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Bleeding brakes/renewing brakefluid the easy way!

This is the easy way of bleeding your brakes/renewing the brake fluid on your own without the need of extra help.

First you have to make something so the whole process will be a walk in the park.

You need:

- a pressure vessel used to spray poison etc. in the garden, a garden sprayer or whatever it is called.

- an extra cap for the brakefluid reservoir.

- a valve for a car tyre, doesn't need the innerworks.

- small hose clamp.

- piece of bicycle innertube if needed.

- A soda bottle, 1,5 or 2 litre will do.

- One feet of tubing.

- A piece of wire.

First remove the lance from the garden sprayer. Leave the tubing connected to the garden sprayer. Drill a hole in the extra brakefluid reservoir cap. Make sure the valve will fit snugly so drill a hole with the same diametre as the hole in a rim. If there is no rubber seal inside the cap, cut a round piece of innertube that will fit precisely in the cap and also cut a hole in the middel of the innertube, the same size as the hole in the cap.

Now put the round piece of innertube in the cap, from the inside push the valve through the hole and pull it out on the other side till it fits real tight. This way it is sealed.

Now slide the hose over the brass bit of the valve and secure it with the hose clamp.

Now take the cap of the soda bottle and drill a hole in the middle slightly smaller than the outer diameter of the tubing. Drill another 2 or 3 small holes in the cap. Feed the tubing through the middle hole in the cap about half way through.

Wrap the wire around the neck of the bottle and let it stick out about a feet.

Now you have the most perfect piece of equipment for bleeding your brakes and it won't cost you more than 10 euros (and even less in pounds) I purchased the garden sprayer for 7 euro's, the cap and valve i both got for free, the cap (still a Mercedes one but thread is the same) at the scrapyard, the valve at KwikFit.


Now first loosen the wheelnuts while the car is still standing on it's wheels. Now put the hydraulic jack in the middle underneath the bar between the rearwheels. This way you won't have to lift very much to get the wheels of the ground and both wheels will be off the ground simultaneously.


Now remove the rearwheels on both sides.

Now remove the rubber cap from the bleednipple of one of the rearwheels. Put the 7 mm ring spanner on in such a way that you can make about half a turn. Now slide the piece of tubing over the bleednipple and hang the bottle on the spring so it can't tip over.


Remove the cap from the brakefluidreservoir and first remove as much as old brakefluid as you can with for example a syringe.


Now fill the reservoir with new brakefluid as full as you can.

Put the rest of the new brakefluid in the garden sprayer.

Put the cap on which you connected to the garden sprayer.


Pressurize the garden sprayer to 1 bar (14.7 PSI, that's what Ford says is the max. 1,5 bar is also fine, just don't overdo it.), if you have a garden sprayer without a pressure indicator pump around 20-25 times, that should be about 1 bar.(talking about a 6 litre garden sprayer with 1 litre brakefluid in it.)


Now go to the rear were you connected the collection bottle, open the bleed valve and just wait till you see clear new brakefluid appear. (Or till all air is gone if you worked and opened your brakelines.)

You'll be amazed how quick and easy this works.

This way, do all the 4 brakes. Front bleednipple is a bit bigger, 9 mm to be exact.

On the front i put the hydraulic jack under the steel subframe, i did put some rubber on the jack to prevent damage.


If you have done alle the brakes and the front is still jacked up you will also have to do the clutch if you have a hydraulic clutch. The clutch is connected to the same reservoir as the brakes so don't forget the clutch!

Very easy to do, connect the collection bottle to the nipple, open the nipple by just turning it by hand, its plastic with two flatsides so no spanner needed.


In my case the old fluid looked like algea infested duckpond water, green, murky and you couldn't see through. So it wasn't to soon.


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