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Fiesta mk6 to mk6.5 brake light conversion (no plugs) (no Lexus loom)

First off I'd like to thank danGersFord for the wiring diagram I couldn't of done this light swap without it.


Also this is my first guide so if its rubbish I apologise! ;)

You will need... some connector blocks , a couple of meters of 2core wire (I used speaker cable) , small flat head screwdriver , scissors , possibly new push locks

First off remove the old lights (there is a plastic bit to unscrew from the rear of the light also) to get to this put your hand in from the boot and feel around for you should be able to unscrew it using your hands.

Once the lights are off and unplugged you need to cut the plugs off (bearing in mind there is not a lot of play with the wires at all so cut as close to the plugs as possible!)


Once you have done this and stripped about 1/2cm of plastic off them to expose the copper you then need to also do this to the loom of your new lights.


You will need the 2core wire to run to the extra fog and reverse light you will now have on your new lights

Now take the piece of 2core wire you have (I used speaker cable) and measure it up, (remember it has to come from the light down and around the back of the boot + up to the other light) once measured up cut strip and split the end of the wires.(I took the photo before I split them down the middle just split them about a inch)


Now all your wires and plugs are prepared you can start wiring them together, I started with the ones that need the 2core wire but you can start where you wish. So this is wear danGersFords wiring diagram comes into it.

You need to look at the squares(plugs) and wire up the corresponding colours. I didn't have a extra pair of hands and the lights don't sit anywhere nicely so I tied them to the boot using left over 2core wiring whilst I worked on them. (Not ideal but it did the job)


Here is the wiring diagram big thanks again danGersFord

So you need to connect up the corresponding wires. A couple of examples from the passenger side are the white and orange connect to the green, and the blue connects to the black and white, And so on


Once there all hooked up correctly they should look something like this.


Then you need to run the 2core wire under the boot plastic and do the other side, once that's done it should look like this.


Once all done test them out you will need Someone else for this bit to check the reverse + brake lights work, hopefully at this point everything is all good and you can tidy up your work using electrical tape over the blocks ect and your all done put the lights back on I used screws you may need the new push locks

And that's it your all done :)


I apologise if any of the photos have come up sideways not sure what that's all about its probably as I'm using my iPhone

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Glad the wiring diagram came in helpful mate sorry again about the poor quality but ive never made one up before lol :$

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