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How to upgrade to iPod USB from bluetooth only on Facelift MK2


A quick guide on how to upgrade from bluetooth and voice control only to bluetooth voice control plus iPod and USB connectivity. This should be the cheapest method possible and applies to MK2 facelift focus models that already have bluetooth voice control only.

This is for all Sony Gen 2 style head units and I believe the blaupunkt sat nav units too.
This is for cars with these units that ALREADY have bluetooth with voice
control and the head units must be running version 5 software onwards.

This is simply a guide showing your how to do it cheaper using a newer
bluetooth module hence skipping out on expensive Ford cables from the dealer.

This is mainly applicable to early 08/58 plate facelift models that already
have the BT/VC fitted (just before the USB option came out). This will give you
the ability to plug in an iPod via USB, memory sticks etc and and also
Bluetooth streaming. You will also be able to update your head unit to the
latest software via USB stick. This increases compatibility with the latest
phones and also adds new features like on mine the phone mode now tells me the
signal I have and what network I am on.

Parts required:

New/secondhand bluetooth module with mini USB port

I know part numbers 8M5T-19C112-AR and 8M5T-19C112-AT will work ok.

I purchased the 8M5T-19C112-AR from a seller on eBay for £80

Some go for more than this but if you are patient you can get one for a
bargain. New one's work out over £300 with the VAT from a dealer but if you
want to pay out for one it will work fine.

You will also need a mini USB to female USB adapter. I got one like this really
cheap from eBay:


item number 290651563250 £1.89 delivered bargain.

I also used a USB extension cable I had already. I guess the other option would
be to buy a longer adapter lead but it is up to you.

A torx screwdriver.

That's all you need.

Once you have these items, take out your glove box by removing the following


Poke your head underneath and look up behind the passenger airbag unit and you
should see your existing bluetooth module:


It is held in via 3 torx screws and these are difficult to access. 2 screws hold the bracket
to the car and the third one goes through the middle of the module and holds it
to the bracket. I actually found it easier to undo the right hand screw and
tilt the bracket down. I could then access the middle screw and remove the
module leaving the last screw in place. The module has one large multi pin plug
in it which is located on the left hand side as you look at it. You have to
push the little tab in and swing the clip across before you can remove it.

It is then simply a case of reversing the process and replacing the module with
the new one. Don't forget to to plug the mini USB lead into the module at this
time too as it can be difficult to plug in when you can't see the plug.

You then have the option of where to run the female USB cable to. I chose the
the glove box as it was simple to do and reasonably neat but there is nothing
stopping you from putting it anywhere you like. I actually found there was
enough space by the hinge of the glove box to put the cable through. This does
not affect the glove box opening and closing.


Once you have the module back in and the lead in the right place then re fit
the glove box and pop your stereo on to give it a try. Turn your radio on and
if you press the CD/Aux button you should find you now have 2 extra modes for
USB and bluetooth audio. If your head unit is not currently on the latest
software (it probably won't be) then sound will only play from the iPod if you
have both the AUX and the USB leads connected or you use a ford Y lead.
However, if you update to the latest software you will be able to use just the
iPod USB lead which is much better and less cluttered.

Once you have the USB port working you can then update your head unit to the
latest software see here:


Your iPod USB conversion should now be all up and running and you should have
an interface like this with the iPod plugged in:


Everything should now be up and running although in some cases (like mine
unfortunately) if you have a second hand module the voice control may not work.
Don't worry this is nothing you have done wrong. Apparently where the unit
still has the VIN number of the donor car in it. For some reason, this can stop
the voice control working. The VIN number of your car needs programming
into the module via IDS.

I have managed to sort the voice control on my car using the latest
version of ELM Config available here:



On the new version the SRM tab had new options. I plugged into the car and
pressed read VIN on the SRM tab. Sure enough, there was another car's VIN
number in there. We typed my VIN in and pressed write. My VIN number was then
saved to the SRM module but it still didn't work. Turns out you also have to
tell the module that it is in a ford focus in the little drop down box. Once
this was written to the module everything now works. The voice control even
works for the iPod. Needless to say I am very happy to get it all

I hope this is useful to some of you as I couldn't find all that much
information on the later modules with mini USB. I thought it would be a great
feature to add for a relatively low cost and without the need to buy loads of
bits from the dealer.

Total cost of upgrade for me £81.89

Bargain!! :D

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I don't want to open a new topic about upgrade to usb so I'm writing here. my problem is:

I have ford c-max 2008 and it has got bluetooth module without usb so I bought one used module with usb on ebay. When I get the module I replace it with existing one but now I have two problems:

1: voice control doesn't work!

2. when I put flast drive into usb socket the light on usb blinks a few times and that is all - it doesen't read from usb and I can't choose on radio usb mode (if I press cd/aux button only change betwen cd and aux.


Does anybody know what I have to do that my bluetooth module will work correctly?? (that voice control and usb will work)

But module works for calling from my radio. 

I have sony radio: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FORD-SONY-CD-PLAYER-FITS-KUGA-FOCUS-MONDEO-S-MAX-INC-POSTAGE-CDX-FS307JE-/272156633748?hash=item3f5dccaa94:g:jcoAAOSwstxVLSjr

Thanks in advance

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