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Retrofit Bluetooth With Voice Control and USB for Focus MK2.5

This guide was made when I retrofitted bluetooth to my 2009 RS, it should relate to most MK2.5's

Before you start or order any parts check behind the glove box for the module connector and behind the courtesy light for the microphone connector. If you have both of these then the wiring will already be in place

Parts needed.

BVC module 8M5T-19C112-AN, AP, AR, AS, AT etc ebay for the cheapest around £100, The Ford part Finis 1725849, £312.73.

Module Bracket Finis 1353218 £8.62

Bracket Screw Finis 1355147 £1.15

Screw x2 Finis 1231390 £1.10

Audio Patch Cable Finis 1592580 £9.31

Mic Patch Cable Finis 1592586 £12.67 Only needed for pre 2010 Focus

Microphone Finis 1532666 £41.18 or ebay around £10

Control stalk Finis 1318965 £87.74 or ebay around £20

​USB 2 Female to mini 4 5 pin cable http://www.ebay.co.u...=item5d470ae59b £1.49


First you need to make sure you have your radio code, then as you will be working near the passenger airbag I would recommend you disconnect the battery,

Open the glove box and remove the vent for the air cooler, just give it a pull and it will come off

Posted Image Posted Image

Remove the seven screws that secure the glove box in place then ease the the glove box out so as not to break any of the small securing clips on the cooler pipe.

Posted Image

Slide the glove box out carefully as there are wires still connected to the AUX socket and the airbag deactivation switch if you have it fitted, (another reason for disconnecting the battery).

Posted Image Posted Image

You can also remove the glove box door to allow more access, remove the damper on the left hand side then give the door careful pull and it will pop out of the spring clips circled

Posted Image Posted Image

Once you have the glove box out look on the left hand side for the BVC connector, it's wrapped to the loom with tape. (sorry forgot to take a pic)

Posted Image

Peel the Gray foam back, if your careful it wont rip and can be reused once the BVC connector and cable are released. Whilst the grey foam is peeled back look for a grey connector it will be wrapped up with the rest of the loom in black electrical tape. This is where the audio patch cable needs to go, simply remove the existing one and replace it with the new one you bought from Ford. You can now wrap the gray foam back around the loom.

Posted Image Posted Image New audio patch cable in

Whilst we are in this area look further down the loom and you will see another connector it has 4 black and 4 red/ white wires this is where the microphone patch cable goes.

Posted Image

I've found that Focus built after December 2009 have a different wiring loom, there is no empty socket for the microphone patch cable but the modified loom incorporates the wiring for the microphone

Next step is to mount he module onto the bracket using the larger of the three screws

Posted Image

You can now insert the BVC connector and secure it by moving the white lever to the other end of the connector, you can also put you USB cable in.

Posted Image

Using the other screws you can now secure the module to the underside of the dash, it's a bit difficult but if you let the fuse box down you can reach up through the gap.

Tighten the back one then swing the module up and put the other screw in.

It might be easier to mount the bracket and them mount the module onto it, I don't know as I followed another guide.

Posted Image

Position of BVC once fitted

Posted Image

Secure you USB cable up out of the way of the glove box cavity, depending on where you are going to terminate it you may need another extension cable.

You can now reinstall the glove box and re-secure the fusebox.

To fit the microphone you need to remove the courtesy light and surround, start by getting your nails in between the clear lens and the unit at the back then work your way around the sides to the front and the lens will come off.

Posted Image

You will now see a metal spring clip, I'm not sure of the correct way to remove this so what I did was to use a small screw driver to pry the back of the clip forward or towards you.

Posted Image

The light unit will now come down and you will have access to the two screws holding the surround in place, remove these and remove the surround, it will go past the light unit once the connector for the mic has been loosened.

Posted Image

There will be a round piece of foam in the cavity where the mic goes so remove it first then pop the mic in and connect it up.

Posted Image

Refit the surround and the light unit making sure you get the metal reinforcing ring in the correct position in the surround.

The radio control stalk is straight forward, just insert a screw driver into the small orifice on the back of the stalk and ease it out being careful as there is a couple of wires attached.

Posted Image Posted Image

Swap the wiring to the new stalk and reinsert it, you will here a twang when it's fully in.

That's it reconnect the battery and put your code into the headunit everything should now work apart from Voice Control.

Voice Control

If everything is working except voice control you will need to enable the function. You can do this using a modified elm327 OBDII and ELMConfig

Once you have your elm327 connected to you car and your laptop, set the elm327 to MS-CAN

Start ELMConfig and click Open Port

Click on SRM then Configuration, as a precaution you should read from SRM and save cofiguration then just follow what is on the pic and your voice control should now work Posted Image

Posted Image

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