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Removing/replacing/relocating Roof Handle

Since I got my 2006 Lx in december, the lack of drivers side roof grab handle has been annoying me. I like having it there when stopped and occasionally when cruising at certain speeds on certain roads.

I didn't have a sunglasses holder, all that was there was a cover over each mounting point. I posted about these not so long ago and didn't get much info so I decided to see what was involved in swapping the cover mounts for the handle mounts.

Firstly, You need to pull the A pillar covers off. They're the supports running up either side of the windscreen. SImply put a few fingers in behind the top and pull firmly but evenly. It will sound like its snapping but just keep pulling. They are stepped clips, meaning that they have different distances they can clip in to, so the first few clicks when removing or replacing doesn't mean its all the way there. There are three of these clips along the cover, as well as three simple pegs that fit into holes in the metal support. The clips on the cover are white, and the receivers are black, just so you know what lines up where.

Then I prised off the covers to reveal the mounts for them


you can see the difference in the mounts from the handle and the covers. A flat head screw driver under the flap on the handle will lift it to reveal a screw on each handle mount.


Remove the two screws holding the visor on


pull the rubber seal off all four doors frames (on the car not the door) (not sure how a 3 door model works with this)


you can simply pull the headliner away from the plastic cover where the seatbelt recoiler is, no need to take it off


once this is all free you need to work your hand in above the headliner to release the mounting points for the handle.

They are simple metal clips that are pushed up through these metal holes.


If you have the covers, the receivers for these are simply sitting on top op the headliner and come off with absolute ease. Just push them up a bit once the headliner is free.


You need to squeeze the clip so that it fits back through the hole. Its not to hard, but you need a fair amount of force. I only pushed the side of the clip furthest from the door and it started to come back through, once it starts it pulls out easily enough.


Then you simply push these clips into the two holes on the side you want the handle, replace the headliner by the seatbelt, screw in the visor and replace the A pillar cover (make sure you have the headliner behind the cover) then replace the rubber seal and finally screw in the handle.

If you have the covers, you need to place the receiver in above the headliner on the side where you removed the handle and put the visible cover on. Remember, the side with 1 clip goes to the inside of the car.

I took the passenger side off as had only gone out for 5 min to look at doing this and had it finished in 15. WHat I'm going to do soon is look at taking a back seat handle and putting it on the passenger side.

There a few differences.

1. The handle has a hook on it and I need to double check that all handles are the same size, width wise. I will take the handle from behind the drivers seat. I can then have a passenger handle and hang something there. I will also have a handle with a hook behind the drivers seat which is the most convenient as I will generally approach from the drivers side.

2. I need to look at loosening the headliner to allow the same access to the mounting points.

I'll post back when I look at it

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