Handbrake / parking brake adjustment


How to access the cable adjuster to tighten up handbrake / parking brake

If your console looks like mine handbrake adjustment is easy.

1: Grab the cup holder and pull upwards. It’s tight. There are 4 high quality clips at the front that release with a pop (green arrows on photo)

2: Unplug 12V supply and remove cup holder

3: Gently operate hand brake to show the large plate that it controls, and the M8 adjuster nut (white arrow)

4: Progressively tighten the adjuster to reduce the hand brake lever travel. If the cable / mechanism is getting very worn you may need to use a deep        socket

5: Clean cup holder, reconnect 12V plug, replace in console.

6: Check that handbrake works correctly and doesn’t bind.

7: Head down the street for a beer with the money you’ve just saved.



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