GUIDE – How to create playlists on removable flash drive – FordSync

!GUIDE! – How to create playlists on removable flash drive – FordSync

As we know, FordSync can be a pain in the beeswax – when it comes to playlists. I decided no longer to use my iPod touch in the Fiesta, and wanted to opt for a tiny flash drive. I purchased a Kingston 32GB DataTraveler microDuo OTG USB flash Drive, pick it up from Amazon for less than £10



I did follow some others guide, recommending to use MediaMonkey to create the playlists. Which turned out to be more hassle than what it’s worth. Finally I found something so simple in creating playlists on a USB drive, and I can confirm that this works in my MK7.5 Fiesta, Titanium (with Sony DAB).

If you have already got a flash drive to hand, then you’ll first need to download the 2 programs: MP3Tag & Playlist creator

https://www.dropbox....9setup.exe?dl=0 (MP3Tag)

https://www.dropbox...._Setup.exe?dl=0 (Playlist Creator)

If you’re like me and like to download Podcasts, you’ll learn that these usually download in 1 single file. I then split these files into 5 minute segments, using a program called MP3Splitter (this step won’t be included in the guide, as it may not have any relevance to you). Once I have split the Podcast down into 5 minute segments, I then have to use MP3Tag to rename the file name. You’ll need to open MP3Tag, then open the folder containing the music files you wish to create a playlist for, highlight all files, then drag and drop into MP3Tag

As you can see, the file name will need editing, so rather than it being:

I Like It Like This-01.mp3
I Like It Like This-02.mp3
I Like It Like This-03.mp3
I Like It Like This-04.mp3
…and so on!

I’m going to rename the filename like this:

…and so on!

Next step, plug your USB flash drive into your computer. Then find that folder you've just edited in MP3Tag, and drag and drop onto the USB flash drive:

Next open Playlist Creator, then drag the folder you've just added to the USB flash drive, over to the Playlist Creator program

Next make sure that they show in numeric order in the Playlist Creator program. If they do not show in numeric order, then click on the filename tab, and the files will sort numerically

Next click on the folder icon (1), select the folder that you dragged from the USB flash drive to Playlist Creator (2), then click on OK (3)

Check that the folder has been selected correctly (1), Type in the name of the playlist (2), select .m3u (3), then finally click on Create Playlist (4).

Once playlist has been created, click on OK

If successful, go back to the USB flash drive folder, open the folder you’ve just created the playlist for, and you should see the M3U file in the directory.

When you have completed creating the playlists, right click on the USB flash drive, and click eject. You can test to see if the playlist has been created correctly, by plugging the flash drive into the USB slot in your vehicle. When the FordSync screen shows, select "playlists" and your playlists on your USB flash drive will show, and hopefully play without any issues. Once again I can confirm the following steps above do work, as I've spent most of the day trialling/testing.





I hope that you've found this guide of use.

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