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Fitting Crystal/Smoked Side Repeaters ST Look


Guide on how to replace your existing orange side indicators for new crystal side indicators

Hi all just a quick guide on how to change your existing orange side indicators for shiney new clear or smoked indicators depending on your preference after seeing a few people asking how to change them. Its a very simple job and even the most inexperienced person will find this a simple and easy job. You can get the indicator housing from various sites for various prices but I've posted a link to the site where i purchased mine from.

This is my original indicators;


As you can see they're orange and not particularly very attractive. To remove the original indicator housing you will need an electricians screwdriver (or small flat) and a cloth to protect your paintwork. Going to the front edge of the indicator housing put your cloth right to the edge on the right hand side of the indicator housing and carefully dig your screw driver under the side untill the housing pops free from the car, use your cloth so that your screw driver doesnt scratch your paintwork (i used a plastic bag);


Once the indicator housing is free the you will have the following;


The bulb holder is a twist lock fitting so you simply hold onto the housing and twist the section the wires are connected to to release the housing. The crystal indicators i ordered came with replacement amber bulbs but i opted to fit Silver Vision bulbs so that you cant see the bulb when the indicators in place otherwise you get the following fried egg effect;


You can use the replacement bulbs sent if you dont have the Silver Vision bulbs and its a simple thing to change at a later date if you wish but it is recommended that you do change the bulbs.

The bulbs are T10 501 so are simple push fit. Use a cloth while handling to bulbs, as if you touch the bulbs it can greatly reduce the lifespan as normal with halogen bulbs. This is the Silver Vision bulb in place;


You then simply push the bulb holder back into the housing and twist to lock the bulb in place. Replace the indicator housing by pushing one side into position firstly the pushing the other side until it clips into position and thats you :). Turn on your hazard lights just to make sure everything is in working order and this is a picture of the finished product with Silver Vision bulbs in place;


As you can see (or can't see lol) the Silver vision bulbs are practically invisible in the housing but still flash amber.

Hopefully this helps a few people. It's a simple 2 minute job and looks alot better. Any questions feel free to comment or send me a PM.

Thanks for taking the time to read through my guide.

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Why thank you Clive lol im getting better at these guides. Remembering to take pictures etc lol i actually did this ages ago. I had to take them back out again to change to the silver vision bulbs so i thought i might aswel make a guide on it cause ive had a few people asking about it.

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