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Guide: Fitting Footwell Lighting To Your Ford

Here is a Guide to fitting footwell lighting in the front and rear of your ford.

also available in PDF format: Guide fitting Footwell Lighting.pdf

For those who have the bulb holders in the front footwells but their is no power in them,
they should purchase Qty: 2 of this Cable which would be 4 metres of cable. http://www.ebay.co.u...=item27bd5915eb
cut the existing loom around two inches from the bulb sockets and fit this loom running the two sockets off the one single run of cable then up the A pillar and splice in to the blue and black cables at the rear of the interior light.

Blue = Positive +
Black = Negative -

alternativly if you do not want to cut or splice the existing loom, you can tape up the existing bulb sockets and fit some new ones, along with the cable and fit them istead.
also if you would prefer not to splice the loom at the rear of the interior light you can purchase an illuminated ignition ring which comes with pre moulded connections that fit in between the connection from the loom to the interiro light.
so you can fit the ignition ring and splice the footwell lighting in to the ignition ring loom instead of the actual ford loom itself.
the ignition rings are available on ebay and come in colours red,blue or white

Below is an image of the loom on the ignition ring for you to get an idea of how they connect to the interior light:


For those who havent got the footwell light sockets or loom present in the front footwells

They need to purchase the sockets to fit the holes which are here http://www.ebay.co.u...=item43ae09c359
plus the cable in the link above too.

finally for both fitments they will require some T10 w5w light bulbs of their choice.

For those who would like to fit some Rear Footwell lighting
i have got Qty 2 of these in red led pods fitted under the front seats of my focus,
one stuck to the top of the footwell blower under each seat facing on to the rear footwells and wired in to the loom of the front footwell lighting.
here are some links to the pods for the rear footwell's.

Be sure to order Qty:2 in order to recieve two of them

Red Pod
Blue Pod
Green Pod
White Pod

Here is a guide on fitting the led pods to the rear footwells in your ford.

you will require

in this guide you will notice i have fitted some 3 led pods and the ones linked in the post above are 5 led their isint really much difference in the additional two leds under the footwell but i reckon the 5 led pods would give a slightly better effect.

as you can see in the image below,
the pods come from the supplier pre-wired with red and black terminals on the ends and 1.5metre of cable attached.



i found the casing of the pods to be quite shiny and i wrapped them in a layer of black electrical tape to help keep them hidden under the rear footwells and not really noticable unless they are illuminated.


first step:
strip the ends of both red and black terminals on the end of both units and splice them togeather with one ond of the purchased 2 metre red&black 10amp cable. join the 3 black feeds to each other and tape them togeather using the purchased e;ectrical tape followed by performing the same action with the 3 red terminals. then tape the two bulk insulated cables togeather to create a Y shaped loom, ensure the red and black feeds are insulated seperatly before taping them togeather as one loom.



if desired you can wrap the surround of the pods in black tape too, then fit one or two double sided sticky pads to one side of each pod.

once complete,
you can then bring the new wired loom with pods attached in to the car.


un-bolt the centre console so as it can be lifted up to fit you hand underneath it,
then begin to fish the cables under the seats on both sides ensuring that they are under the slide rails of the seats,
leave around 2 inches of excess cable encase the units ever get caught on anything the cable is not likely to snap if their is a slight bit of excess their to allow for stretching, for example of a small umbrella was to be pulled from under the seat and it caught on the loom of the footwell light pod.

do not stick the pods to the top of the rear footwell heater blowers yet because they may tear off with the fishing of the cables,
wait to mount them correctly at the end of the process.

next step is to locate the front footwell loom cables on the passenger side footwell,
fish your rear footwell loom in to the front of the passenger footwell through the centre console.

cut the excess cable from the rear footwell loom then like pealing a Banna.
using your stanley blade gently peal back the positive feed on the existing front footwell loom feed.
peel back the sleeving to reveal the copper internal and wrap the red positive around the front footwell stripped positive feed then tape it up with some electrical tape,

and repeat the process for the negative feed.

the front footwell loom cables should be Orange and Black

so splice Red to Orange and Black to Black. ensure to do them one at a time because if the terminals meet then the fuse will blow and you may also need to get the code for the stereo so please ensure not to strip the two terminals at the same time. only stip one then tape it up before stripping the second one.

finally the led pods in the rear will be illuminated if this guide was followed correctly.
and you can position the as required while sticking the other sides of the double sided pads to the tops of the rear footwell blowers.

the rear footwell lights will operate exactly the same and fade in and out in time with the front footwell lighting.




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