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Fit a front Armrest to a Mk7 (or 7.5)


I wanted an armrest for storage and also ... to rest my arm on. BUT I also find it annoying that there are no USB sockets for the rear passengers (at least not in a 14 plate) and this armrest has 2 front and 4 rear usb ports.



My first go at a guide ...

As per description I wanted an armrest, the choice from www.aliexpress.com was pretty good, I opted for this one https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000798230413.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.23704c4dtasP0v

It was just over £40 I think ($45 US)  I opted for this one because it slides back right out the way for easy handbrake access, has handy double storage, 7 USB ports (1 in 6 out) leaving 2 extra front USB and 4 for the rear passengers, a rear facing fold out cup holder and the trim and stiching are an excellent match to the car interior.

The top is some kind of faux leather so I treated it with Glyptone along with the steering wheel and handbrake covers because I love the smell of leather it gives.


It also came with a 12v to USB adaptor and cable. The USB Ports illuminte Blue when powered.

Anyway here's how it went.IMG_2806.thumb.JPG.81172ed8c2982ac71d670efd90bf87f9.JPG

Armrest arrived in 2 parcels due to package size(?) with a note saying you can't fit it until its all there. I'd never have guessed ...

The front USB ports - 1 will be used to bring USB power in ...IMG_2810.thumb.JPG.9f5ba1fd09d1c0ced7b181931a9d1b07.JPG

And the rear USB ports plus fold out drink holder ....IMG_2809.thumb.JPG.18108686bd81726b8c1f3f545c81f992.JPG


The bottom piece supplied is a perfect fit into the existing tray in the car - the website shows you exactly what you are buying and what your car needs to look like for it to fit.

You just drop the tray in and use 4 of the provided black screws to screw it to the plastic tray through the pre drilled holes, no drilling required.

Then you slide on the adjustable slide mount part and screw it to the base - again screws are provided (6 for this) and they are all the same size for the whole job so no way to mess it up.

Once this is on you slide on the top opening section, it has guides on the base and is a secure fit. There are 2 plastic clips provided that stop it being slid back off. You just slide it all the way forward and there are grooves for the plastic clips to slide into, no tools required. It could be removed if you pop off the retaining clips.

I found that if I leant weight on the armrest the actual Ford fitted tray it screws into lifted slightly, you could see a joint open up where clips were supposed to hold it down. I just put a couple of the extra screws into the base so this won't happen anymore.

This is it fully pulled forward ...IMG_2812.thumb.JPG.7d6e8a2355490bf51d148caf7f8d2780.JPG×

This is it fully back ...IMG_2811.thumb.JPG.d1884c5e900f76335894a4bfcb940828.JPG

I slid the passenger seat right back so you could see it better.


Any questions just ask!


For fitting difficulty rated 1 - 5, 1 is easy, 5 is mechanic it's a 1, dead simple.

Tools required - aa PZ2 driver, long handle makes it easier. Time taken: 20 mins.



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Having driven it more now I can say it's very comfy for longer drives. The rest is bigger, higher and slides further forward than any other I've tried, makes it just as easy to left hand steer as when you rest your right arm on the door rest (we all do that don't we?)

Storage keeps things like keys and coins out of sight to too. Very happy with it.


170 views and only 1 comment though? Come on guys!!

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