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Remove rear light cluster MK7


Removal of the rearlight cluster to de-tango indicator bulbs

Have see a few folks give advice on removing rear light cluster but couldn't find any pictures so thought I would write one. Apologies if I have missed one elsewhere and the dodgy graphics.

I did this to de-tango my indicator bulbs. Front light unit removal is covered elsewhere.

Only tools required are a torx screw driver-to remove the two torx screw on outside of light cluster, crosshead driver-to remove screw holding parcelshelfsupport and a flat blade driver or similar tool to help ease carpet from behind rubber trim. If required a 10mm socket can be used to release the shelf near the seat bracket to make access easier.

Both sides are identical;

1. Open the tailgate and remove the 2 torx screws from the light cluster.

2. Remove the cross head screw holding the parcel shelf support. If required remove the 10mm bolt at the other end of the shelf if you want to have easier access.


3. Pull back the carpet from under the shelf support and out of the rubber sealing trim around the rear door.


4. Inside the boot reach up behind the rear light cluster where you have pulled the carpet back. You should feel a large plastic wingnut, unscrew this. The light cluster will now be loose.



5. Pull the light cluster towards you, it has 2 metal lugs that help to locate it into the body work, you do not need to pull too hard but do pull firmly. As it comes loose remove the wiring by squeezing the wiring connector the whole unit can now be placed on a protective mat to stop it getting scratched.

6. On the rear of the now removed cluster you will see a white plastic fitment that holds the bulbs. There are 2 clips that need to be squeezed as you pull the whole part out of the cluster.


7. Identify the bulb you are changing, I am doing my indicators. Remove and replace the bulb.



8. Re-fitting is basically the reverse of the removal process. Locate 2 small metal lugs into the 2 rubber grommets and torx screws into the white plastic holes.


9. Tighten all screws replace carpetunder the rubber seal and enjoy your new lights.


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