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! Guide ! Fitting An Engine Cover To The 1.6 Tdci 90Ps Non-Dpf 2008 To Mid-2010 Fiesta

As many of you may know, the Fiesta 1.6 TDCi 90PS (non-DPF) between 2008 and mid 2010, did not come with an engine cover fitted. After that, some of the new 95PS engines did, but as the engine changed to SOHC at that time, the cover will not fit our DOHC 90 PS, non-DPF versions.


This is (was) my 90PS DOHC 1.6 TDCi:


Despite having a Diesel, I actually do a lot of short journeys and I decided to set about seeing if I could get an engine cover fitted to help my car warm up a bit quicker, especially during winter, so as to help engine wear. After a lot of researching, discussion with members in the Focus section on here and a bit of experimentation, I'm pleased to say I found a way!

The key to finding one which will fit, was in the fact that the DOHC 1.6 TDCI 90PS engine, is the same one which was fitted to the MK2/2.5 Focus and 2007-2010 C-Max. With the right parts and a bit of trimming we can make this fit the Fiesta. It's not just cosmetic advantages either, it noticeably gets warmer quicker and has made the engine a little quieter from inside the car too. Enough  background though, onto the guide!

Please read the guide in full and only attempt this if your fully confident you know what  you are doing. I take no responsibility should anything happen to your car as a result.

First you need to get your hands on all the parts, I picked the cover up on ebay which came with the rubber grommet, but you are unlikely to get the bolts and nuts from anywhere but a Ford parts dealer.

1x 1684950 (engine cover)
1x 1556734 (rubber grommet)
1x 1347930 (left stud/bolt)
1x 1449591 (right stud/bolt)
2x 1364348 (nuts)

If you do pick up the cover on ebay, make sure it is the latest version, with the ridges on it, the older versions are bigger and will be even more difficult (if not impossible) to fit to the Fiesta.

Once you have all the parts you will want to fit the two bolts, at first glance, you may assume the bolts go in the white grommets, this is not the case, the bolts actually have to replace two of the existing bolts on the engine. Take the existing bolts out and replace them with the new stud, one side at a time (with the engine off!) and make sure they are nice and tight. You can see the location for these two bolts in the pictures below, (left and right is when viewing the car from the front)

Left bolt:

Right bolt:

Make sure you fit the grommet to the underside of the cover, it just slides into place. You will also want to identify the bracket which the grommet grabs on to:

Now you will need to do some cutting. There are three places the cover will foul in its current state, but with a bit of care you can make it clear easily (its worth offering it up a few times and adjusting as needed):
tutorials-17010-0-13674800-1442771426_th tutorials-17010-0-44572800-1442771427_th tutorials-17010-0-96862500-1442771427_th tutorials-17010-0-41161200-1442771428_th tutorials-17010-0-90298100-1442771428_th tutorials-17010-0-37267200-1442771429_th

Then when you are all done trimming and happy that there is enough clearance for the engine to move about a bit, pop it in place, push down over the bracket to engage the rubber grommet then do up the nuts to hold the cover in place. You do not want to over-tighten these, I simply did them as tight as my fingers could get them. The last thing you want is for the whole stud to start moving as you have done the nuts up too tight.

You should then end up with something like this!


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