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How To Fit New Front Lower Grill On Mk2.5 Focus


Step by step guide

After spending hours trying to find a step by step guide on removing/Changing the front lower grill on my focus

i decided to create on for all to see, all of the grills for the Mk2.5 range are all interchangeable

This Guide is now Available in Downloadable PDF Format, which can be Printed to Paper to better assist you with the Modification

Guide Changing Front Grill Focus.pdf Download PDF Document

Meaning they all fit in the same whole except the ST and RS grill,

If you would like to print this Guide it is now available as a PDF which can easily be Printed to help while fitting


Firstly ensue hand brake is tightly in place and car is in gear with engine off and keys removed,

Lie down in front of the grill place the palm of your hand on the lower Painted part of the bumper and the other hand as shown below,



Gently pull the panel from the bumper and work your way around anti-clockwise

inch by inch gently pulling straight not at an Angle,


Ready for the new grill to be mounted you should eventually look like this Picture Below.



My choice of Replacement Grill was the Titanium grill with the chrome lip,


The chrome and the grill are two separate parts which should be clipped together prior to mounting, it is also advised to mount the number plate while the grill is off the car,

To attach the chrom piece to the grill prior to fitting on the car

Gently press the chrome lip on to the grill again inch by inch working you way around the panel,


Once the number plate is fitted to the grill,

Gently line the grill up to the front panel of the car

Starting in the lower right corner gently line the fins of the grill up with the slots around the panel,

When pressing along the bottom of the grill pull the painted panel gently towards you to ensure a tight fit

and also that it doesn't split while your pushing,

Once fitted correctly the body panel at the bottom Centre the thin part should stick out slightly more than the grill,

if it doesn't, your grill is not pushed in enough,

Gently push the lip of the Grill and pull the pannel at the same time until snug

Job Done cool.gif



Thanks For Looking!

Please Check my List of Guides Listed Below For More Information. cool.gif

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Hi Lenny,

i have been looking at some of your posts and see that you are in Ireland.

I am also in Ireland and I have a focus Zetec and want to upgrade some parts like add cruise, add armrest, change stero to Sony.

You are so experienced in all this stuff and i was wondering if you would considering doing this as a project for me. I see you listen to beat so you probably are based in the south east, I'm in kilkenny, maybe we could meet up to see the car and chat about what I'm looking to get done.


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