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Guide To Fitting Additional Boot Light In Ford Focus Mk2 And Mk2.5 (Part 3)


And Other Models like Fiesta too.

So generously line the cable as if you were fitting it permanently,

Down around the body and up to the original light cable, once you reach the original light unit, give yourself another 2-3 inches of cable and snip with a pliers at that length.


Now going back to the spliced connection made previously on the new light unit, begin to wrap the cable and joints completely with the Fabric car loom tape, as you can see the cable above has already been wrapped.


when wrapping with this Fabric tape, Use the Method Of: wrap over half of your previous wrap each time you rotate around the cable,
keeping it as tight as possible, and ensuring there are no kinks or twists in the cable,
again wrapping over half the tape each time. Keep wrapping until you reach the final length 2-3 inches of cable then stop and cut the Fabric tape from the roll.


Using the splicing clips again tap in to the cables at the back of the original light fitting,
keep in mind this original light unit will need excess cable to be removed for bulb change etc.
So make the splice as far up the cable as possible,

This is where we determine the positive and negative feeds, according to the Mk2 and Mk2.5 Focus Diesel Haynes Manual
The positive+ feed is coloured Black and Blue,
So splice this with the red cable on the feed.
And the Negative Feed - Being Blue and Orange,
So splice this with the black feed,
preferably splice these cables at different lenths on the line to avoid having a bulk of connectors at ine fixed point,
spread them along the cable as seen in the following few pictures.

also there is no need to cut the original cables the splicing clips can slide over them and the blade will bridge the terminals togeather,
so no need to cut the loom of the boot light.


As this feed is designed to run the new bulb and there is no real importance to signify the positive and negative feed when running a bulb once both are present in the fitment,
it is better to have it politically correct in the event of the car being sold and the new owner taps in to the cable for power to another item its best to have the red cable being the actual positive + feed and
the black being the actual negative - in this feed as this is a Common assumption.



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