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Guide - To Fit Ford Focus Esp Button

A guide on how to fit an ESP Button in your Ford Focus -Preee

First of all i did not write the attached guide , this was done by some clever Russian guy , i will attach his guide as a pdf file which i have translated to English , i have not altered it in any way i have just followed it but adjusted a few things for my own fitting.
The Russian Guide ----- in Downloadable PDF translated to English >>>ESP-button.pdf

This guide does not ADD ESP to your car it just allows the Focus ST quick turn off button.
Under take any changes to your car at your own risk.

Tools required. Approx time 3.5 hrs much of it panic smile.png

Finis-order code = > 1492837 silver button ESP
various screw drivers
Drill and bit 3mm
scotch locks
insulation tape
3 core 10 amp wire 2 meters long
Socket set
USB internal connector block for the required pins
shrink warp
soldering iron
3 pairs of clean boxer shorts smile.png

Back ground
First brought this button last year hoping it would be like the Fiesta and simply plug and play as i found i had the wiring in my Titainum.
Not so , second attempt was to try Ford , they could not activate it via IDS and also said they would not activate it !!!!.
A lot of searching let me to a Russian web site , where i found the guide , wow scratching my head and translating i thought , no no , to hard to do.
Well i translated the full guide although not perfect and decided to give it a try smile.png

I fitted the switch in reverse order to the guide as i found that easier.

First of all the Proof.

I will not go into the Full Guide i will just put what i found out while doing it.
Seems although i had the wiring inside the car , it stopped at connector C111 so i did not have the ST wiring loom under the bonnet.
So the only thing of use was the connector inside my car next to the heated rear screen.
You need 5 Wires to complete this MOD.

-1pin -> the 1 pin block S111-> the F19 (10A) fuse under the bonnet
-2pin -> Earth
-3pin -> backlight button connected to side lights circuit
-5pin -> the 5 pin block S111-> the 8 pin Connector C830 (connector ESP); OFF button Light signal from GEM
-6pin -> the 10 pin block S111-> the 38 pin Connector (connector block s830 ESP).Main Signal to GEM

S111 is the connector under the bonnet behind the Battery which needs to be drilled to allow the fitment of 2 wires to Pin 38 and pin 8 .

Pin 1 on the switch connects to the Green/Yellow wire on Fuse 19 on the ABS in the Fuse box under the bonnet.

Most of the time taken was removing the battery and battery box and gaining entry to the underside of the fuse box.

As there are no pins to attach too in S111 i had to think hard , i finally found an old USB header block , Internal plug 8 pins , i removed a pin and tried it on the pins in S111 , perfect fit , so i set about drilling the back of the S111 to allow me to insert the pins.
That's the tricky part and please take your time on this.

Solder my wires to the pins and wrapped in shrink wrap for protection.Inserted them into the correct 38 and 8 sockets , held them in place while i push fitted S111 back into place so they did not come out. Secured the wiring again. next was the Pin 1 feed from the Fuse 19 , i scotch locked into this wire. Secured all wires and then feed them all through the large rubber gromet next to S111 .
Removed glove box and radio surround and fed the wires through to the switch.

I cut the three wires and taped them up as i did not want any part of the circuit going some where i did not know and scotch locked the wires as per the guide to the back of the plug.
And tested smile.png

The pins i used. and some more pictures.








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