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USB Update for MAPS on SYNC3

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  • Name: john
  • Ford Model: ford focus st line
  • Ford Year: 2021
  • UK/Ireland Location: Fife

Thought I would post this in General as I assume it will apply to all Ford models with SYNC3. Was done on a 2018 Kuga Titanium.

Jut spent three days following the tortuous process to try and update the Maps on SYNC 3 Navigation in order to show the new road bridge over the river forth called the Queens ferry crossing. I found the full process to be very poorly documented so sharing my experience and findings in the hope it will save some folks from having to part with £200 for their local dealer to do it (thats what heartless Macklin Motors Dunfermline wanted anyway).


Initiate the download from the Ford SYNC & Maps software update website (https://www.ford.co.uk/owner/ resources-and-support/sync-bluetooth/ update#/). you will need to put in your vehicle VIN number to get the relevant SYNC3 update file. The download could take a while as it s a few gigabytes in size.

Format a blank 30 gig USB stick as exFAT, in Windows right click on the USB drive letter in file explorer and the format option is in the drop down windows.

extract the downloaded file to the root of the USB stick. again you should be able to right click on the downloaded file and select 'extract' from the drop down and select your target as the USB drive letter, e.g. 'G:' the USB stick should now have a 'syncmyride' directory and a couple of small files.

take the USB stick to the car, plug it into a USB port, (remove any other USB devices) and start the car up. Updating system software message will appear in the display within a minute or so. Leave the engine running,  go and have a ***** and a cup of coffee as the SYNC3 update will take a while, maybe 20 -30 mins.

once the update is complete, the car should write a file back onto the USB stick. This file will be in  syncmyride folder on the USB stick and have a name that includes your SYNC Serial and VIN numbers and a suffix of .xml

this is the bit we found poorly documented. This SYNC update DOES NOT update your maps. in order to get the Maps update you HAVE TO go back onto that Ford software update web page and confirm that your SYNC update has completed by uploading that syncserialvinnumber.xml file that the car created as above via that update web page. 

 If the file was not created or deleted by mistake, you can download the logging tool separately from the Ford SYNC & Maps software update website (https://www.ford.co.uk/owner/ resources-and-support/sync-bluetooth/ update#/)(in the Troubleshooting section) and redo the SYNC update process with that download (delete the previous update files before extracting if using the same USB stick). 

Then, check for updates again and you will get access to the update MAPS file. You CANNOT get the MAPS file without doing the SYNC update first and then uploading the confirmation file back to Ford. This part of the process seems to have been kept a secret !!!!!

download this MAPS file . You could possibly go on holiday for the weekend as you wait for the download as its 24 Gig!! I did it overnight on my super duper 1 gig Virgin broadband. Hate to think how long it would take over the cars own wifi client.

once downloaded, you again have to extract the downloaded ZIP file TO A BLANK USB stick ( I just deleted ALL the SYNC3 update files from the one I used above)  in the same way as you did with the SYNC3 update file. This is why you need at least a 30 gig USB stick.

once extracted and on the USB stick, back out to the car , USB stick in, start car and Update System Software message will appear . Leave car running ang go on a circumnavigation of the globe a couple of times as the MAPS update takes a veeeerrrryyyy long time indeed. Ford say you can drive around in the car while doing this but when we did that we ended up with  MEM_003 error and a failure. We retried just leaving car running on the driveway and it worked at this second attempt, eventually.

We now have the Queensferry Crossing on the NAV!!!! 🙂




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