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Boost leak with noise from dash


loss of turbo power with a fan like sound coming from the dash.

Step 1: unscrew the top of the air filter box 7 screws and remove the sensor on the hose by lifting the red clip and pulling off. Take a pliars and remove the hose from rocker cover in picture 2. Then follow hose to the turbo. Here will be 2 jubalee clips you only need to undo the left clip. Now you can remove the whole hose and box lid.

Step 2: you will see a metal pipe with 2 bulges like the 3rd picture, undo the clip circled in the picture and the other end of that rubber hose at the turbo. Remove that section of pipe which should be ripped. Buy a new pipe and reverse what you just done to reinstall. 

Side notes: Ford will only sell you the whole pipe ruber and metal from the turbo to the intercooler and quoated me €220. I got a 2nd hand one from a scrapyard for €10.

If you are doing it on a sunday and are unable to get parts ducktape will get you out of a hole but it will only last about 50 to 60 miles.





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