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Guide - 2013 Mk 7.5 (Facelift) Fiesta Zetec S Front Grill Install

All parts can be obtained from your Ford dealer or at the following sites. Prices vary so shop around for the best deal.


Black Front Grille Set - KITFIETRIM18 - £198


1 (8).jpg



Black Upper grille - 1778260 - £70:80

http://www.fordpartsuk.com/shop/ford_fiesta_front_upper_grille_2012_f_1778260.htm1 (7).jpg



Black Lower grille - 1801358 - £79.95 




Red Upper Grille Set - KITFIETRIM21 - £148 

http://www.fordpartsuk.com/shop/ford_fiesta_grille_upgrade_kit__f_KITFIETRIM21.htm1 (1).jpg



Red Upper Grille - 1865992 - £67.15 

http://www.fordpartsuk.com/shop/ford_fiesta_upper_grille_with_red_frame_2014_f_1865992.htm1 (3).jpg



Red Lower Grille - 1884342 - £80.50 

http://www.fordpartsuk.com/shop/ford_fiesta_zetecs_lower_grille_with_red_frame_2014_f_1884342.htm1 (4).jpg



O/S or D/S Fog Surround - 1777210 - £18.75 

http://www.fordpartsuk.com/shop/ford_fiesta_rh_fog_lamp_bezel_2012_f_1777210.htm1 (6).jpg



N/S or P/S Fog Surround - 1777211 - £18.75 

http://www.fordpartsuk.com/shop/ford_fiesta_front_fog_lamp_bezel_lh_2012_f_1777211.htm1 (5).jpg



Air Deflector / Spoiler - 1801362 - £39.99





Rivets - 1555829 - £2.00 each




Here's the fitting guide.....................

If your thinking of removing the bumper then this guide will definitely help. http://www.mountune.com/downloads/Fiesta_ST_IC_install_rev1.0.pdf

Fog Surrounds first

Quite an easy job here which will take you only a few minutes to complete.

First thing to do is remove the old surrounds, it's easier if you take the chrome piece off first and grab in the same area and pull (quite hard) until you can get your other hand under the edge to  gentle pull it off.

Posted Image

That's the hardest bit done, you now should have something like this.
Posted Image

Posted Image

Give the exposed area a quick clean then get your nice new surround, Line up the tabs and the slots and push it home, you are now done.

Posted Image

Front Grille .........

Ok this one isn't as easy as expected and be prepared to get sore hands.
There's a few ways to do this. A trim tool will come in handy. Use the tool to pry off the chrome  trim first. Place the tool on the inside of the trim and gently remove. 

Once the chrome trim is off, use the trim tool to release the clips holding the grille on. Give the grille a gentle tug and that should release it from the car.
The other option is to pull the grille from the car starting from one of the corners. Once started gently but firmly pull the rest of the grille from the car. Be warned the grille can break so be prepared.
To avoid any breakages I recommend removing the front bumper using Mountunes guide here. http://www.mountune.com/downloads/Fiesta_ST_IC_install_rev1.0.pdf or using a trim tool.

Posted Image

Next you'll need line your new grille with the slots on the bumper and push them home until you've gone all the way round. You should now have very sore hands but be admiring your hard work.

You should now have very sore hands but be admiring your hard work.
Posted Image
The lower grille is a very similar fitting 
Lower Grill ..........

As the upper grill really, start by pulling off the grill, clean the area before placing your new grill into the empty space.
Posted Image
Posted Image
Push the new grill home and your done 
Posted Image
Front Spoiler next ...............
Start by removing the black rivets from under neath the front bumper, there will be 8 to remove and will require you jacking up the front of the car so that you can get good access with your drill.

Posted Image
Once removed you'll need to fish out the old pot rivets. this is a pain but be patient.Next you'll need your new spoiler and rivets.
Posted Image
Posted Image
Place the spoiler in the locating holes under the bumper, insert a rivet where the old ones were, and pop away until all 8 are done and the spoiler is firmly in place.
Posted Image
Your all done and should now be loving the Zetec S look.

Posted Image

Posted Image


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