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Fiesta Aftermarket Puddle lights Guide *unfinished*


Heres a quick simple guide to fit puddle lights to a mk7/7.5. This was easier for me as i already had the supply in for the footwell lights i added in .This is only a guide, do what you thinks best. Im no proffesional haha

Things you will need:

An LED strip (Must be waterproof, 12v and cuttable) - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/111138712036?var=410200128586&ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649

2 core cable - (best to get about 9 metres) - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/20-AWG-Wire-Cable-Leads-for-single-colour-LED-Strip-Black-Red-Extension-1m-UK-/271364801768?pt=UK_BOI_Electrical_Components_Supplies_ET&var=570245344131&hash=item3f2e9a44e8

Plastic trim tool (This is highly reccomended to damage to plastics isnt done)

Single lenth of cable/wire - about 1.5m , i used a core out of electrical cable (This is needed to get from the interior light to the door seal)

Soldering iron

Torx screwdriver (to get the door card off)

Connector block, crimps OR heatshrink

Insulating tape

Multimeter is handy but not needed

How glue gun is handy but not needed

Step 1: Remove the interior light, use a small flat head screwdriver and push it up in the centre of the light closest to the front window side.It should then hinge down. It should then just pull down. Once you have it down disconect the two connectors

Step 2: Solder the cable to the correct positions, a multimeter can be used to find the postions

Step 3: Remove the passengers door seal, the whole thing doesnt have to come of just enough to get he cable down, best starting from the top.

Step 4: Use a peice of wire/cable to fish from the interior light to the door seal, then tape the cable from the light to it and pull it through to the door seal. (If you want to plug the light back in you can just remember to keep it OFF!)

Step 5: Take your glove box out, just open it and squeeze in either side and it will just hinge down. (Think the plastic panel beneath needs to come of to but not 100% sure, theres just one popper that needs pulled out.)

Step 6: Push the cable up behind the seal from the roof down to the behind glovebox area, then push all the seal back on, leave a little spare up at the roof space so heres no tension on the solder connection.

Step 7: now take of the black clip where the cable connector is, just push down from the top with a flat head screwdriver and itll unclip.

Step 8: Feed the cable/wire you used for the interior light - door seal through the hole where cables go through (Behind to glovebox through to the outside of the car where the cables go to the door) This is pretty tricky on the passengers side

Step 9: Now tape the cable on along with another lenth of cable (about 5m will be needed) and pull them through to the outside. The second cable is for the drivers side, its best to take it through the car (through the footwells etc) so if you ever want to add in additional footwell lights it can easily be done, if not just take the one cable through.

Step 10: Now the door card has to come off. Theres a good guide on here if you need it

Step 11: Use the piece of wire again to push through the hose. This can be a little tricky as theres a lot of cables. When its through tape the cable/cables through and route them down to when you are connecting them. Make sure these are secured so they dont rattle about

Step 12: Once the cable is in place the door card can now go back on.

Step 13: Now the footwell panels will need to be removed, just the two sides closest to the gear stick. The panels have a kinda pop rive that just pulls out and the gear stick surround just needs popped up to fully remove the panels.

Step 13: now feed the cable above the passenger footwell round to below the gear stick, use a route that theres already been used (I think theres a black earth cable going right through, i just secured the cable to that). Once its out at the drivers side feed it neetly above the drivers footwell.

Step 14: Now the same proccess can be carried out for the drivers side. (this side is alot easier to get the cable through than the passengers side)

Step 15:Once everything is re-assembled you can now connect the led strips in, i just used solder and heatshrink but other method such as connector blocks can be used. (Make sure they work before secureing them as they are polarity sensitive)

Step 16: the strips can now be stuck on and cut to lenth

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