SMAX 2009 Diesel 2.0, Bonnet Release Cable snapped and I couldn't open my bonnet just before winter, quoted £165 from FORD as nobody else local would touch it!! time to do it yourself!

Ensure Engine is OFF and Cool, 

Use Ramps or a Sufficient, STABLE and SAFE area/surface to gain access to the area of your car you will be working on (High Curb etc).  Please wear appropriate PPE where necessary Goggles etc.




Remove the bolts from the front underside tray and slide this off (beware of falling debris) 

make sure you can reach up, locate and touch the backing plate of the locking Mechanism/Catch on the Radiator Side, (should be easy if you have opened the bonnet previously) 

unscrew the two retaining bolts about Qtr to Half an inch, (at this point you may be able to reach around the front of the mechanism/catch and push the release catch over, (as you look at the car from the front, the release catch pushes from left to right) give this a firm press and the bonnet should open. (if the Mechanism/Catch is too loose you may have to tighten it up again before you can use the opening lever (yellow).  

IF you cannot push the release catch over then unscrew the bolts further, do NOT panic if they come all the way out, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HOLD THE ASSEMBLY SO IT DOES NOT FALL ON YOUR FACE!! 

if you hold the Mechanism/Catch in place when you remove the last bolt the cover plate will come off first enabling you to reach the opening lever. (If you take both bolts off have a friend handy to lift the bonnet while you release the catch and hold the assembly, he can then use the yellow lever to open the bonnet whilst you keep the Mechanism/Catch still.

Bonnet Open!

Whilst the Bonnet is open you can take the tray off the top of the locking mechanism/Catch by using a flathead screwdriver to lift the two plastic lugs, then unclip the plastic tray (easy job), this will enable you to retighten the bolts holding the locking mechanism/catch from the top making access easier.


£165 I was quoted from FORD! Im not a tight ***** but id rather have a go myself and i am glad i did!

next job to fit new cable.  

Pics to follow. 


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