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Mondeo 2.0 And 2.2 Tdci - Fuel Filter Replacement

Here is a simple guide on how to replace the diesel fuel filter on a mk3 Mondeo ST 2.2 TDCI without any starting problems!

I believe the 2.0 TDCI Mondeo MK3 uses the same filter as does the 1.8 TDCI focus MK1

You will need:

8mm and 13mm sockets (optional)

Ratchet (optional)

Fuel filter - Bosch 0 450 906 508 my old Bosch filter has part number 1 457 434 442 and is slightly different.

A large syringe. I used a 60ml syringe.

Fresh diesel


This can be done with only a few rags and a syringe or if you wish to have extra room to work you will need an 8mm socket and a 13mm (deep preferably) socket and ratchet.

In my guide I have removed the metal brace for clarity and to show how its done if you so wish to do it this way.

So you will need a new fuel filter, I bought a Bosch filter as they make the original and at less than half the Ford price it's a no brainer. A Bosch filter can be had for around £20 including postage.

I change my fuel filter every 12-18 months, covering approx 20k miles a year.

Lets have a look at the filter: (note the arrows and port sizes)

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Next you will need to open the bonnet and look at the rear of the engine on the left hand side, you should see the filter hiding down there.

Posted Image

Remove the 7 nuts/bolts holding the metal brace and remove it completely (5x 13mm head nuts and bolts, 2x 8mm bolts) And you should be left with this

Posted Image

For the next stage it is advisable to cover the alternator with some rags as there will be some spillage and it WILL drop onto the alternator.

The clips holding the fuel pipes onto the filter now need to be released, simply push the 2 locking clips using 2 fingers (no need for any tools - they are very simply to release) and push the clip forward. once its unlocked pull the clip out as far as it will come. Do this for all 3 pipes then pull the pipes off and move them slightly so they are not in the way of the filter coming out, you will have some diesel leaking out now.

Posted Image

Now that the pipes are disconnected, pull the filter upwards, noting that the filter is housed in a metal bracket which slides onto 3 plastic clips.You might find the filter comes out without the metal housing, even better if it does.

You should be left with this: (I have started removing the filter from the metal housing)

Posted Image

Remove the old filter from the bracket and discard of it safely - mind it is full of fuel.

Now have your missus stand holding the filter while you fill/prime it with diesel. Remember to fill it on the inlet port as you don't want any dirt getting to the injectors! Once the filter is full (took about 400ml IIRC) you might see the level drop down again - don't worry about this yet, its just the paper element soaking in the diesel.

Posted Image

Once the filter is full, refit it to the metal bracket and then slide the assembly back into the car making sure it catches all 3 clips - this can be tricky.

Once its back in and secure, you can top up with diesel if required and fit all 3 pipes again - noting that the smaller port goes to the front. the pipes simply slide back on and when fully home just push the clip back in to lock it. Remove your rags from the alternator and clean up any mess.

Refit the metal brace then stand back and look at your shiny new filter:

Posted Image

Now its time to start the car, and if you have followed this guide correctly it WILL start first time and continue running no problem. Leave the car idling for a minute to check for leaks, test drive after this if you so desire.

Stick the tools back in the shed, wash the hands and grab a beer! :)

Well done you have just changed your fuel filter - should take around 10-15 minutes.

Here is a pic of the old filter part number:

Posted Image

If you are changing the fuel filter on your car, you do so at your own risk. I take no responsibility for any damage caused and you should always fully understand the risks of whats involved before you start.

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So today I had the chance to cut the old filter open and have a look.

Here is the diesel drained from it - note that there is no water in it



And here is the paper element, its very clean - practically spotless. Not too bad for 20k odd miles. I only ever use shell diesel so I think its safe to say the filters on their pumps must be quite effective.


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On 29/12/2017 at 11:46 AM, james_60 said:

i know its old but the pics are gone :-(

sadly photobucket have messed things up for everyone, greeedy bar stewards!

I'll stick it on my to do list. 

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