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Rear windscreen wiper back to life


Coax your rear windscreen wiper back to life

If your rear windscreen wiper will only move at a push, it may well be a corroded spindle. Option one is to buy a new unit. Option two is to dismantle it for some TLC and to free the mechanism.


  1. With the boot shut, prise the plastic bit off the wiper arm to expose the nut, then undo the nut
  2. With two hands grab the wiper arm and wiggle/ pull the arm off the spline. Once off put the nut back on. 
  3. Unscrew the phillips screw from the tailgate hand grip and pull all of the black plastic loose and away from inside the tailgate
  4. Take the connector off and unbolt the wiper unit.
  5. Take the wiper unit to a workbench to undo all the torx screws and open it up for a clean. Take note how it goes back together! (photo, marker pen)
  6. with the nut on to protect the threat, tap the shaft out of the housing. This may well be heavily corroded, hence the wiper motor cannot turn it any longer
  7. sand the corrosion down and grease the shaft with lithium grease, as for the wiper mechanism
  8. reassemble and remount in reverse order.

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