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How To: Change Speedo Illumination

Hi folks, thought id do a quickie guide on how to change the green
illumination within your speedo units...as you can see from the
following link and pictures included, i have done this myself and works.
i will be happy to help anyone, just ask away.


what you need:

- soldering iron (point nib)
- solder and flux
- tweezers (or some other item to hold SMD LED's
- Desoldering braid
- torx screw drivers
- flat head screw drivers
- Fork
- masking tape
- time, approx 3 hours (taking time and breaks)
- Experience and Nerve to do this. (if it goes wrong, worst case scenerio is new cluster - £700 from ford!!!)

you can purchase the required LED's here: (i am in no way affiliated)

i personally bought 30 as it leaves spares, just incase i cooked any as they are really heat sensitive.

1) disconnect you battery (precautionary measure)
2) pull steering wheel towards you and leave unlocked
3) pull the plastic cowling away from the top of the steering wheel connected to the speedo, to reveal 2x torx screws
4) unscrew torx screws and put somewhere secure
pull the unit away from dash, the unit itself has a clip on the top
about half way...it is very difficult but it will come away with effort.
6) unplug the unit from the car and head to work station.
7) remove the plastic cover, 5 clips around the outside (black)
8) using some tape mark down where the needles sit at rest (dont twist them, its difficult to recallibrate)
9) using the fork remove the needles (the grey base may come off, thats fine) but again dont twist needles!!!
10) remove the black speedo face
11) remove small LCD screen, it slides towards bottom and pulls away...place in safe place.
11) around outside of the remaining unit is white clips...undo these carefully and ply into two parts.
12) you are now left with a white plastic cover and the PCB inside.
13) around the outside of the pcb is more white clips holding it, carefully prize off and remove the PCB.
from here you remove old SMD LED's, use the soldering iron on coolest
setting (if possible) be very very careful not to have it too hot...you
will know if it is as the pads on the circuit board will come up with
the LED...damaging the circuit if you dont know what your doing! so
again dont do it if you have no experiance....get someone who has!!!
15) solder in the new LEDS and reassemble. enjoy new illuminations

i have attached the picture guide to this thread, in order, (thanks to crazyleds.co.uk)

again check the link above to see my work

new focus SMD notes (Large).jpg

new focus step 1 (Large).jpg

new focus step 2 (Large).jpg

new focus step 3 (Large).jpg

new focus step 4 (Large).jpg

new focus step 5 (Large).jpg

new focus step 6 (Large).jpg

new focus step 7 (Large).jpg

New focus PCB layout1 (Large).JPG

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