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! Guide ! Fitting Aftermarket Tweeters Mk7

One thing that annoys me about Ford is the lack of attention spent on the Audio.
Apart from the navigation headunits fitted to the Mondeo platform (and previous Focus platform), all of the audio systems are built by Visteon (formerly Ford Audio) - yes even the Sony branded models.

The blame cannot be attributed entirely to the Visteon headunits though. The speakers are just as bad!
As an ICE installer of many years, it is no problem for me to change all or part of a system to get the best performance. Sometimes I like to do a full install with custom made speaker and subwoofer enclosures (like my last S-Max install) and sometimes I keep it low key with just a few minor alterations.

After listening to the Fiesta audio for some time, I concluded that a big improvement could be made to the audio simply by replacing the tweeters.
I purchased some JL Audio tweeters for £20 and set about installing them.

Luckily the tweeters can be replaced without removing the door cards.
Here’s how I did it.


The sound is now much brighter and a massive improvement over the muddy original.
All for such a small amount of money and effort.

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