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Green Cotton Performance Induction Filter Fitting Guide

ive done some research on the internet prior to choosing the correct brand of replacment induction filter, most would assume that the best choice to be K&N but i have found Green Cotton Air filter to have the edge over K&N or PiperCross due to Green's manufacturing process being more hands on instead of automated manufacturing.

the green filter in bonded with precision to the frame of the filter the results are more air flow in to the filter whereK&N use an automated process resulting in over use of bonding glue to the frame of the filter which can spread across the panel restricting flow and performance of the filter leaving is performing less than K&N's original prototype that they use to get their gains figures from.
but anyways enough of me blabbing on about the differences, because the information is available on other websites for all to view without me re-typing it lol.


to purchase a Green Cotton performance induction filter for your ford and feel the difference for yourself log on to
and get 10% Discount off your Green Cotton Performance filter by using the code FORDOWNERSCLUB10 you can also get 20% Discount off any Ritchbrook branded stock by entering Discount Code: RICHBROOK20 both offers are exclusive to members of fordownersclub.com special thanks to Ross at Priracing for this kind offer.

So here's whats in the box for the focus 1.6TDCi induction filter.




Ive decided to upgrade the standard ford induction filter in my 1.6TDCi focus to a free flowing high performance induction filter. and since i was changing it ive decided to create this guide to show others what is envolved aswell as report on the performance difference between the stock and aftermarket direct replacment air box filter.

fitting time takes around 15-20 minutes,
Tools required are an 8mm socket and a pair of rubber latex gloves


So Open the bonnet,


remove the battery cover if fitted. and using the 8MM socket loosen the 4 bolts that are holding the lid of the induction box in place. please note the bolts do not pull free/seperate from the lid, they remove from the bottom section but stay inside the lid section by design,


Once lid has been removed you will see your heavy stock ford filter,
hopefully ford wont have bent your stock filter when putting it in their as they have done with mine.


place your hand on the top end of the filter and pull upwards to remove it. once removed, ensure the lid from the induction box aswell as the 8mm socket are stored off of the engine bay and close the bonnet if you are planning to wait a couple of minutes prior to fitting the new filter.
this will help prevent any contamination getting in to the induction pipes.


Here are some images of the stock induction filter removed from the induction box, it is heavier than the replacement and it manufactured with a paper style material that becomes very soft and britle when wet or damp,

wet or damp conditions can occour in the induction box in both winter and summer being caused by the heat of the engine creating condensation in the air box, thankfully the material used in the Green filter is cotton a much better material for this type of filter and alot more breathable in both damp and dry conditions.


as you can see more clearly in the image below, the stock filter was bent when installed and i assume by my local ford dealership last march when it was booked in for a full service, thankfully by fitting the Green filter in the induction box, ford wont have any reason to touch the replacment filter any time soon because its good for 80,000 miles, when that distance has been clocked Priracing also stock & supply cleaning kits for the induction filters to renew the life for a further 80,000 miles.


as you can see in the image below, the inside area of the stock filter is very small and the 117 pleates seem to be crammed togeather very tightly, to
be honest i wouldnt consider the stock induction filter to be sufficient enough to breath through air for myself never mind the engine and a human body wouldnt vacum as much air in as a car.

i really didnt expect it to be so restricted,


Since i had the filter removed i decided to take the oppertunity to clean out the induction filter housing, and i spotted what i assumed to be a stone in the base of the air box, i couldnt reach in to pick it out with my hands so i had to fetch a tweasers from the tool box.


To my surprise it wasnt a stone at all ohmy.png as you can see in the image below, it was a Snail biggrin.png i know diesel engines are said to be slugish but i didnt ever expect to find a Snail stuck inside the air box, it would be fantasy to assume that he got sucked off the road in to the induction box, laugh.png but i can only assume that he went in their when the car was in it's 6 month storage period earlier in the year. perhaps he thought he found a mate with the Garret GT1544v Turbo situated to the left of the induction filter housing.


