worried that at one of my stops the car wouldn't start again, but no problems. After the 2nd stop I started also getting the ABS and handbrake lights coming on and off (battery light is constantly on). Then the radio started playing up, going silent, randomly losing the signal and searching etc. Then I noticed that the windscreen wipers were slowing down, starting to judder, I put them up to full speed and they still crawled. Engine was still running fine. Parked on the drive, nose up hill as normal. Turned off the engine. 5 Minutes later I had to go out again but I couldn't start the car. Battery seemed completely flat, groaned and couldn't even turn the engine over once before giving up. LCD displays of fuel and temperature did some funny patterns then calmed down. I tried the engine once more, got the same feeble effort from the battery. I took my wife's car out instead, for 10 about minutes. Returned and parked ready to jump start the Fiesta. Gave the fiesta one last chance before rolling it out of the drive and the car started perfectly first time, no suggestion that the battery had any trouble. I decided to turn the car around in the drive, to make it easier to roll out should I have to jump start it later. Noticed that the battery light was still on, handbrake and ABS lights were not but windscreen wipers and radio were still acting odd. Parked the car nose downhill this time. Turned off the engine and out of curiosity tried to turn it back on again. Acted as if the battery were totally flat again. So I seem to have a battery that goes flat while the engine is running, then charges itself when the engine is off. I am pretty sure physics says this is impossible so I assume the problem is somewhere in the electrics not the battery. I had a look under the bonnet, but I didn't really know what I should be looking for. I couldn't see any obvious frayed cables or connectors sitting in puddles of water. Any suggestion of what it could be, or any diagnostics I can do?