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Ever wanted to learn auto electrics?....you can for free from us! with over 30 years experience in the auto electrical industry, take a look.

So how do i start this other than saying, being in this industry for so many years i have seen the brilliant to the extreme cowboy.Check my wheels tv will be providing video tutorials starting at the basics ranging up to the high voltage,Which is where the world is heading towards, we would of all heard about the 2040 big news and how not one combustion engine will be produced in the u.k and most likely europe for that matter. I belive we need to raise the awarness of how important, 1. Auto electrics are in todays world and 2. How important it is in tommorows world. I would like to know everybodies thoughts on this topics as well, not of the learning topic but more of the 2040. What type of business are you in and the effects of this new law. If there is enough interest in this then i will be making a topic of discussion just for this reason.

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