I used to Matt finish Armor All dashboard wipes and a hoover to clean out the inside of the induction filter housing, then closed the bonnet for uu15 minutes allowing the area time to dry before fitting the new free flowing Green Cotton Performance Induction filter.


I decided to meassure the differences between the filters to observe if their was any. i found that had ford not buckled the stock filter installing it in to
the induction housing the it would be the same height as the Green Cotton Performance Filter at just under 8'' Inches.


The filters differ in width/diameter though, the stock filter is 6'' inches in width/diameter and the new Green Performance Filter is 5.5'' in idth/diameter
this will allow more air circulation around the filter inside the airbox, aswell as more base clearance in the unfortunite event of any water engress due to flooding, the Green Cotton filter is positioned .5'' higher in the induction housing aswell as being constructed of Cotton it wont store much moisture compared to the stock paper style filter that could potentially store up to 3 times its size in moisture.




Overall the Materials that have been used to create the Green Performance filter are considerably better than the stock ford induction filter, this can be most clearly saw on the image below with the support bar to prevent folding of the filter. ford have got a similar type of support on the stock filter but it is less than 1mm thick and of flat design which makes it usless due to its ability to kink easily thus weakening the structure and allowing the filter to fold as it has on mine. Green Performance have addressed the issue much better by fitting round stainless steel supports which have no corners to kink and would withstand much much higher pressure than the stock filter support, To give you an idea of this: if you were to squeeze the stock filter support bar then it would bend, but i reckon if you were to hammer the suppot on the Green Performance filter, it still woudnt budge or deform.
Quality Stuff all round. cool.png


In the images below you can see for yourself the bonding of the filter with no glue, or plastic obstructing the flow of the filter and a consistant straight edge around the housing.


Below is an image taken of inside the Green Cotton Performance Filter, Their is much more room for air and you can even see much more light through
the 0.1 Micron holes in the cotton. resulting in free flowing clean filterd air going in to your motor as it demands.
resulting in less lag and a perfect mix of fuel and air, resulting in better engine performance, better sound and more MPG.


The Image Below is inside the stock Ford Induction Filter. sad.png

At this point the induction filter would be dry and free of contaminants, so time to get fitting the new performance filter! biggrin.png


Remove the plastic cover from the filter and put on the latex gloves to prevent any dirt on your hands from staining the lovely Performance
Green colour of the filter that is much like the focus RS


Align the filter rubber base up to the pipe ensuring the induction pipe is inside the filter rubber flap, i found the easiest way to do this is to gently push the filter on to the pipe while rotating it in one direction, by rotating it you will pass through the full seal area and be able to stretch the rubber flap of the filter around the pipe forming a good Clean seal.


Once the filter is positioned on the induction pipe correctly, The next step is to rotate it while gently pushing at the same time, in order to bring the lip of the filter flap to the bottom of the induction pipe and tight to the wall of the induction filter housing as you can see in the image below.


when the filter is positioned fully home, as saw in the image above this text, then it should slot in to the two teeth on the opposite wall of the filter housing as saw in the image below this text.


Their is also a rubber plug that holds the unduction housing in the engine bay and helps to prevent vibration, mine came loose when cleaning the induction filter housing so its a good precaution to ensure it is pushed down when fitting is completed.



The filter is now fitted tightly in position, their is no guidance on either filter in regards to where the support bar section of the filter should be positioned, but i decided to position it in the same place that the stock one was damaged, it may prevent any damage from happening or support a weak spot i dont know but its as good a place as any,


Final step is to replace the housing and re-tighten the four 8mm bolts, take care to ensure that the right side of the lid is sitting in to the groove on the top end of the induction filter because the top section of the filter is also the side wall of the induction box, this design by ford may be to assist cooling inside of the housing.





Finally replace the battery lid and close the bonnet, take the car for a drive and feel the difference for yourself,


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