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Guide: Mk6/6.5 Manual To Electric Window Conversion

bought a basic low spec mk6 pre facelift fiesta with manual windows, so decided to look in to see if i could convert them to electric, i was pleased to read all over the internet that it was possible (without having to fit relays and wire into fusebox etc) so thought i would look for a decent guide for an amateaur like myself, but unfortunately couldn't find a comprehensive one, so i did the
conversion and took photos so i could put a guide together to help people wanting to attempt it theirselves.

First i must say that if you attempt this and break your car don't blame me, as this is just to show whats involved.

IT is important that if fitting to a pre facelift you must fit the parts from a pre facelift car as the wiring loom plugs are different..... i will add pics at the end of this guide.

tools needed: Philips screwdriver

Flathead screwdriver

Torx drivers (unsure of sizes sorry)

Socket set or spanners (again,sorry can't remember sizes)

parts needed: Door card trim with the cut outs for window switches

Window switches,

Inner door panel with electric window motor,electric window regulator,
and wiring loom obviously with electric window wiring and plugs.i found
buying the whole inner door panel with all the parts attached a much
easier and cheaper option.(£30-50 per side)

Ok first thing to do is disconnect the plug below the door hinges(turn anti clockwise)

next thing to do is remove the door card, so, the first to come off is the window winder :D

to do this, pull it out from the door slightly and you will see a

little spring/clip thingumy, remove it using a flat head screwdriver,


Next remove the mirror panel so twist the little adjuster arm anti clockwise and pull off, then carefully unclip the panel from the door I used a flathead screwdriver to prise (i'd advise you protect plastics by using a cloth between screwdriver and trim) making sure you dont break any of the clips holding it in place.


Next use a flat screwdiver or similar and use to prise off the window winder panel (you dont have to be too careful here as you will be replacing this piece of trim with the one that holds your window switches :)


Now behind the door latch theres a little cover hiding a philips screw, pop off the cover and unscrew the screw.


Remove the two screws holding on the door pull handle, these screws are torx (T25 possibly)


Next lie under the door and you will see two plastic hexagonal screw thingumies on the underside of the door card..... you need to unscrew then pull out.


once you are at this stage, the door card is ready to be unclipped from the door, using a flat screwdriver as a pry tool start on the outside edge of the doorcard just prise out enough to get your fingers between the doorcard and the door, then run your fingers along the bottom of the doorcard, popping the clips out as you go.


Now pull the doorcard out slightly and push it up to unhook it from the window seal. The doorcard still cant be completely removed at this stage, until the door latch has been unclipped..... be careful as you do this as it is quite easy to snap the clip.....


Now that the latch has been unclipped you can now completely remove the doorcard and begin tackling the inner panel.


Remove all the bolts on the outer edge securing the panel to the door, i think there are 12 in total.

now remove the two foam/or rubber gromets that allow you access to the clips which holds the window to the regulator. Note this will be different if you are doing the conversion to a 5 door car (there is only one clip holding the glass to the regulator) unfortunately i don't have a picture of a 5door model.


Next you have to re attach your window winder to roll the window down until you can see the clips that is holding the glass to the regulator (through the holes revealed by the rubber/foam gromets you previously removed)

Now with a decent long screwdriver push the centre of the clip firmly being careful not to slip or you will risk breaking the glass, as you are pushing the clip, pull the window upwards so that it releases from the regulator, then do the same with the other clip(3 door models)


Now that the window is released from the regulator you will discover that theres nothing to hold it in place so instead of removing the window from the door just slide it up the runners and tape it holding it in the up position.

Now for the trickiest part of the whole job, you need to unhook the panel from the locking mech........



the 2 above pictures are from the panel and the lock mech removed from the car just to show whats actually holding it in place,

Theres 3 lugs(circled in the pic) and a little position stopper(i forgot to identify this...but you can clearly see it to the upper left of the panel), and 4 holes on the lock mech, so what you have to do is
slide the panel off the lock but to do this you have to push a screwdriver in to the position stopper to allow the two panels to move.

please be VERY CAREFUL here because you do not want to break the lugs especially when fitting the new electric panel.

sorry if this isn't described very well, but im sure you will see what i mean once you get to this stage.

once you seperate the panel from the lock you can disconnect the central locking plug.

Now you can now remove the panel from the door.


Once you have stripped the door you can then build it back up in reversal of removal using your new electric panels

.Hope this guige helps at least a few of you wanting to do this very worthwhile upgrade.

I mentioned at the beginning of this guide that there are differences between the pre facelift and the facelift wiring looms.......


the above loom is from a PRE facelift mk6 and the loom below is from a facelift mk6.5


Thats about it, but if you need any questions answered or help during the conversion i will try my best to answer and help everyone who attempts the upgrade.


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