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Found 17 results

  1. doggsbody

    Mk5 cabby bits wanted

    At the moment my mate's looking for the roof/window rubbers for his mk5 essy, must be in good condition with all the rubber lug bits on, there's other bits he wants but that's his main part for now
  2. Hello Everybody, I am searching for a the sideskirts original for the last escorts MK4 XR3i in '89-'90 (see image attached) Ford part codes are as following: Right 1654898 Left 1654899 If anybody has these available, please contact me.
  3. Hi guys I've got a 1989 XR3I cabriolet which has a bodykit fitted from an Orion 1600E ( I think) it's all genuine rs stamps on both bumpers and I have 2 skirts aswell. I'm removing them as I've just bought the car and don't like them, are they worth anything or am I better binning them? Cheers
  4. Hawkeye92

    Ford Meet Just Off J17 M25?!

    Update: This meet will take place at the Dumb Bell Pub near Maple Cross, on Saturday 23rd November at 3:30PM The postcode for the pub is SL9 0QY. This is the first event that I have attended/organised, so I will play it by ear once people arrive, but we will be convoying down to the 'Ford's the only way' meet at the Ace Cafe which starts at 6PM (around half an hours drive away I reckon) Please let me know if you are planning to attend and how many you are bringing so I can give the pub an idea of how many of us nutters to expect in their car park! I look forward to meeting a few other Blue Oval enthusiasts :) Hawkeye92 Hi All, I'm hoping to organise a Ford Meet at the Dumb Bell pub, Maple Cross, which is just off the M25 (easy access for all, right?! :P) No specific ideas for a date yet, but this is a nice drive away from the Ace Cafe, so I would suggest we meet for a park up and a chat at the Dumb Bell pub (decent sized car-park - SL9 0QY) and take a convoy down to join one of the Ford meets at the Ace cafe, would be wicked to arrive in style, Blue Ovals shining... I'd love to meet owners of any fords, always been a ford man, and I'll be there with my mk4 escort, hopefully drag my mate along in his RS1600i, let me know if you fancy coming and what you've got. Cheers, Hawkeye92
  5. Hi All, Having some difficulty establishing the source of an electrical fault which means I currently only have one brake light on my cabbie. The near side brake light is out, however when I swap the bulbs over left to right the bulb is fine on the other side, and the nearside still doesn't come on. I haven't double checked this, but as far as I'm aware both brake lights are on the same fuse, so I don't think that is the issue. I'm going to go round the car with a multimeter see if I can't find the problem, but I wondered if there were any common places, or if anyone has had an issue like this in the past? Cheers, Hawkeye
  6. L666JER

    Mk4 Xr3I Rear Wiper Arm

    Hi, Just picked up a 1987 Mk4 XR3i, and I am struggling to find a replacement wiper arm for the rear windscreen. Anyone know where I can get one? Any help will be appreciated.
  7. Hey! I've not posted in a while and I was having a think. Would it be possible to take the front spotlights off and Alloys from an XR3i and put them onto my MKIII Fiesta. I know the Alloys won't be hard as obviously it's just a wheel change and then a balance but the Spotlights look so good and I would be wondering if you lot would think it would be hard at all? The wheels: The Spotlights: From looking into this there is the lights and then the mounting brackets, but the wiring just looks like a bare wire? Would this be wired into the source of the main beams as they're not sidelights in any ways. For MOT purposes would this be a fail if I was to do this? Most of all has this been done previously that people know of where I could go for information? Also for insurance purposes will the lighting make it more expensive do people reckon? I know the only true way to find out is to inform my insurance but considering it's only lighting (which in theory will make it saver) but obviously it's a modification.... Many thanks in Advance, Mark S
  8. northerner

    Another New Boy

    Hi all Owner of a stunning 1990 XR3i Cabriolet New into this ford business and loving it Carl -
  9. Hi guys and girls got a quick question for you all. my lovely old car (more old then lovely lol) hates being driven when its cold, It starts fine and stays running but if you try and drive it has no power and tryes to die so for the first 5 or 10 mins it drives like a bag of spuds but when the engine has warmed up its off like a rocket we go lol maybe its just like me and hates getting up in the moring, but it does it when its been driven then sat all day so it cant be that. Any ideas why it hates being being driven when its cold , was thinking it could be the mixture or could it be something to do with air as it doesnt have the original air filter its got a K&N cone maybe something just needs a tweek ( probabily a good service would help) . It revs fine but just wont pull untill its warmed up and also on a couple of ocasions traving ( i do quite a lot of moterway) if you hit traffic or roadworks so have to sit at 30 from doing an hour at 70 it trys to cut out / do that same thing it does when its cold. its never stoped or stalled though. If anyone has any ideas would be greatful if you could let me know Cheers :)
  10. MissEscortXr3i

    Power Steering In An Escort Xr3I :)

    hey my names lucy this is my first post as iv just joined ur website.... i have just bought my first ford :-) shes a lurvly 1990 xr3i cabriolet in white she needs a good clean but its in good condition i have a couple of questions that need answering if anyone is up for it :-) first of all im wondering if its a possibility to do a power steering conversion ? as im a girl n its a bit hard to park lol if its possible then i would like too know what parts i would need or if it would be easier too get a car n take the bits off ?? also i saw that you can get insurance discount how do i do this ?? all answers appreciated thanks guys....lucy xx
  11. funkyd


    From the album: My 1990 Ford Escort XR3i

  12. funkyd


    From the album: My 1990 Ford Escort XR3i

  13. funkyd


    From the album: My 1990 Ford Escort XR3i