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LED sidelight upgrade Fiesta mk6(pre facelift)

Hi all I have just replaced the sidelights on my 2005 Fiesta 1.25 (pre facelift) from the standard bulbs to LED's and what a nice difference they make, i have taken some photos so thought i would share how to do it as it is quite straightforward to do.

From this(old image)


to this(new image)


Ok first of all open bonnet and remove the two screws on the top of the headlight using either a flat headed screwdriver or a T30 torx.


then remove front grille by unclipping both ends(and a clip in the middle) and lifting from the bottom being careful not to break any of the clips.


Once the grille is off, this will give you access to the last screw......


Once removed there is only a couple of clips holding the unit in..... one on the top, insert flat head screwdriver and twist(careful not to scratch paintwork)


Once unclipped.... the last remaining clip is under the light unit attatched to the wing, to unclip this firmly hold the light unit from the botton and lift upwards.


The whole unit has now been removed, now all you have to do is remove the rubber weather shield from side light housing...


then carefully pull out the old light from the housing and unclip from the holder.....


now to fit the LED's just gently push into the housing (checking that they are the correct way around as they will only work one way).......


Now all that is left to do is put everything back in place, just as reverse of removal.

hope this helps anyone wishing to replace their side light bulbs with LED's

i recommend these as they give of a nice light and are very cheap.


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