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MK4/5 Fiesta Extra Boot Light With Pictures


For those finding the boot lacking visibility

Hi guys, when searching for a definitive guide to adding an extra boot light into my fiesta, I had a bit of trouble finding a guide for my exact model. So here goes my first guide!

What I used:

- T10 bulb holder (http://www.ebay.co.u...984.m1439.l2649)

- T10 W5W LED 5050 bulbs, the ones I bought are no longer sold by the seller I bought them off. so try these links

The ones I bought (http://www.ebay.co.u...984.m1439.l2649)

Other colours (http://www.ebay.co.u...=item4acdcef06b)

- Speaker cable. I bought 2 meters worth from maplins at 1.59 a meter. I would suggest buying 2.5/3m or alternatively buy a 5m reel for £2.20 (http://www.ebay.co.u...984.m1439.l2649)

- Tie wraps. I bought mine in Wilkinsons ( I live in the UK), but I'm sure most of you will know somewhere to pick these up.

- Electrical tape. Again I bought mine in Wilko's, 5 different colours for around £1.50.

- Wire Strippers/ Sharp knife.

What Id suggest getting:

- If you have a local scrapyard I'd highly recommend going down there and snipping out the wire, bulb holder and plastic cap to make things easier. If you don't mind a bit of jury rigging then read on!

To begin with, instead of disconnecting the car battery, I removed the fuse that controls the rear boot light to save myself constant shocks.



I think in the end I worked out the boot light runs off the bottom fuse, so it may be worth just taking it out rather than both, as the top fuse resets the stereo you have in and also the dash clock. But better safe than sorry :) (or you can just disconnect the car battery, but then its harder to check if the light works as you go along)

Peel back the boot carpets ( I had an oil spill in the boot, so i just removed all the carpets I could (the right hand carpet is stuck onto the frame with a plastic popper, but I didn't fancy breaking it, but its still easy to work around) and pop out your existing bulb from the plastic lense and put the lense somewhere safe till your finished, on the otherside of the boot, pop out the plastic cover where the new bulb will be going.


Once you've found the thick black cable, cut it open (carefully!) as to not slice the wire inside.

When you have access to the two wires inside, strip back the rubber casing to expose the copper wire, I did this with a small knife and was careful to not cut the copper. I would also advise cutting a bit lower than shown in the picture as it was quite difficult to get the wires carefully stripped as light and room was limited. The cables I cut were orange/black and orange/blue. When I connected it to the speaker wire later I made sure the black speaker cable was connected to orange/black and the red speaker cable was connected the orange/blue cable.



Once the wires were exposed, I then proceeded to feed the speaker cable through the metal of the bumper, there was a few holes where it is possible to pull the wire out to make sure it feeds to the other end of the boot safely.




Once you have the wire threaded through the boot metal thingymabob, try and cut your wire to size. Like I said on the list at the beginning of the guide, I had 2 meters worth, it was a bit of a stretch but it was just enough. I would suggest a bit more so it can be cable tied. Its better to have more than not enough!

After this, strip your cable wires so there is about 1.5/2cm of exposed copper wire. Once you have done that, very carefully place a knife or flathead screwdriver through the original wiring you exposed earlier. Once there is a small gap, thread through your cable wire through the small opening and proceed to twist and tighten then wires together, sealing with electrical tape (if you have colour coded tape, use appropriate colours to make it easier to identify if there is any problems later. Of course if you want to or are able to solder it, then feel free too. Make sure that you connect the black speaker cable to the black/orange original wire, and the red speaker cable to the orange/blue wire.


(sorry for the slightly blurred picture, but hopefully its understandable)

Once all of the cable wire/original wire is connected and safely taped (or soldered) back together, try to cable tie it in appropriate places where there will be no interference with removing the jack or the light unit.



At the other end of the boot, cut your cable wire to size, and connect it up the bulb holder, black to black and red to red. After you have done this, place the bulb into the area where it belongs and cable tie the wires into a safe but manageable position. I would highly suggest buying a plastic lense from the scrapyard to reduce the bright led glare and to hold it in place, otherwise you will have to tape it into place which is quite unsightly.

(If you bought a original wire from the scrappy, make sure you connect the black/orange to black and orange/blue to the red. Also if you bought an original wire from the scrapyard, and have the plastic lense cap, just place the bulb into the original wire and fit it into the plastic lense, and snap it into place)






I myself didn't have the plastic lense when I took these pictures, so you can see how bright they are!

(the right hand one was the original boot light with a plastic lense, and of course the left hand one was the wired up one without a lense.

Any errors or suggestions message me and I will try to rectify them!

I'll be doing my footwell lights next, if you want a guide for that aswell drop me a message (I'm aware there is a mk6 guide for that, but if people have the older fiesta or are just generally interested, let me know!)

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