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Guide To Fit A Focus Rear Badge Light

Well it arrived all the way from China biggrin.gif

Price £12.56.

This is a rear badge LED , fit's underneath the Ford badge , it has 3 wire's and 3M tape either side. Black = earth , Green = red (brake light) , Red = White (side light).

When i actually get to fit it i will show pics.

Legally i don't know full implications but as it will act as a 4th brake light i can't see a problem , unsure yet if i will wire the white side light in or not depending how bright it actually is when fitted.

I have tested it with power supply and it works so there's a good start.

Had a quick look and i may had to trim the outside edge or file it down for fitment.

So i will update this thread as i fit the light.

this is what it should look like:.



1) What was in the Box. , Light , Orange tassle , fitting instructions , even wife did not want orange tassle , she is so ungratefull wink.gif


2) Image before i started


3) Using hex screw driver bit , remove the 2 screws in finger recess , panel is secured then by at least 7 push fit clips , working from the bottom up to each side , balancing the panel and not dropping it like it did.smile.gif


4) Panel removed.


5) With 10mm socket undo 6 securing nut's , there are 2 plastic clips that stop it dropping to the floor.


Undo wiring plug. prize out gromet from the front . Drop down allowing plastic clips to be pulled up and remove trim.


7) Rear view with trim removed

8) Removed trim


9) This is where the tears started to flow , realizing that the badge was thin metal shape fully secured to the plastic trim with double sided tape. First tried a little pressure , this was never going to happen. On the back of the badge location "no going back" i got out my trusted Fake Dremell "cheaper version" and ground away the plastic injection mould at the rear of the badge to gain access to the badge.


10) using a small bladed sharp knife i inserted the blade into the hole working my way around to cut the securing tape. I had to make the whole bigger to allow better access. Working slowly i cut through the tape and removed the very thin badge


11) This is what was left. ohmy.gif Soon realizing that if i fitted the light onto where the bagde had come from there was no way it was going to fit. "swearing session began".


12) Deep breath. back to my fake dremell , using one of the cutting bits i set about removing the badge backing from the trim ph34r.gif .Cut finger later and using small sanding bit i smoother off the cut edge


13) Placing the trim back up against the car , and trying the Light badge in the space , i realized the badge was slighty too wide and the bottom edge was not sitting very good on the lower section , so i smoothed out the bottom edge with the fake dremell and also reduced the two sides until it felt like a good fit.


4) Trip to Halfords to get some Double sided numberplate pads , and stuck the Cleaned up badge to the LIght fitting, and re-tested the light



15) Made a small hole in the Rubber gromet and fed the wires through.


16) Re-fitted the trim to the car and inserted the rubber gromet , pealed back of light pad sticky 3M and positioned into place (Smiling at this point) , Nice fit after all my efforts. Trip back to Halfords as i forgot my scotchlocks and also got some clear silicon. Pulled badge forward a little and applied clear sealent to the outside edge and pushed back into place and wiped clean.


17) Wiring. The number plate wires were coloured Black and Yellow , connected Black to Black and Yellow to Red light cables. Fingers crossed
i turned the lights on .It worked.



18) Now for the brake light , Removing the top boot trim located the wires to the rear LED brake light , removed the rear brake light and unplugged the wire's. pulled wires back hrough to get better access. both wires were black ohmy.gif .Fed new wire down right hand side of window trim and scotchlocked into one of the wires. Used my tester and dragged son down to press brake pedal. Pure luck i had hit the positive feed. Reassembled the LED and secured wiring and replaced the top trim. Scotchlocked now into the
Green Wire from the light, and tested. Prefect smile.gif . Tieded up the wiring and replaced the boot Trim and inserted the 2 screws back into the finger recess.

19) I will take some night pictures , first impression are very nice, White light is a little to bright IMHO so i will add a resister in there to reduce the intensity of the white light. Red light , works well but not exact same redness as the brake lights and is dimmer than the normal brake lights , i wlll of course be watching for any Blue lights biggrin.gif .With side lights on White light goes out when you hit brakes it is replaced by the red. No lights on then the red light comes on when you Brake.

Nighttime shots,not too clear wifey parked to close to my bumper to get right behind.



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