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Adding Bluetooth Phone and Streaming plus USB to CMAX MK1 facelift DM2

I know that the whole BT/VC has been mentioned lots before but I could not find any message which covered my particular setup. Having an NX stereo in my 2008 C-Max Titanium with Voice but no Bluetooth and no USB socket but it did have Aux In. I occasional had the option pop up to turn it on but this disappeared after stating that the function was not possible when attempting to switch it on.  So after reading lots of topics I assumed that the BT module had 'gone bad'. So I purchased a Mondeo CS7T-14D212-AD module complete with USB lead and purchased a USB socket also from eBay.

Removal of the glovebox is as follows: Open arm rest and remove the two screws. This front covers just behind the handbrake will now lift away. This will reveal a single screw which you need to remove in order to remove the insert with the Aux In socket so that you can disconnect the lead and go on to cut out the pre marked USB location. Remove the 2 screws at the end of the centre console behind the handbrake. In the driver (RHD) and passenger footwell remove the strip of plastic at the bottom by simple pulling. This will reveal a screw in the drivers side knee panel holding the centre console to the middle of the dashboard. Remove the same screw on the passenger side and one near the door holding the heating duct in position. Remove the heating duct by pulling downwards. Now the gearstick surround should be able to be unclipped by puling it upwards with your nails. Now again remove the base with your nails. This will show 2 screws at the front of the centre console. Remove these and then lift the console by the rear near the handbrake and gently ease it backwards while jiggling it, it will unclip and then by pulled rearwards out the way or you can remove completely if you wish. 

The actual glovebox will now by a breeze. Remove the 4 screws at the top. Remove the passenger footwell kick plate by getting your fingers underneath and pulling towards the centre. Now remove the end piece of plastic inside the door and next to the glovebox. There should be one screw left holding the glovebox to the centre console, remove this and gently pull the glovebox forward. Unclip the glovebox light connector. Remove the glovebox.

Right, looking around the module that I expected was not there. But I did eventually find the BT/VC connector underneath the dashboard and taped up just above were the glovebox was next to the centre console. I have no idea where I was to mount it so I simply taped it back up towards the back at the centre of the dash. I routed the USB lead through the centre console and drilled a large enough hole through the front of the arm rest storage as the cover would cover this anyway. Now that the USB socket was clipped into the pre fabricated holder and the hole cut the USB looked factory fitted. 

Testing it...... The USB tracks worked. My phone now connected. My voice commands still worked. But no sound through the speakers. I found an entry regarding the upgrading of the NX software and the OP also discussed this and mentioned the cutting and diverting of the aux lead. So additional wire in hand I set of the start cutting but before doing so I thought that I would double check and trace the wiring. I'm glad I did because I found the grey plug taped up just to the left of the glovebox. Curiously this the same grey, purple and black wires as the Aux socket. Pulling the wires out further showed what I now know as the loop connector. I had 6 wires in this plug with 12 sockets. Now after unwrapping the foam tape I could see that there were four cables, each having 3 wires that went to the plug - so the wiring was already in place! After checking the 'BA' part number and founds posts relating to the different pinouts for the different loop connectors. This was helpful but I thought that I would draw it so that it may make more sense to anyone not used to working on the car's wiring so that they can visualise the four cables and what the loop connectors are actually doing. As you can see from the diagram, I just needed to replace my 'BA' cable with an 'AB' cable which can be bought from Ford for under £10. This is will do rather than take a knife to my car's wiring loom. 

I hope this is useful as all I could find was little bits of the above over lots of different posts and none that really fitted the description of my car that already had voice but no BT and I could not find any post to help with the removal of the glovebox that was accurate. Overall a very simple upgrade to do with parts readily available on eBay.



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