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Guide To Fitting Additional Boot Light In Ford Focus Mk2 And Mk2.5 (Part 2)


And Other Models like Fiesta too.

Next step is to splice the cables to the light fitting,

Determining which cable is Positive and which in negative is not really that relevant at this point as we will determine that when joining up to the power supply at the opposite side of the car,

So taking two of the red splicing clips insert one core of the new cable in to one side end of the clip,
on the opposite side insert one core from the light fitting,
as shown in the picture below,


then flap the lid on the clip hold the connection steady and using a vice grips squeeze the clip closed as result the gelatine style metal blade will grip the cables and bridge an electrical connection between the two cables,

Not Actual Image of that exact Splice connector being crimped this image is purley for Instruction Purposes

Using your Flame retardant insulating tape; wrap the connectors tightly keeping them wrapped individually once this process has been completed on both connections, begin to remove the spare tyre and panels from the rear of the car. and flap the rear seat foward.


Once the tyre is removed and the carpet etc. Begin removing the plastic trim,

So starting with the bottom centre strip (Labelled Number 1 in the picture) using a flat head screwdriver pop out the four black retaining clips seen in the picture below, once these have been removed store them in half an empty plastic bottle or Pringles tin etc. As these items if lost can be a nightmare to find from a dealership. Once these retaining clips have been removed put your fingers from both hands under the panel and the gently pull outwards towards the front of the car and upwards towards yourself.


Next step is to remove the two screws from either side of the panels that are under the parcel shelf, also store these in half a plastic bottle until finished,


Once these screws have been removed, put one hand under the plastic trim where the carpet goes up under the trim and gently pull the plastic trim towards the centre of the boot compartment, do not try to remove this panel completely, just part it enough that you can work in behind it worth your hand to fish the cable along, as seen in the pictures,


Once these panels are open, put your hand under the panel on the curve of the boot door either side at the bottom, (labelled number 2 in the picture) gently pull these off and store the 3 removed panels in a safe area away from the car where there is no risk of them being stood on or tripped over.


Once these have been removed, you will now see where the cable can be fished along the metal body work, you will now have an idea of exactly how much cable is required from the coil,

Continued On Next Post Below ...cool.gif

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