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Guide To Fitting Additional Boot Light In Ford Focus Mk2 And Mk2.5 (Part 1)


And Other Models like Fiesta too.

Guide to Fitting additional Boot Light in Ford Focus Mk2 and Mk2.5
.Thanks for viewing my Guide and I hope it has helped to achieve satisfactory results.
I have created many Guides all available here on fordownersclub.com all created in my spare time,
in recent times my image host for the guides has began to charge for hosting the images that display within my guides.
So im now paying a monthly subscription in order for these guides to function,
If you would like to help keep the guides full of images,
Donations under £1.00 welcome via PayPal
Address: leonard.woods@live.ie
Thank you.

This Guide is now Available in Downloadable PDF Format, which can be Printed to Paper to better assist you with the Modification
Guide Additional Boot Light.pdf

Fitting time takes around 3-4 hours depending on Personal experience

And the tools you require being where you expect them to be first time you look for them.tongue.gif

This guide is a good reference to fitting an additional boot light or additional light in any area of the car,

Below is the Shopping list of items required to complete this guide yourself ive included links to exactly the same items I have purchased, where possible items have all been purchased from the same seller in order to reduce shipping costs,wink.gif

You will require the following items:

  • A New Stanley Blade as I don't have a Dremel Purchased in local DIY Store
  • 2 x Custom Built For Ford Boot light Led bulb 2x required Click Here
  • Fabric Car Loom Tape Click Here
  • FLAME RETARDANT Electrical PVC Insulation Tape 19mm wide Click Here
  • Double Sided Sticky Pads Heavy Duty Exterior Grade Click Here
  • Twin Core 15Amp 12V DC Power Cable 4Metres Required Click Here
  • Electrical Wire Cable Snap Lock Splice Connectors RED Click Here
  • Safety Glasses (Seriously) Click Here
  • Ford Boot light Unit Like this one Click Here shop around for the best price on this item, the one I have used was removed from a 1997 Ford Fiesta and is identical to the original one fitted in my 2010 Focus Mk2.5 so there a standard fitment with a broad range of models they can be obtained from.

I Purchased mine on ebay for £2.99 removed from a 1997 Fiesta smile.gifClick Here

Total Cost for supplies is £25.66 excluding P&P,
Stanley Blade and light unit which prices can vary

All of the three E-bay sellers linked for all items listed above dispatch same day and are all 100% reliable and Great to deal with, the parts they supply are low cost and high quality so you can buy with confidence and Trust.

As you can see in the Picture Above I Purchased 6 Metres Of Cable but 4Metres is enough to complete the project.

Fitting Instructions

Firstly get a small section of cardboard and draw the inner frame of the light unit on to the cardboard, once completely drawn use a Stanley blade to cut out the shape,


Once cut out try the bulb unit for fitment, as you will see in the pictures the first slot I have cut out ended up too big, I have continued to post this error in the guide to highlight the importance of cutting on cardboard first as it would be a proper mess had the first cut been the panel in the car,

I have cut out the second slot successfully and as you can see in the pictures, i have included measurements beside the slots, please note these measurements are a guide as to what size you should cut out of your cardboard template,this may save you some time not having to trace the light on to cardboard yourself by using the measurements in the picture,

Always cut the template on cardboard prior to cutting the plastic panels as if an error is made, it can be a very expensive one to replace.


Once the template is correct and the light fits snugly inside, cut a straight edge on the side of the cardboard, measure the location of your existing boot light and position your new boot light on the opposite side in relation to these position measurements,


Once you have the template lined up where you want it to be, Using a Felt tip Marker colour in the box area you wish to cut out,


Then if you have a Dremel cut out the plastic with the relevant cutting Blade for Plastic Material,

Alternatively if like me you don't have a Dremel but have a Standard electric Drill, using the smallest Drill bit you have in my case it was a 2mm Bit, Drill a hole in the four edges of the coloured in box, you have aligned and marked on the plastic trim.

The best position I have found for carrying out this, is to lie on your back in the boot compartment looking up at the sky, however I can't stress enough to always wear safety glasses when working like this as I Guarantee you are sure to have plastic fragments falling in your face and eyes lying in this position, and I guarantee you won't just wash it out with water, very painful blink.gif


Once the holes are drilled use a Stanley blade to continuously scour across the edge of the coloured in box, going repeatedly from drilled hole to drilled hole pushing firmly on the knife inching your way through the plastic, prepare for this part of the job to take 20-30 minutes, the purpose of drilling the holes in the four corners is to ensure the blade doesn't over shoot and cut the plastic where you don't want it to cut, i.e. if the blade slips it won't slide any further than the drilled hole so no unpleasant scratches left behind.

Once this pain staking part is over and the plastic piece is removed,

Check the hole for fitment and pare the edges as required.


Continued On Next Post Below ...cool.gif

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